Saved from 5 months no PLL

I heard about the 5 month wait between season 6A and 6B of PLL. How could we do without? I recently finished watching this show ‘Revenge’ and it is amazing. I find it to be the opposite of PLL. While PLL follows 5 girls being tormented by A, Revenge’s main character is an A-like person. PLL’s A is probably going to be reveiled as someone who is out for revenge in the name of a loved one, it has to be. Revenge follows Amanda Clarke who, under a new identity, sets out for revenge on the people who framed and helped frame her father for the downing of a plane. Her father was killed while in prison for this crime he didn’t commit and Amanda wishes to clear his name. She is much like A. She was trained for revenge in Japan and knows all about set ups, breaking in and spying on people. Together with her computer genius friend she plots her revenge. I was really intrigued by this series because I thought of it as seeing life through A’s eyes, and now I can really imagine feeling sorry for A.
So if you need a new addiction during the 5 month gap, go watch Revenge. I promise, you won’t regret it. It is full of secrets and amazing twists. Even after accidentily coming across some spoilers, I was still surprised every single time.

anonymous asked:

What was Daniel like as a teenager? Was he popular? Was he well behaved or is this when his love of partying and alcohol began?

Daniel was always popular- especially in high school. I’d say the drinking and partying started at around the time he was seventeen and then escalated during his first few years of college, but he was always well-behaved at home. Believe it or not, he never really gave me much trouble as a teenager. He made excellent grades in school, generally stayed out of trouble, and always got along well with Conrad, Charlotte, and I.