• I know exactly what poem he’s talking about, game, don’t insult me
  • I still don’t know what ska is
  • I kind of accidentally immediately banged Robert and now I feel bad
  • Listen, the man has every right to be disgusted by the false-Victorian advertising that is so rampant in this subculture But Honestly What Was He Expecting Ordering From Hot Topic Like A Plebeian 

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dadd pet peeves?

You mean as in pet peeves for the Dads? I’ll try my best but like I said I’ve only done one route so this is based off of first impressions.

Brian - A rookie chef. Now, not just someone who has trouble cooking or grilling because you can learn. What he hates is a person who thinks they can cook, SAYS they can cook and is an utter disaster and won’t take any criticism.

Mat - People who are too uptight and refuse to relax. Let the world take you for a ride every now and again and stop complaining. Everything will be alright in the end. 

Hugo - Anytime someone misquotes famous literature or completely misses the meaning of the authors words.

Craig - Gym-hogs. Seriously, if you’re not using the equipment don’t leave your stuff there and if you do plan on using it get off your phone and hurry up. Also wipe the damn seat when you’re finished be courteous. 

Damian - This is kind of an obvious one as seen but anything that’s falsely advertised as ‘victorian-era’ when it isn’t. Also hates people assuming he’s awful or evil because of his appearance. 

Robert - Is there anything that doesn’t get on this guys nerves? Okay, people that try to read too much into his actions and try to pry his feelings out of him. If he doesn’t want to talk he won’t. 

Joseph - Being put on the spot, while he’s good at recovering he does get pissed off about it. Is a perfectionist despite appearing so laid back, so hates when everything isn’t ‘just so’. 

Victorian Jobs

These are not the official terms, but they were all real Victorian jobs. I needed this list for future reference, and thought I would post it here for others. These are just some of hundreds of Victorian jobs:

-Hat Maker
-Farm Hand
-Bee Keeper
-Factory Worker
-Pharmacist (on top of making medicine, they also made fireworks and developed film)
-Record Keeper
-Brick Layer
-Furniture/Wood Refinisher
-Shoe Maker
-Traveling Salesman
-Shoe Polisher
-Book Seller
-Mine Worker
-Grave Digger
-Gun Maker
-Candle Maker
-Bicycle maker/repairman
-Button Maker
-Map Maker
-Song Writer
-Cheese Maker
-Carpet/Rug Maker
-Dog Breeder/Trainer
-Horse Breeder/Trainer
-Street Lamp Lighter
-Fortune Teller
-School Teacher
-Clock Maker
-Chimney Sweep
-Telegraph Messenger
-Soap Maker
-Ship Maker
-Street Cleaner
-Tax Collector
-Letter Carrier
-Jam Maker
-Wheel Maker
-Newspaper Boy
-Newspaper Company
-Pottery Maker
-Basket Maker
-Bead Maker
-Printer (printed advertisements)


Glass Scientists development art thing! While Jekyll is working hard at the Society for Arcane Sciences to improve the public image of rogue scientists everywhere, a penny theater across the street puts on a garish play based loosely (very loosely) on the life of Victor Frankenstein. The play’s presence is a constant headache to Jekyll. Lanyon recommends sabotage- we can’t have bad PR, now can we?

This design was inspired by equal parts Victorian advertisements and classic Hollywood monster movie posters- it’s anachronistic, but I really wanted that over-the-top, garish look to induce maximum discomfort for poor Jekyll. :<

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"Are you ok?" Greg asks his lover. "Fine, why?" Mycroft replies. "Because you've spent two hours Photoshopping Sherlock and John's heads onto advertisements for Victorian men's undergarments and now you're tea dying the paper," Greg replies. "I'm going to leave them for John to find," Mycroft grins, "he'll think Sherlock did it and then they'll finally get together." "That's what you said last week about the triple homicide and they're still not together," Greg reminds him. "A MAN CAN DREAM!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA omg Xd this is great lol

‘Settle the ancestral question a la Darwin’ - Salvation Oil trade card, late 19th century.

The Oil was sold by A C Meyer & Co, Baltimore, for the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, swellings, lumbago, sprains, headache, toothache, cuts, burns, scalds, sores and backache. The reverse of the card advertised Dr Bull’s Cough Syrup.

Source: Jafafa Hots on Flickr


My current ridiculous fashion cravings: things from killstarclothing. (EDIT: their tumblr background is strobing/flashing, be warned!) I say ridiculous because let’s face it, this is veering into nu-goth/occult hipster territory, which is not my thing. But I would wear these dresses with long, petticoat-enhanced skirts, a lace frock coat, and either my top hat or a giant Merry Widow hat, and it would be fantastic. I’d look like some sort of Victorian-Gothic witch advertising for customers. On to the “When I have money again” wish list for all of this!

Also, the coffin purse with the alchemic symbol for sulfur on it is hilarious to my Eldergoth self.  

EDITED TO ADD: screaming-towards-apotheosis said: can you add a warning that killstar’s background is v. flashy and may induce seizures please? :(