Victoria on PBS Ep. 3 had extra scenes

As promised, Episode 3 of Victoria that aired in the US had extra footage not in the ITV version (roughly 5-7 minutes extra). Among the scenes (spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen “Brocket Hall”. There are others, but these are the ones I noticed right away.

1. A cute moment with Victoria and Dash in the carriage before Leopold’s “candle” scene.

2. A very nice Vicbourne moment where she thanks him for the orchids as they start dancing. They talk about the beauty of the orchids. Cue the feels.

3. Extra footage with Jenkins and the “downstairs” crew.

4. An extra scene at the dance where Victoria and Conroy discuss him leaving. So the scene where she revealed to her mum that Conroy has taken the deal is not a surprise anymore.

5. Victoria and Lord M discuss executions while riding and we learn she initially supports the idea, reluctantly.

So while the combined first 2 episodes had scenes trimmed, Episode 3 had several minutes of additional footage - including more Jenna. The question now is which version is going to be released on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks.

In some respects, I felt the added scenes disrupted the pace of the episodes a bit and you can tell why some of them were cut because they duplicate information given later. Probably the only scene I miss and would regret not having on the DVD is Victoria and Lord M talking about his flowers.