…Can you hear me, Batman? I know you can. Yes, it is I, Edward Nigma, The Riddler and more importantly your intellectual superior. My genius has allowed me to easily hack into your primitive communications…

Feminists protesting video games totally remind me of those suburban American Christian mums who protested rock music back in the 80′s. 

“It’s ruining our youth! It’s the work of the devil/patriarchy! We don’t like it, so other people should stop liking it too! We need to change this community we’re not a part of and know nothing about, because other Christian suburban mums/feminists have told us that it’s bad!”

Guess what, rock music hasn’t turned a generation of kids into devil-worshippers and video games aren’t going to turn boys into rapists. 

I know, it’s shocking.

Doom will not get mod support in addition to SnapMap
SnapMap won't support maps that are "30 stories high and half a mile across"

When Doom launches next year it will not support modding beyond the tools offered by SnapMap, Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed. SnapMap is the level editor that will launch with Doom in early 2016, and while id Software hasn’t outlined the full extent to which the game can be customised with the tools, Hines highlighted some of its strengths and limitations in an interview with GameTrailers.

I told every damn one of you. Anybody who thought Bethesda could do a good job with DooM 4 was fucking delusional. It’s barely even worth buying at this point.

Video Games Are Utterly Failing Trans Gamers & It’s Time We Did Something About It

A few weeks ago, a transphobic slur by Metroid developer Hirofumi Matsuoka was confused for Word of God evidence that Samus Aran was canonically trans. The slur horrified me, but what stuck with me was the reaction to the idea that an incredibly visible, well-known character—arguably one of the most recognizable heroines in video games—was trans. The celebration was raucous; the joy was palpable. And a few days later it was over, replaced by the deadened “we should have known better” malaise of a community that’s been done wrong too many times to count.

See, trans gamers don’t get much. I don’t mean in the intellectual sense, I mean in the pop-culture-representation-slash-real-world-visualization-and-support-slash-basic-human-rights sense. This is a general problem for trans people on the whole. Things are slowly beginning to change; in May, Laverne Cox was on the cover of Time. Siri has been programmed to correct any user who misgenders Caitlyn Jenner. Recently, the world began to take notice of Angel Haze, an immensely talented agender rapper. As the rights of and difficulties faced by trans people are promoted by music and television, many people take heart in finding communities full of people like them, who can support them and help them endure the immense hardships trans people face in Western society.

In many ways, video games trail behind music and television in terms of trans representation and intra-community protection. Many gamers completely lost their gumballs—in a bad way—when they learned the cast of Dragon Age: Inquisition would include a trans man.

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