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New Danganronpa V3 Dated, Character Names and Talents Revealed

The Danganronpa 3 anime is ending this week, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to start piling on the details about the next game.

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, Spike Chunsoft revealed the official Japanese release date for New Danganronpa V3: January 12, 2017 (for PlayStation 4 and Vita, in case you forgot). The game will be receiving a limited addition version, which includes, besides a copy of the game, obviously, a calendar, a Monokuma strap, a soundtrack and cast comment CD, custom themes for your system, and, most interestingly, an anime OVA titled Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the World Destroyer. Dear god, they’re giving Hopeman his own anime.

In addition, the names of the new cast has been revealed, as well as their Super High School Level talents. In the picture above, from left to right, their names and talents are:

  • Korekiyo Shinguji: SHSL Folklorist
  • Angie Yonaga: SHSL Fine Artist
  • Zanbi Toujou: SHSL Maid
  • Shokichi Ouma: SHSL Dictator
  • Tsumugi Shirogane: SHSL Cosplayer
  • Kiibo: SHSL Robot
  • Tenshi Chabashira: SHSL Aikido Practitioner
  • Kaede Akamatsu (Protagonist): SHSL Pianist
  • Kaito Hyakuta: SHSL Astronaut
  • Maki Harukawa: SHSL Nursery Teacher
  • Shuichi Saihara: SHSL Detective
  • Ryoma Hoshi: SHSL Tennis Player
  • Rantaro Tenkai: SHSL ???
  • Himiko Yumeno: SHSL Magician
  • Gonta Gokuhara: SHSL Entomologist
  • Usagi Iruma: SHSL Inventor

That tiny dude is a tennis player? He looks shorter than most tennis nets. Maybe that’s his secret. And that Tenkai guy… I don’t know why, but I have a really bad feeling his talent involves murder.

One Punch Man Season 2 Announced

One Punch Man Season 2 Announced

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One of the most popular anime of 2015 is getting a season 2. Earlier this week at a “One Punch Man Fall Festival” in Japan it was announced that One Punch Man would be returning next year in 2017. The news was then later announced to the world in a tweet from the official One Punch Man Twitter. The tweet also included information that they will soon be coming out with a game app in Japan.  (more…)

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SMITE - New Skin for Ne Zha - Fire Lord

Introducing the newest skin coming to the battleground of the gods: Fire Lord Ne Zha!! Available in the 3.18 Rising Flames Patch.


CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

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Rumour: Capcom's About to Pull the Trigger on Devil May Cry 5
Get your white wigs ready
By Push Square

The two guys who Play/Voice Nero and Dante Posted and then quickly deleted this photo…

Which means there both doing something together and since Devil may cry 4 Special Edition outsold dmc. This could mean Devil may cry 5, Now this isn’t confirmed but… 

I’M STILL HYPED!!!  #DevilMayCry5
The Stanley Parable’s designer lied to Rick and Morty’s creator — and now they’re making a game together
By Nick Robinson

“Last month, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland announced that he was partnering with Epic Games veteran Tanya Watson to launch a games studio focused on high-quality VR experiences. Today, Squanchtendo (yes, that’s their actual name) announces their first project: a game called Accounting, which Roiland is designing in collaboration with The Stanley Parable designer William Pugh.

“William lied to me and said he worked at [Titanfall 2 developer] Respawn,” Roiland told Polygon at PAX West earlier this month. “I was in the building where Respawn’s offices were, and I wanted a tour. I was like, ‘Oh my god, maybe if I tweet, somebody [at Respawn] will see it and give me a tour.’”

There was only one problem with this: William Pugh doesn’t work at Respawn. William Pugh has never worked at Respawn. Willliam Pugh doesn’t even work in the same country as Respawn. Currently, William Pugh directs his own small game studio called Crows Crows Crows, built to create experimental games like Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, which it released for free last year.

“I immediately followed him, and I direct messaged him, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m right here! I’m like in the lobby!’” said Roiland. “And he’s like "Listen, I don’t … I’m so sorry, I don’t actually work at Respawn. But I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty.”

“I found out who he was, and I had already played and loved The Stanley Parable, so I was like, ‘Oh my god! Dude, I’m a huge fan!’” said Roiland. “And it was like this … weird switcheroonie, y'know, like, ‘I don’t work at Respawn, but I made this game.’”

The rest is history. After their chance Twitter meeting, Pugh and Roiland flew out to Los Angeles and spent a week jamming out a game idea: prototyping it, recording all the dialogue, and running back and forth between them to implement it.

The result: Accounting, a surreal, laugh-out-loud HTC Vive game that sees you putting on a VR mask and exploring surreal, unpredictable room-scale worlds, most of which consist of Roiland and Pugh screaming hilarious improvised dialogue at you. You’ll later find another VR headset within that world and then go one layer deeper to begin the cycle anew.

Accounting is coming ‘very soon,’ Squanchtendo says on the game’s website, and it will be available as a free download from Steam.”


Wow, someone can’t take a joke. 

Former Donkey Kong world record-holder Billy Mitchell’s lawsuit against Cartoon Network, in which he claimed a character from Regular Show stole his likeness, has been tossed out.

The character in question is Garrett Bobby Ferguson, who is depicted in the show as a floating, bearded head who cheats to win at arcade games. A New Jersey Federal District Judge ruled that Regular Show is protected by the First Amendment and that the character’s traits were intentionally exaggerated to make him look “cartoonishly evil.”

Cartoonishly evil indeed. Lighten up, Bill.

Full article at Gamespot


Fallout 4 Gets Official Emojis, GIFs, and More for Your Smartphone

Fallout fans can now exchange messages on their phones and tablets using Bethesda-developed emojis and GIFs based on the post-apocalyptic RPG series.

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Super-Secret bases bring an Animal Crossing quality to the Pokemon world with hidden hide-outs that you can decorate with all sorts of items and furniture. No room for a Snorlax beanbag chair in your dorm or apartment? Get one for your secret base!

Build and Customize a Super-Secret Base and Share It with the World!
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire players will be able to create their very own Secret Base, a customizable area that will allow them to show off their individuality by setting up mazes or traps for visitors to encounter, and even creating Pokémon battle rules, transforming their Secret Base into their own Pokémon Gym!

Players will be able to share their Secret Base with other Trainers around the world using StreetPass functionality, or they can create a QR Code for their unique Secret Base, enabling friends to visit it with ease. When visiting other Secret Bases, players can meet other Trainers in the same base and invite them back to their own Secret Base as Secret Pals. Players can interact and battle with Secret Pals, who have special skills that can support players in their adventures, such as sharing new Decorations, making a Pokémon Egg hatch faster, or raising the level of a select Pokémon by one. The more Secret Pals players have in their Secret Base, the more special skills will be available to help them in their adventures.  

Players can also capture flags while visiting other players’ Secret Bases. Flags are located beside the Secret PC in each Secret Base. The more flags a player collects, the higher the rank earned, which brings rewards like improving the skills of a player’s Secret Pals.

Question: How pumped would you be if Nintendo actually decided to make an Animal Crossing x Pokemon crossover game?

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