NEW VIDEO: “Hearing Your Stories (& Then Surprising You!) - to celebrate the end of my LGBTQ+ pride month #ChosenFamily series, I wanted to hear YOUR stories! So I set up a booth at VidCon where viewers could come share their stories… but what I didn’t tell them was that I was going to be behind the curtain ready to scare the shit out of them when they least expected it!

Friendly Reminder!

If you’re meeting Ethan at Vidcon or Indy Popcon, do not bring him any food as gifts! He’s deathly allergic to peanuts, and he can never be certain whether or not something was produced in a nut-free facility. I know it sucks but save yourself the time and him the guilt of having to turn down your gift.

 Also, maybe don’t eat any peanuts in the day leading up to meeting him? Because you’re gonna be in close contact (Hug, handshake, etc.) and as he’s said, he can die from 1/500 of a peanut. Maybe just be on the safe side?