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Today I found several minutes to fix my old nes game console and even to play couple of games.
So I have got an idea to mention several of my most favourite here.
I really love “Hudson’s Adventure Island” (“ 高橋名人の冒険島”) series. The first part was really adorable, even though there were not the dino-like sweet monsters like in the further parts still the general atmosphere was great there. Tropical landscapes, jumping along the jungles and the steep slopes and fighting the foes with a classic stone made hummer of course.
“Super Mario Bros” (“スーパーマリオブラザーズ”) is somethong that doesn't really need any introduction. I think it’s one of the most famous video games ever. And it’s hard not to get fascinated by all these kingdoms with unusual creatures in them.
“Galaxian” (“ギャラクシアン”) is an all time classic in sci-fi genre. I hardly ever was able to finish 10-15 rounds of it. But this space adventure is something that can send you back in the beginning of the 80’s without any additional means.
“Zippy Race” (“ジッピーレース”) is probably less famous than three previous games I mentioned. But in fact it’s quite nice moto-racing simulator. In this game you are travelling across the USA. And I personally think that it conveys the spirit of an adventure… After all I would be super excited to explore american highways in the 80’s while being accompained by a steelhorse.

2016′s Top Video Games

An indie game can beat out every major release this year. Take that, Big Game.

1. Undertale +1
2. Overwatch
3. Pokémon GO
4. Mystic Messenger
5. Pokémon Sun and Moon 

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6. The Sims 4
7. Fire Emblem Fates
8. Fallout 4
9. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
10. League of Legends +5
11. Kingdom Hearts −4
12. Dragon Age: Inquisition −7
13. Splatoon −5
14. Mass Effect −4
15. Life is Strange −4
16. Five Nights at Freddy’s −3 

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17. Animal Crossing: New Leaf −8
18. Super Smash Brothers −12
19. Ace Attorney
20. Team Fortress 2 −2

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous year. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last year.

Here’s one thing I noticed on my time on the internet watching film and game reviewers. 

Female Reviewer: Makes calm and logical statement. Calmly explains her reasoning for the critique. Give benefit of the doubt to the art she’s critiquing. 

Guys: “You bitch! How about you take your feminist bullshit out of here and stop art policing!” 

Male Reviewer: Yells obscenities at what he’s reviewing. Calls what he’s reviewing worthless. Makes sketch where he kills creator of the art he’s critiquing. 

Guys: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit


so I’m going to do a teeny bit of self-promotion okay


SO please check out my review and leave feedback! Next anime will be EldLive! These are quick and easy and fun to do, and please suggest an anime that you would like me to do!

Chibis drawn by, my lovely bae~


NEW VIDEO: 2016 was something, right? Here are some of the biggest LGBTQ news stories from the past year. 


The year of 2016 shall in many peoples memories, be a year of complete and total shit. A year that saw the rise and fall of many great things. From Donald Trump to Harambe memes and everything in between, 2016 was a year of transition.

And so too was it for me a year of transition. A year where I said goodbye to a great many things yet at the same time ushering in a new chapter in the book of Destery. Which is not a real book because if it was, it would be full of poop jokes and terrible humor.

So much like the years before me, in addition to listing my accomplishments throughout this year, I’ll follow it up with what I’d like to see achieved in 2017 and hopefully at the end of it, I can look back and say “man this year didn’t suck, thats amazing! How new!”

1. YouTube
2016 was one of the most eye opening and easily the most financially lucrative years on YouTube I’ve ever had. this year alone I gained almost 250,000 subscribers, almost doubling what I gained last year, And finally hitting that magical One million subscriber mark that people have been long anticipating. And while numbers don’t truly mean that much to me, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely proud of how far I’ve come. That said, this year also was a huge year of transition on YouTube for me. I ceased making WTF NEWS on Shane’s channel and started up WTF FIVE, a show that was definitely out of my comfort zone when I first started it; but I’m glad I took the risk as it’s taught me a lot about myself in the process of the show’s growth, now reaching almost 1 Million people per video.
WTF NEWS was moved to my Capndesdes, which has quickly became the #1 most viewed show on my channel. In addition, i stopped doing the Recap vlogs and brought back the Destery watch vlogs which I believe feels a lot more personal and allows me to have sort of a conversation with people rather than just talk about my life that really isn’t all that exciting anyways. I stopped doing the Monthly favorite videos, I stopped doing Real Ass Talk videos, I stopped streaming on twitch, I closed down my MineCraft server, and I haven’t posted a QNA in over a year, but regardless, true fans and viewers have still stuck by my side, eager for whatever random shit I dish out next.
In the next year I hope to continue posting my WTF NEWS videos, Destery Watch vlogs, random skits, as well as bring back the Capndesdes QNA videos as I greatly enjoyed doing them.

