Once Upon a Time: Breaking down the big reveals of the season 7 premiere

Once Upon a Time has officially cracked open a new book, trapping some of our favorite fairy tale characters in a new curse and kicking off what’s hopefully a long road ahead as the show heads in a different direction.

So here are the basics of what happened in the premiere: Young Henry (Jared Gilmore) left Storybrooke to find his story. Years later, Henry (now played by Andrew J. West) crosses paths with Cinderella (Dania Ramirez), the catalyst for what viewers know will be an epic love story — though their initial meeting does not indicate that.

After they literally crash into each other, the glass-slippered princess steals Henry’s motorcycle so she can kill the prince at the ball. Twist. (By the way, that prince is played by Liam Hall, who will portray Slade Wilson’s son onArrow this season.) But Cinderella decides not to kill him at the last second. Another twist: Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar) does and frames her, so Cinderella must escape with the aid of Henry. (Side note: Henry was dosed by Rose Reynolds’ Alice, who was working for Robert Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin, because apparently bad things happen when you take part in a story that isn’t yours.)

That’s all fine and good in fairy-tale land, but all these dynamics are wildly different in the Seattle-based cursed neighborhood of Hyperion Heights. Jacinda is a single mother working to stay afloat — at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, a cheeky reference to Lost. Henry is a Swyft driver, which is the equivalent to Uber. He wrote a book called Once Upon a Time, which told the stories of the first six seasons, but it didn’t sell. He has writer’s block until Lucy (Alison Fernandez) shows up at his door and claims to be his daughter. He, of course, doesn’t believe her because he’s cursed.

After Lucy steals his laptop, he goes to Roni’s bar to get it back. Roni, by the way, is Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) cursed alter ego, so the two don’t know that they’re mother and son. This is also where he first meets Jacinda as well as Victoria, a.k.a Lady Tremaine, the vicious Miranda Priestly-like developer who is gentrifying the neighborhood to push out the fairy tale characters. After Jacinda tries to leave town with Lucy, a fact Henry spills to Victoria, her stepmother decidedly takes custody of Lucy, a real twist of the knife considering they’re already under a curse!

Henry also crosses paths with Rogers, otherwise known as Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), when his car is stolen — clearly to keep him in the neighborhood. Officer Rogers is a uniform cop who ultimately is promoted to detective by hour’s end. His new partner? Weaver, a.k.a Rumplestiltskin, who appears to be a corrupt cop seemingly in Victoria’s pocket. (The mystery behind Gold’s new character is finally solved!) Sure, we got a lot of answers, but the premiere raised just as many burning questions. Here’s our attempt at breaking them down:

  • Who cast the curse? Unlike how the pilot revealed Regina was to blame for the Dark Curse, we still don’t know. A fairly obvious answer is that Lady Tremaine did it, but is that too obvious?
  • How did Regina, Hook, and Rumple end up cursed? No answers during the premiere, but the producers have previously teased that the trio are among those who answer Henry’s call for help, which we’ll get to see during episode 2.
  • Why is Hook in Hyperion Heights, but not Emma? It’s one of the biggest burning questions of the season, and unfortunately, the premiere gave no clear indication of why. When Rogers saw Emma’s picture in Henry’s book, there did seem to be a glimmer of recognition.The good news is that viewers will get more answers during the second episode, which features the return of Jennifer Morrison for an “emotional curtain call.”
  • What’s the Hyperion Heights version of the clock tower? In the pilot, the Storybrooke clock tower was frozen at 8:15 — another reference to Lost — but it started working again when Emma (Jennifer Morrison) decided to stay in Storybrooke. It appears that the community garden may be the equivalent, as Cinderella’s lucky flower begins to grow after she makes a wish in the wishing well. Also a candidate: The clock ticking could be the equivalent to Henry’s writer’s block abating by the end of the hour. Henry’s arrival certainly seemed to spark something, at least, within Roni, who ends up not selling her bar to Victoria by hour’s end.
  • What did the prince do to Cinderella? She aimed to kill him at the ball, explaining to Henry that he took everything from her. No answers now, but surely there will be more in the upcoming flashbacks.
  • What are the consequences of Henry being in a story that’s not his? Alice drugged him during the ball, all but threatening him that bad things happen when you’re involved in a story that doesn’t belong to you. Could the curse be one of those consequences?
  • Why is Alice working for Weaver and Rumplestiltskin? Not only does Alice do his bidding in the fairy-tale world, but her Hyperion Heights alter ego Tilly tells Weaver as soon as Henry shows up. How are they connected? TBD, of course!
  • Where is Belle? Speaking of Weaver, it appears Rumple is back to his evil ways, and Belle is nowhere to be found. What has happened to her? Another TBD question, but we should get answers in the Rumple-centric fourth episode, which features the return of Emilie de Ravin.


