“Je T’aime, Je T’aime toujour

  I am forever yours ”

Billdip week 1 : FESTIVALLLL (i made it into a latern festival sjdsfnufjnsd cus im horrible at BG XD)

This is from an AU im working on ALSO YES YES I KNOW SOOO MANY AUS I CAN’T HELP IT!

(pssst it’s a victorian ABO au ;p)


Here she is! Genevieve Erica Gilroy. Tassonian priest of the Holy Matrial Orthodoxy.
LARP: Blackpowder and Bloodlines, a brand new LARP bases in Victoria, Australia.

Costume made completely by me. I’m icredibly pleased with my robes/coat (which I made on Tuesday) from 5 meters of black wool and my neck ruff which consists of two thrifted tea-dyed lace doilies sewn together.

I’m also secretly thrilled that her initials ended up being ‘GG’, which was genuinely not on purpose.

Can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

(For some reason this post was in my drafts and it was meant to post 4 days ago….)


Peralta Hacienda, East Oakland, CA. by melystu
Via Flickr:

Daguerreotype portrait of a woman named Mary Ann Bartlett posing with a stack of books, c. 1850′s.

Source: Library of Congress.

As a teen, Thomas went to a small day camp the local church had set up, and made a friend, Alex. Alex was very kind, and openly hit on Thomas, resulting in a stolen kiss behind the men’s privy. The next day, Alex tripped over a stone, and broke his ankle, with Lucille as the only witness.”

Submitted by anon.