With all the phasing out of older video series, many people began wondering: what the hell is destery doing with his time anyways? And while YouTube will always be a main passion and income source for me, 2016 proved to be the first year where I tried expanding my reach in more than just the digital world. So in order to cut back even more on the amount of time I spend per week doing YouTube, I hired two editors this last year who have been a tremendous help to me in allowing myself more time to focus on more pressing concerns than spending 5 fucking hours editing a video. And With the free time gained from the help of my editors, I was able to focus on something I’ve always wanted to do: make a board game.
And Though the game is still very much in it’s alpha phase, I’ve recently also hired two artists who are already taking the game from just an idea into a magnificent work of art that has inspired me even more to have it released.
I can’t wait for you guys to play it and remark on just how fucking nerdy I am that one of my dreams in life was to make a board game.

So one of my resolutions for last year was to travel. To see more than just the worlds and places I see on TV and to actually venture into the scary unknown abyss known as “outside”. Well this year I’m happy to report that I travelled a metric fuck ton. Starting with going to Tennessee last January; then to Las Vegas in March, then exploring cool new places here in Portland, visiting my mom and Nathan in Idaho twice on a long and terrible car ride, Then to The land which I promised I would never return in Orlando Florida, then to a weekend in Seattle, and then again to Tennessee. This year was by far the most I’ve ever travelled and I’m extremely proud that I was able to leave my comfort zone which is really just my apartment filled with cats and video games, to embark on a quest to see more of the world.

SO fun fact - I’ve never really thought very highly of myself. Even if I have all of these accomplishments and useless to mediocre talents like making transformer sounds with my mouth, I still have a hard time with my own self worth and image. So this last year I vowed to test myself. To push myself harder than I ever have before both mentally and physically. And though I still look like a sad sack of uncooked chicken, My increasing desire to work out, eat healthy, and ice skate rigorously has only been briefly halted this year by my own doubts and the evil addicting nature of Taco Bell. I know that this year I can prove to myself even more that I am a Warrior and I will not give in to doubt or 2 dollar chicken burritos.

So those were my accomplishments I felt were worth noting this year, And as I venture forth into the next year, I have but one resolution.
STOP BEING LAZY. The largest hurdle between me and greatness is the limitations I set in my own mind And the inability to act on opportunity simply because it requires work. Nothing is simply achieved. Everything requires work - and my goal this year to be someone who constantly strives to work their hardest. Not only for my fans and people who look up to me, but to myself as well. When you’re sad and feeling helpless, many times, it’s hard to dig yourself out of the hole you’ve made. But inaction is greater a crime than trying and failing. Inaction leads to settling. Settling leads to regret, and regret leads to a mundane life. And if theres one thing I know, I will never settle for the mundane. Because the weird - The strange. The people who try something they’ve never done, or attempt something that frightens them - Those are the people who change the world.


‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ reviews are rolling in — and they’re pretty great

Pokémon Sun and Moon reviews are starting to pour in — and based on early feedback Nintendo may have another winner on its hands. Metacritic crunched the numbers from 27 different Pokémon Sun and Moon reviews and gave the game a score of 88 out of 100. One review pointed to big, risky changes (we’re talking about the gym system) having major pay off.

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TL:DW Seventeen MV’s Edition

Adore U: Pledis was so scared that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of us, that they got the not so great idea to put a teeny tiny video of us in the corner where we mouth along to the song like we’re reciting nursery rhymes for 3 year olds. Fall in love with us as we go wild with the green screen and show off our bootleg designer fashionable white outfits.