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it’s easy to miss the gold we find

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a series of ficlets written for robert week. 

day two: write a scene between your favourite robert/family relationship. or, robert and victoria have a conversation about boys and pride over ice-cream.

“We could go to a gay bar, you know,” Victoria said, looking up at him, mug of coffee in hand. They’d come into Leeds for the day, to do some shopping, but Robert knew it was his little sister just trying to cheer him up a little, distract him from the breakup.

He appreciated it, all the same.

“You what?” Robert raised an eyebrow, aimlessly stirring his coffee. He wasn’t much of a fan of Starbucks, but Vic liked all their overly sugary coffees, so he’d let her drag him inside, flashing his bank card at the cashier as Victoria tried to pay.

He’d missed out on so much of her life, the least he could do was buy her a few coffees.

“We could go to Bar West!” Victoria beamed at him. “Or somewhere in Leeds, if you’d rather. I bet there’s loads of really cool gay bars around here, we could make a proper night of it.”

Robert shook his head. “I don’t do gay bars, Vic,” he shrugged off her suggestion, taking a swig of his coffee, hoping she’d get the hint, and move on.

“Why not?” she was pushing, off course she was pushing. This was Vic, after all, she’d never been able to let anything lie in her life.

“Because I don’t, so drop it, Vic,” Robert practically growled at her, spotting the sign for the bathroom at the back of the coffee shop. He stood up before she could reply, making a beeline for the toilet before anyone else could get there first.

Robert locked the door behind him, breathing ragged as he sat down on the closed lid of the toilet, head in his hands.

He hated that he still felt like this.

Robert was trying, he really was. He wanted to be the kind of person who didn’t feel like he had to run and hide, every time someone mentioned a gay bar, our god forbid, pride, but he was.

He wasn’t proud, and he wasn’t sure he ever would be.

“Robert?” Victoria’s soft knock, and even softer voice roused him from his thoughts, made him remember he was hiding in a Starbucks bathroom from his own little sister because she’d mentioned a gay bar.

How sad was that?

“I’ll be out in a second,” Robert managed to choke out, pulling the handle of the toilet to flush it, making a fuss of washing and drying his hands before he unlocked the door, met with Victoria’s concerned face instantly.

She’d gathered up all their shopping bags, looking smaller than ever under the weight of everything she was holding.

Robert expected her to fuss, but she just looked at him, eyes wide.

“Let’s go and get an ice-cream,” she said, decisive.

Robert couldn’t really do anything except let her sweep him along, taking a few of the bags from her, Victoria looping her arm through his.

If there was anything good to come from his breakup with Aaron, Robert mused, it was the fact he and Victoria were so close now. They’d been best friends, once upon a time, Robert reassuring her of it not long after their mum had died, but time, and life, and all the mistakes Robert had made that pushed them apart.

He wasn’t sure he’d ever forgive himself for missing out on so much of her life.

Victoria insisted on buying them two ice cream cones, settling herself on a park bench, bags at her feet, Robert trailing behind her.

