*✲゚*。⋆ Victoria Justice Gif Icons ゚*。:゚

Under the cut are #102 100 x 100  B&W gif icons of 22 year old actress and singer, VICTORIA JUSTICE. These are all roleplayable. All of these were cropped, filtered, recoloured and resized by me, but originally made by others.  Please like and reblog if you found this useful. [for angel] 

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if you click the link above you’ll find #100 gif icons of victoria justice. none of the following gifs were created by me, unless stated otherwise ! all of these were cropped, resized && edited by yours truly. these are gonna be updated from time to time && as usual, all credit goes to the original makers ! please do not put these in your own gif hunts, thank you. please like/reblog if you found these somewhat useful as they took me a while to make. enjoy, lovelies !


“I’m definitely very connected to being a Latina female, especially in this business. My parents got divorced when I was young and my mom is 100 percent Puerto Rican, but I grew up around my Puerto Rican side of the family so I’m definitely immersed in that culture all the time. Every Friday we have rice and beans and chicken and we eat together and we laugh together, and it’s honestly my favorite day of the week just because I look forward to spending time with them — and of course, the food.”