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My new video is up! This time I’m tasting some Japanese candy from Japan Candy Box<3


In her third installment (sorry we missed you last week) Strawberry Dragrace and a couple of guests talk about who she “loved” and who got a “pls no” for their Face Snatcher-themed looks.

You never know which queens will get her stamp of approval and which will get nothing but screams and nasty looks.

Check out her last video here~


It’s almost the end of the season for The Mentalist with only one episode left after tonight’s new episode. But for now, here is Americ’s review for “Black Hearts.”

Guess who’s excited the show was renewed ;)


A Link Between Worlds Review - via Charalanahzard


THE HOWLER is a Lithuanian steampunk styled video game, created by two people: Antanas Marcelionis and Renė Petrulienė. It is set in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and is based on best-selling steampunk novel The Hour of The Wolf by Andrius Tapinas.  

Vilnius is a city where you can see hot air balloons flying over the roofs of the Old Town every day when the weather is clear. This is where the inspiration came from.

All the graphic design was drawn by hand, on paper. The game can be played in a conventional click/touch manner or you can control everything by voice: a noise will push the balloon up, or you can keep quiet for it to descend. You can even drop parcels or bombs by making short loud noise. It is available on PC, Mac (directly or on Steam) and mobile devices. [Website]


Space Wolf Mobile Game Review

I have been eagerly anticipating this game coming to Android for a long, long time and it is finally here!

I am having a lot of fun controlling the Sons of Fenris in turn and card based blasting fun. It puts me in mind of the classic Chaos Gate, mixed with a little Dawn of War 2 and the deck building normally associated with card games, all of which make me very happy.

You take command of between one and three Space Wolves, including your own named hero, supported by mission specific, regular battle brothers and/ or the unlockable Wolfguard Terminator and Wolf Scout classes, and set out on a campaign to bring the Chaos Space Marines of the Word Bearers and their Cultist lackeys to justice, armed with a large, varied arsenal of weapons in the form of your deck.

Both unlockable characters can be unlocked by saving up points from missions, which is a massive plus, as there are also all the usual pay to add and unlock things mobile games have, but you don’t have to spend a penny to have fun playing.

There are action points that are used to use cards to perform actions and attack in the turn based action, which really give me a serious amount of nostalgia for Chaos Gate, and make for fun and strategic gameplay.

The cards themselves are the tools of war, varying between movement and support cards to single use or equipped melee and ranged weapons such as lightning claws and combi-plasma guns. These are unlocked through missions, allowing you to pick and choose the cards you want in your deck, improving your armoury as you go, as well as breaking down old cards and using the forge to make new ones.

There also seems to be a decent number of missions to play through, which quickly ramp up difficulty once you have the basics, so there is a lot of scope for strategies and tactics for taking them on.

I have already put a ridiculous amount of time into the game, which is ridiculously addictive, and has had me up all night playing the just one more level game, as well as keeping me sane for over three hours when I woke up stupidly early yesterday and refused to leave my bed.

An absolutely quality game, which does it’s own unique thing, while also harking back to the nostalgia of Chaos Gate and the more recent Dawn of War games. Much better than you would expect from a mobile game, standing head and shoulders above most other Warhammer games on mobile devices. Plus don’t forget it’s FREE!

I give it 4.8 Fenrisan Wolves out of 5.

- Darth Sebious


Sundays is also time for The Mentalist and Americ has a new review for “Il Tavolo Bianco”! There might be a small rant….


Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 19

Week of December 24, 2014.

In which we sneak out of Christmas to review funnybooks, and Sixis finally (finally!) ends.


  • All-New X-Factor #18 (0:33)
  • Axis #9 (2:37)
  • All-New X-Men Annual #1 (3:51)
  • *Uncanny X-Men #29 (5:56)
  • Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #7 (8:08)
  • Cyclops #8 (10:24)
  • Magneto #13 (12:16)

*Pick of the Week (14:31)

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distract yourself from reality with this review of a film that celebrates the lives of black teenagers 


Sunset Overdrive Review


Windows 10 Review

Tom Warren dives DEEP into Windows 10. The video is great, and honestly, watching this got me into Windows. Windows 10 seems really great.

I love that they’ve included a version of OS X Spaces, Cortana, and native window snapping (I use size up on my mac for that feature). MAN, I need to try Windows 10 badly.

[via The Verge]


Americ can’t even deal with how good the latest episode of The Mentalist is. Here is his review.


In which the stealth cosplay continues, and we are sidetracked by LEGOs.


  • Axis #4 (2:26)
  • X-Men #21 (4:00)
  • X-Factor #16 (5:36)
  • Life After Logan #1 (7:58)
  • Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #1 (12:01)

Pick of the week:

  • LEGO Blackbird Playset (13:27)

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Deadpool Review & WOLVERINE GIVE-AWAY (by Charalanahzard)


from AFI fest, sosreelthoughts & I review xavier dolan’s 5th feature, MOMMY


In which All-New X-Factor ends, Iceman is his own best foil, and Jordie Bellaire is a hell of a colorist.


  • All-New X-Men #35 (00:26)
  • Wolverines #3 (2:19)
  • X-Factor #20 (3:45)
  • *Magneto #14 (5:01)

*Pick of the Week (7:18)

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