Packard sighed as he and the rake passed the rusting YARD LIMIT sign positioned outside the Apollo-Victoria railyard, the terminus point on the AL&W Railroad. It’d been a long run from Atlantic City with several stops while waiting for clearance at signals. Steam shot from his aching pistons as he began to quietly coast onto an empty siding. It’d be another few days until the actual Railroad Gala - he could rest.

Packard looked back at his five coaches, a stern look on his face.

“No nonsense. I mean it.” He commanded, all but Haley and Faye, who were too busy in gossip, nodding in confirmation. The five quickly split up to explore their new surroundings.

The tired engine hoisted himself onto an old buffer, hearing the commotion from other engines and rolling stock throughout the yard.

Not at the Harry Potter set but at the Victoria Terminus Train Station in #Bombay (India). Constructed in 1888 it is a #UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only site to still be fully operational serving as the HQ of Central Railways and as a train station.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly Victoria Terminus, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and historic railway station which serves as the headquarters of the Central Railways in Mumbai, India. Designed by Frederick William Stevens with influences from Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings, the station was built in 1887 in the Bori Bunder area of Bombay to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The new railway station was built on the location of the Bori Bunder Station[3] and is the busiest railway station in India,[4] serving as both a terminal for long distance trains and commuter trains of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. The station’s name was changed to its present one in March 1996 and is simply known as VT (or CST/CSTM).