Victoria Adams

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“they’re so cute when they’re asleep, aren’t they?”

Adam raised an eyebrow at his wife, who was currently cooing over Aaron and Robert. “You what?”

“The two of them, they’re cute when they’re asleep, aren’t they?” Victoria repeated herself, a soft smile on her face as she looked at her brother and his husband. The four of them and Liv had gone away for the weekend, renting a cottage in the Lake District for a few days. 

Liv had gone to bed ages ago, tired of the ridiculous game they’d been playing. Aaron and Robert were competitive at the best of times, but the beer fuelled game of heads up Victoria had suggested had brought out the worst in them, the two of them determined to wipe the floor with Victoria and Adam.

(They had.)

Now, the two of them were passed out on the couch, Robert’s face buried in Aaron’s chest, the blonde man snoring softly, his arms around Aaron’s middle. In an even more surprising display of affection, Aaron had a hand knotted in Robert’s hair, another hand shoved up the back of Robert’s shirt, the material long since untucked from his trousers.

They’d never really seen the two of them like this, completely at ease.

Completely happy.

Adam smiled at his best mate’s sleeping form, tugging Victoria close. “Yeah.” he agreed. “They are, aren’t they?”

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okay so because i very obviously have major issues, i accidentally wrote a ficlet for #224 for @isntalovestory and not the one actually requested! massive apologies my lovely, so here is the one you actually asked for. 

#244 🍾💍: when the night starts to die down chas has to catch her breath as she looks towards one of the booths and catches robert’s head laying lazily into aaron’s neck. her son is whispering something and has a hand in robert’s hair pulling out confetti thrown by victoria and adam and the other hand is holding robert’s own hand and squeezing gently.

The party has dyed down now, the booze are gone and the kitchen is closed and there’s something so soft and silent in the air. 

Chas is there, cleaning up the mess merrily because she’s way past it and it’s only when she looks up towards the booth nearest the bar that she sees her boy. 


Aaron and Robert.

‘The happy couple.' 

They have this look about them, it appears as though they are almost in their own bubble, like no one else is invited to this place they have travelled to. 

They’re just looking at each other. Aaron staring so avidly that Chas wonders if he is counting the freckles on Robert’s face. 

It’s magical.

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