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Splatoon Update coming August 6th

A massive Splatoon Update will soon be released and will contain the following content

Squad Battle - Set up in your own teams with friends in Ranked Battles

Private Battle - Set up your own custom rooms with any team combinations up to 8 players, with options for uneven teams if desired

New level caps - Up to level 50 in Regular Battle and new S & S+ rankings in Ranked Battle

“Bucket-like Slosher weapons hurl ink straight ahead at an impressive range. By adjusting the angle, these new weapons can be used to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall. With the Gatling-style Splatling, players can charge all-powerful ink. A maximum charge unleashes the full potential of this particular weapon type.”

“More than 40 pieces of gear, including everything from a leather jacket to a sushi-chef costume are coming to the various in-game shops in Splatoon.”

Destiny Getting Big Weapon Rebalance Update With The Taken King Expansion

Anyone who has recently participated in the competitive multiplayer component of Bungie’s shooter, Destiny, has noticed that a lot of players are using the hand cannon Thorn. And almost everyone has coveted the Exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, at one time or another. Now, Bungie is addressing these weapons in a new balance update, reducing the effectiveness of Thorn in player vs. player matches and the damage of Gjallarhorn’s cluster bombs.

In its Weekly Update, Bungie detailed the changes to the weapons coming in the next big update to Destiny. Auto rifles are specifically being addressed; the last update decreased their effectiveness in competitive multiplayer, and this patch is designed to make them more capable again.

You can see the full list of changes below:

  • Auto Rifles: Base damage increased, damage falloff starts closer to the player, base stability slightly decreased, and damage against AI enemies increased by ten percent.
  • Pulse Rifles: Base damage of medium rate-of-fire pulse rifles reduced by 2.5 percent, slight reduction in base stability, and an increase in magazine size.
  • Scout Rifles: Base damage increased for medium to high rate-of-fire scout rifles, increase in magazine size, a reduction in hip fire accuracy, and a damage boost of five percent against AI combatants.
  • Hand Cannons: Damage falloff starts closer to the player, slight reduction in aim-down-sights accuracy, a reduction in hip-fire accuracy, a reduction in magazine size, and a reduction in zoom.
  • Shotguns: Reduction in effectiveness of shotgun perks enhancing lethality, reduction in precision damage multiplier, and a reduction in damage against AI enemies by ten percent.
  • Fusion Rifles: Reduction in range for slow-charging, high-impact fusion rifles, reduction in projectile speed, increase in accuracy for short-range fusion rifles, and a reduction in accuracy for long-range fusion rifles.
  • Sniper Rifles: Final Round improves precision damage only.
  • Rocket Launchers: Slight increase in blast radius, reduction in range of detonation of Grenades and Horseshoes perks.
  • Hard Light: Increase in base stability, increase in bounce count for bullets, bullets are not affected by damage falloff.
  • Necrochasm: Increase in base stability, increase in magazine size, Cursebringer perk will always trigger on precision kill, and an increase in radius and damage for Cursebringer explosion.
  • The Last Word: Reduction in range and stability, reduction in aim-down-sites range, increase in accuracy.
  • Thorn: Reduction in damage of Thorn’s Mark of the Devourer perk to 1/3 of previous value, buff to that perk to stack up to 5 times.
  • Hawkmoon: Addition of stack limit to Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces perks, increase of two round to magazine size when Holding Aces is unlocked, and Luck in the Chamber damage bonus reduction by three percent.
  • Ice Breaker: Increase in recharge time for round to eight seconds from five seconds.
  • No Land Beyond: Increase in weapon handling speed, increase in time decay of The Master perk to eight seconds, and an addition of 20 percent precision damage while The Master perk is active.
  • Black Hammer: Tripled recovery boost bonus for allies granted by Lord of the Wolves.
  • Gjallarhorn: Reduction in damage of Wolfpack Rounds

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Bioshock Creator, Ken Levine, discusses playing as Elizabeth in Episode 2 of the upcoming 2 part “BURIAL AT SEA” DLC for Bioshock Infinite.

“When you play Elizabeth, it’s even more towards a survival horror game,” he said. “I just played the first prototype of her the other day. We’re almost in beta on part one of the Rapture one. We’re at sort of early stages of the second part, where you play Elizabeth, but I’ve played a prototype of what it’s like to play her. It feels very different. We’re mostly working on the systems side to make things feel different.”

“Elizabeth is much more fragile, in terms of combat,” he said. “She’s not going to go and wade into it with a Big Daddy. She has to really set up the experience to work for her. She has a sort of combination of Thief and Tecmo’s Deception. There was a game called Trapt on the PS2, I think, that was in the same franchise. Getting her to use the environment, using tears to create things in the environment to lure people into and sneak up on people and avoid people, that’s very much a part of being Elizabeth. It’s an experiment. Every time you go away from the known model, you’re experimenting with things, but we really wanted Elizabeth to feel different. The audience will judge how successful we are. We’re still relatively early on that part.”


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