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Headcanons about Robert’s time living with Vic and Adam
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  • When Robert first moved in, we all know he and Adam couldn’t stand each other. So Rob would lock himself away in the boxroom or disappear out of any shared room as soon as Adam appeared. He did it so fast Adam would think it was a ghost if he didn’t know better. (Especially after that conversation in which Adam really opened Rob’s eyes about Aaron and the shooting.)
  • Eventually things thawed. Adam never made much of an effort, but he’s too sweet to hold grudges for too long. And Robert started chipping in around the house, which helped.
  • Robert “control freak” Sugden soon devised an intricate laundry separation system and rota, after one of his white shirts was turned mucky grey when Adam did the laundry instead of Vic.
  • Main meals were Vic’s area, she’s the chef after all, but Robert is dab hand in the kitchen, especially when it comes to sandwiches and pancakes. He made cheese and pickle seem gourmet. Adam loved to call him a ponce. While stuffing his face, though.
  • When the 16th November rolled around (the anniversary of Sarah’s death) Robert was still recovering and still reeling from another confrontation with Andy (chicken 2.0), so Vic sent Adam to have dinner at the farm and made Rob the lasagna that Lawrence had ruined the year before. It was nice, and quiet. they didn’t talk much, but they smiled.
  • That was a really tough time for Robert. One night, in the wee hours, Adam got up to get a glass of water, and when he came back upstairs he could hear him. “Vic, Vic wake up. I think Rob’s cryin’.” She stared at Adam wide-eyed, until she decided to go and knock. She’d been hearing him for days now. “Rob…” The noise stopped as soon as she spoke, and a muffled “I’m fine” came through the door. “Rob…” “Just go back to bed.” “No, I hope you’re decent, I’m coming in.”  He was curled in on his side, in the tiny boxroom bed, facing away from the door. “Just go away, Vic. I’m fine.” She knew better. “Okay. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I need my big brother.” She walked in to the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “You remember when I was little, and I had a bad dream, and I sneak into your room so I didn’t wake up dad, and I’d end up falling asleep in your bed because you were to lazy to get up and carry me back?” “Vic, just stop…” His voice faltered and she reached for his arm, but took it back scared when he flinched. The sobs rippled through him and she understood. “Hey, shhh, it’s okay. You’re okay.” He wanted to shout at her, tell her she was wrong, he had nothing now, to just leave him alone, but he couldn’t stop crying. She lied down around him, and stroked his arm until he was too exhausted to keep crying. They fell back to sleep like that, and were still in that position when Adam came in in the morning to wake Vic up for work. That night was never mentioned again.
  • After that Robert would just keep himself awake on the sofa, staring at the telly until his eyes couldn’t stay open to ensure it never happened again.
  • Vic noticed he seemed back to his old self by the time Diane was stabbed. Up until what she now knows was Robert finding out about Aaron. Back then she couldn’t make sense of it, but the nights on the sofa were definitely back.
  • But it wasn’t all miserable. One time Rob broke Adam’s favourite mug by accident while he was doing the dishes, so he bought him FIFA for the PS4 we know Adam has to have, and they nerded out on the sofa playing that thing for a week. They’d bet chores on it, so Vic, despite feeling like she’s was stranded with two manchildren, was thankful for Rob’s neat freak tendencies.
  • All three of them have very nice memories of unexpected take out dinners that turned into nights up playing cards, or bonding over making fun of whatever nonsense was on the telly. There is one particular night neither Sugden will soon forget, in which through sheer dumb luck, Adam managed to slaughter both siblings at monopoly, even after they had decided to join forces to take him down. They ended up going to bed at 4am, and Adam got no cuddles that night.
  • Adam wasn’t lying about Robert walking in on him in the shower. The first couple of times were accidental, because Adam will sing his lungs out while the water is on, but is eerily silent for the rest of it. But then Robert realised that was the only way to get him to actually leave the bathroom. If Rob was just in a hurry he’d knock, if he knew Adam had been in there for ages, he’d just walk in.
  • Robert has been threatened, beaten and shot, but nothing will ever haunt him like the sounds coming out of his little sister’s room after Vadam date night. 
  • Aaron definitely stayed there a few times after between April and Robert moving in. Not many, and nothing that would keep Vic and Adam up at night. In fact, it was always a surprise when they found Aaron (and Robert who was almost never there either) joining them for breakfast in the morning. At first, Adam and Vic worried that maybe it was because things were a bit too much for Aaron at the pub, but the shy, soft smiles on his and Robert’s faces were a sure enough sign that things were getting better.

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What is all this about Vic maybe being pregnant? I haven't seen anything about it, but I keep seeing posts where people are talking about it.

In this weeks Inside Soap it has a teaser for their next issue (Week 45) that says:

Victoria reckons that she could be pregnant. With so much going on, will she and hubby Adam be pleased — or might this make things worse?

When Aaron is released from the hospital. I would like to see a small family celebration in the pub or the back room of close family and friends celebrating the engagement. Like Diane, Victoria, Adam, Chas, Liv, and Paddy. I just miss the bigger family scenes and it would be good for Paddy to stop being a twat and see how happy Aaron is about the engagement and the seriousness of their future together. Robert isn’t going anywhere and if Paddy wants to keep having a relationship with Aaron, Paddy needs to get on board. It would also be good to see all the Sugdens together, I can see Diane all smiles and talking about how wonderful it is that the family finally has some happy news to celebrate. We haven’t seen Diane in a while and I can just see her being overjoyed about the news.


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by LouisLittleFlower123

Set right after the last Robron scene during Monday’s Episode 24/10-16.

So much has changed. Not just with the Crash and Aaron, but also with his own emotions. He never thought it was possible to feel so strongly about someone. Like you need them with you every second or it will hurt so badly, like you’re missing a limb. Robert has loved Aaron for a very long time but strangely the love isn’t dying down like it did with Chrissie. It’s just growing stronger and Stronger. That’s what makes Robert sure that he will forever love this fantastic man he just can’t tear his eyes off.

Words: 1146, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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just a small reminder of some of those who won’t be coming back to teen wolf season 5 (x)  


EW’s First Look at Fox’s remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, A Scientist

Ryan McCartan as Brad Majors, A Hero

Victoria Justice as Janet Weiss, A Heroine

Staz Nair as Rocky Horror, A Creation

Reeve Carney as Riff-Raff, A Handyman

Christina Milan as Magenta, A Domestic

Adam Lambert as Eddie, An Ex Delivery Boy

Annaleigh Ashford as Columbia, A Groupie

Ben Vereen as Dr. Everett von Scott, A Rival Scientist

Jayne Eastwood as The Butler


Tim Curry as The Criminologist, An Expert

Fox’s RHPS airdate not yet announced, but set for late 2016.