Mansae: Why study when you can spend all day trying to impress chicks with basketball skills and ladder hide and seek? Featuring kinky face slap fetishes, the smell of fresh bleach and fried ends, the rise of the Visual Line, and Kim Mingyu having an amazing hairstyle, that to this day, was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Q & A:  Probs the fastest a subunit has ever formed. Three of them couldn’t keep up with their grades since they only chased girls and never studied, so now they have to make it up in their hot, but strict teacher’s class. Lots of rolling around floors and stylish glasses to compliment the bright and fun atmosphere of the song.

 Chocolate: This song is boring. But at least your eyes get a nice sweet treat in watching the Vocal Line ignore their studies (again) for a girl. Anddd of course they all got rejected because it wouldn’t be a Seventeen video if anyone actually ever got lucky in love.

Pretty U: The boys go hardcore, street cred tough, in this epic mini bad boy musical adventure. They vandalize property, wreck a restaurant, drive cars through buildings and cross the street without looking both ways….That’s what Carats tell themselves when they realize that this cutesy piece of fluff is the closest we’ll probably ever get to a dark concept.

아주 Nice: When you think that the China Line is going to rise from their graves and bring honor to their country, but they actually only get a line and a half as usual, and a center dancing spot, and you realize your hopes never should have went up. Lots of heart explosions and glittery deaths. Jeonghan pretended to know what rejection felt like and Wonwoo suffered silently just to make a great video for all of us.


I found this review of W2H entirely on accident, but it’s very sweet and well done!  She even promo’d my Patreon and mentioned that I’m working on more!  My favorite part was at the end, when she said she was scrolling through this blog and found my complain-y artist posts very relatable, hahaha… it’s nice to have a review from another animator!  Anyway, I just wanted to link back to it and try to return the favor, so check it out!  Thank you!

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Zero-context dan mentions + describing the male trainer as attractive + insight into the way phil literally endures physical discomfort to avoid awkward public situations - my takeaways. Are you going to analyze this one?

you hit all my main points friend!!!!! it was so so so lovely and just what i needed today. seeing phil reiterate that he too suffers from the exact same sorts of social anxiety that people always associate with dan is always so exciting to me. i think too often there’s a need amongst viewers to focus on dnp’s ~yin and yang~ differences which is a cute trope in theory but sometimes it causes people to create differences in their personalities where they don’t actually exist. to that end i always see ppl say that phil is more confident in social situations than dan is or that he acts as dan’s anchor when they’re in public, but it’s clear from so many stories recently that phil’s feelings about human interaction are essentially the exact same as dan’s are, and i was so happy he made a video based off of that fact!  

hearing phil talk about male attraction so casually genuinely made my day. it’s not something we hear as frequently from him so every time it happens i feel literal days being added onto my lifespan. he used the words PERFECT and HUNKY i mean ffs this was basically a story about phil being nervous around a cute buff guy and then nearly vomiting on him. amazing. the stuff of dreams 

the sketches in this were also genuinely hilarious like i was truly giggling out loud. i actually always think phil does such a good job at playing other characters in his videos and this one was no exception 

on the subject of casual mentions of things, the casual dan mention was such a standout to me as well. in the same pattern we’ve been seeing on dan’s channel for a while, and on phil’s as well but to a lesser degree, he mentions dan with absolutely no context or clarifier as to his role in phil’s life, and just says they enjoyed stuffing themselves full of indian food. it makes me so warm every time they casually allude to the way in which their whole lives are intertwined and i was Emotional.

honestly i’m just in shock this actually happened to phil like. can we just take a second to process that phil actually, literally allowed himself to be subject to mild physical torture by a muscley dude and didn’t protest bc he was too awkward and probably too smitten, and he let it get to the point where he literally had to go vomit in a toilet ………….. ……. …… what the hell. i hate infantilizing him but my reaction was and still is one of deepest, almost maternal concern. leon is also inept and shouldn’t have that job lol 

ahhh i love phil’s dumb life and his colorful animal similes (‘kicks his legs forward and back like a frog on loads of drugs,’ ’the disappointment of a lion that is about to eat a trembling deer,’ ‘running up [the treadmill] like an elephant that had just been born,’) and his ability to find the humor even in situations where he’s cripplingly awkward and ultimately humiliated w his head in a gym toilet (whereas someone else might tell a social anxiety story like this with heaps of self-deprecation and insecurity, phil rightfully points out that nothing about this situation was his fault and leon is an asshat jfc). in short. i love phil. i loved this video. i’m so content <3333 

(why i can’t go back to the gym)