British Pattern 1827 Rifle Officer’s Sword

A Rifle Brigade Officer’s Sword

84cm blade by Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London numbered 21781 for 1867, sharpened for use, etched with the owner’s crest, motto, initials and Rifle Brigade, regulation steel gothic hilt incorporating slung bugle horn, special order wire bound fish skin grip, in its steel mounted leather scabbard, complete with knot with black leather strap and acorn.

The sword of Charles Hawtary Bruce Norcott who was commisioned into the Rifle Brigade in 1867. He served in Canada and Burma and commanded the First Battalion in the Boer War. For his services in South Africa he was made a CMG and promoted to Brevet Colonel. He retired in 1901 and died in 1931. Full details of his career are included with the lot.

Black agate choker by  Mystic Thread

Model,Styling: Mademoiselle Karma
Photographer: Udo Lueck / Underworld Photographics
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