Nintendo’s really been going hard on colourful, family-friendly versions of genres that have traditionally been considered the province of the “hardcore” crowd: first role-based multiplayer online shooters with Splatoon, and now post-apoc wilderness survival games with Breath of the Wild.

I’m seriously wondering what genre they’ll tackle next if, indeed, this proves to be a trend.

Like, can you picture what Nintendo would do with a 4X space sim?

Or what they’d have to do to make tactical stealth assassination gameplay family-friendly?

(’cause you know they could totally do it - the question is how.)

Look, I totally get the mandatory completionism thing, but please: if you’re going to gate the true ending behind a completion threshold, make it, like, 95%, not 100%. You still get exactly the same commitment of time and effort, or near enough to it, but you completely remove the need to carefully check behind every single rock and blade of grass for fear of overlooking some piddly little missable 0.01% collectible and ruining a hundred-hour save file with one second of inattention.

The thing with Yooka Laylee and JonTron is kind of sad, because by removing Jon, Playtonic is now facing the kind of backlash and fiscal nightmare they were probably trying to avoid by removing him: apparently a lot of their backers are fans and supporters of Jon and are forcibly getting refunds via chargeback.

Honestly the whole thing could have been avoided if they had solicited the community (especially their financial backers) for their thoughts, and maybe put the issue with JonTron to a vote. I’m sure they just were trying to do what they thought was best for business, but by failing to actually gauge consumer opinion, they’ve really gone and shot themselves in the foot.