Hans Schmaltz, crown, 1566, Fribourg, Switzerland, gilt-copper, rock crystal, imitation pearls and foiled glass pastes, 14 x 18.3 x 18.3 cm, Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Source

In the mid-16th century, after the Counter Reformation, the subject of the Virgin Mary being crowned by Christ as the Queen of Heaven became extremely popular in Catholic imagery. This object is likely to have been placed on a statue of the Virgin.


DIY Quilt Generator from the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is a flexible quilt generator: you upload your artwork/photo and then decide what shape you want it to be and crop accordingly. You then get to decide how many colors you want to use and the quilt difficulty level. You can download a PDF that tells you what color to use and how many of each to cut. You can use gorgeous images from the V&A Museum or your own. First seen at MAKE.

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Woman’s sack-back gown with a stomacher and petticoat made of striped green and white satin trimmed with a fly fringe and embroidered in chenille with floral sprays. These include pansies, morning glories, ranunculas, carnations and harebells and rosebuds and additionally decorated with predominantly green and red floral braid.