Life is Strange concept art - DARK ROOM

During my work on Life is Strange I was fortunate enough to devellop and do all the concepts of the Dark Room pieces!
It’s was a unique opportunity for me, you know concepting a psychopat man cave was like a dream come true…now I know what to do to build my own!
I pretty happy because I have heard that some guy has spent a lot of fun time in here krr krr krr


love to draw this photograph booth with all the stuff in here, it was like “ if I were a photoguy, what will be my dream studio”
here it is…with a bit of…awkward maniac vibes.

and a little sketch of the tunnel entrance of the Dark Room :)

hope you will like it =)

Life is strange concept art

here is some other concept art made during my work on LIFE IS STRANGE.
hope you will like it :)

thanks a lot for your support =)


concept art for the Swimming pool Showers in the Blackwell Academy.


Concept art for the pool party by the Vortex Club from the blackwell academy. 


concept art for the hospital room used for Chloe and Kate, depending on some of the choices you make.
sorry for the spoiler but hey… :p
this one was a hard one to do, even you are in the production since the beguinning, some heartbreaking moments have still some effect on you.