More tips for my follower coming to Berlin . . .

According to legend, the most perfectly mixed cocktail can be found in the Victoria Bar. After I’ve had a few, I can’t tell the difference anyway, but you should probably give it a shot ;-)

All I can say about White Trash is that it used to be much cooler than it is now in its relatively new location. It’s also the first place I ever saw someone eat a cheeseburger with a knife and a fork. Still, as for hanging with lively crowds, this joint definitely has its appeal.

If lounging on a terrace by the Spree (river) sounds appealing, head to Spindler & Klatt. This is provided, however, that Berlin warms up enough to a temperature approaching summer. If not, inside is pretty cozy, too, with those lounge beds that I think are a bit dangerous when combined with drinking and strangers ;-)

Someplace I want to try but haven’t yet is 3 Schwestern. It’s located in the Kunstquartier Bethanien (Bethanian Art Quarter), and there’s a lovely garden outside that turns into a party place in the evenings.

Though I don’t hang out much in Prenzlauerberg, I understand that Anna Blume is a lovely place to have breakfast and watch the world go by.


Viktoria Komova - Believing is just the beginning

Rodrigo Díaz en La Taberna @ Victoria Bar

Barranco se pinta de Bossa con Rodrigo Diaz

Este martes en La Taberna de Victoria Bar se presentará Rodrigo Diaz, argentino de nacimiento, que ha viajado por países vecinos en busca de la música que hoy le apasiona.

Por la semana del Chilcano, Victoria Bar presenta nuevos sabores.

14 enero | 10:00pm

@ Victoria Bar. Pedro de Osma 135 - Barranco



Pay day means more bubble bars from lush. I bought the top two (both recommend by victoria—jane) but Matt bought the other one (karma bar) and sneaked it into my bag without me noticing.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised-and after a long busy pay day Friday…. and after a long and busy week, it was just what I needed.

I got straight into the bath with a good book.

Second bar for the afternoon. We were actually searching for Belle Vue Kriek. So according to the website, Victoria Bar carried it! But when we reached, we found that the website wasn’t updated. So we got ourselves Chang beer.