“Vic, I….”

“You don’t have to talk to me about it,” Victoria interrupted, giving him a sincere smile. “I’m never going to be able to understand what it was like for you, I know that much. I just think that maybe you should talk about it, now you don’t have Aaron to talk to about it all.”

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Don’t You Want Me? - A Sisterhood Story

The pub manager was no idiot. He’d already tripled the cover charge and there was still a queue around the block, hoping against hope that someone inside would leave. The line had started not long after Tom Hiddleston had done a karaoke rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – giggling after every time he said Major Tom, even throwing up a salute the first time. Word spread on social media about what was happening, especially when it was followed up by Richard Armitage belting out “Love in an Elevator” and Michael Fassbender taking the microphone to scream out Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast.”

The sisterhood had insisted on a night out on the town that didn’t revolve around a film, and the men had decided to make the night legendary. The women weren’t content to be spectators. It was obvious to everyone in the bar that Anna, Victoria, and Layla had done “Hold On” before, though no one understood why Halla doing Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel like a Woman,” made Michael teary. The group dominated the night, not because they were so good, but because no one else wanted to take the stage, more interested in seeing what the group of celebs and their wives would do next. Nobody wanted to keep Henry from doing “Something Just like This” with an ironic smirk and three buttons undone.

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The Dark Horse - The Adam Theory Explained

Ah, yes. The Adam Theory. This appeared on Tumblr and I looked really hard, but I couldn’t figure out who threw it out there first. I remember seeing it and loving it and have kept it close to my heart since then.  If you were the first to come up with the Adam Theory, please message me so I can give you full credit. It was just a line on Tumblr, but since then I’ve tried to make it work every time I could. I’ve been watching Adam way too carefully these days. Same with Victoria. Maybe that’s why they are getting on my nerves, but that is for another day.

This theory tends to upset people. Some even feel the urge to call me names when I bring it up in my live reaction reviews.  If you love it, hate it or just find it funny, I’ve decided to analyze it the same way I examined the top theories the other day.

So, without further ado, here is the Adam Theory. The reasons why it works, why it doesn’t and why I love it so much.

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Slow Magic is music made by your imaginary friend.

Conceived as a DIY project with worldwide scope, Slow Magic is for everyone. It is dreamy electronic music from another world, yet organic in nature. It’s joyous, escapist, multi-disciplinary art that mixes transcendent performance with the nostalgic intimacy of 2 teenagers staying up too late on the phone.

After the release of 2012’s beloved + critically-acclaimed album & touring across the globe with artists like Gold Panda & XXYYXX, Slow Magic became an international movement. Crowds found a masked individual in their midst, bathed in fantastic light, with electronic triggers & a drum. The future-primitive combination infused the project’s electronic compositions with new life.

Today, Slow Magic is back with his 1st single for Downtown Records entitled “Girls”. The track showcases what Slow Magic does best - glitchy vocals, thumping drums & bass, huge synths + an incessantly catchy melody pulling everything together. Currently on tour in Europe this summer, Slow Magic will embark on the debut N. American tour this Fall.

Girls ✞ buy

anonymous asked:

Victoria walks into the bar with her friends who went and got a table while she went to order their drinks. She waited for the handsome bar tender to take her order next. *for Josh Rivers* (oc-victoriahere)

Josh had been working at this bar for over a month with Adam, both switching between nights and weekends. “What can I get you dollface?” He asks, looking up at the woman. @oc-victoriahere

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Alright one more…

Rob walks into the pub and over to Victoria behind the bar,

“You alright? Is Aaron in?”

“I’m sorry who?”


“…Aaron…Aaron…no you gotta be more specific.”

Robert fighting a smile,

“Aaron. My boyfriend.”

“Oh AARON. Ohhh why didn’t you say? He’s out back.”

Robert rolls his eyes and walks around, unable to stop the grin.