• Me:*watches a new tv show/ movie*
  • Me:* realizes I'm gonna have a sad otp that's gonna sink*
  • Me @ Writer:* hands them my beating heart for them to stomp over*
  • Also me:what a day to have my heart broken into shit ton of pieces .. what a day..
Victoria (Penguin Monarchs)
Part of the Penguin Monarchs series: short, fresh, expert accounts of England's rulers in a collectible format Queen Victoria inherited the throne at 18 and went on to become the longest-reigning female monarch in history, in...

“[Lord] Melbourne, for his part, was dangerously besotted with his little queen.”

- Victoria: Queen, Monarch, Empress (Penguin Monarchs) by Jane Ridley, 2015

“It would be another 20 years before he allowed himself to grow truly fond of anyone – with equally disastrous consequences.That person was the young Queen Victoria, who in the early years of her reign was so totally dependent upon (and indeed smitten by) him that she actually prevented Peel from forming a government, so determined was she to keep Melbourne at her side.  When Victoria transferred her affections – almost literally overnight – to Prince Albert, the affect on Melbourne was devastating.”

- Review of Lord Melbourne 1779-1848 by L.G. Mitchell, Oxford University Press, 1997, by the website Vulpes Libris (https://vulpeslibris.wordpress.com/2008/12/12/lord-melbourne-1779-1848-by-l-g-mitchell/)

Just a couple of history book-related sources to toss out there for those who are still fighting the good fight against those who think Vicbourne was totally fictional. Keep in mind that Doctor Who fandom has already heard Steven Moffat say how the Doctor is “besotted” (his word) with Clara. More parallels.

And for the record, I think young Victoria was cute. 

melbourne/vicbourne tags are half heartbroken but graceful vicbourne shippers and half VA shippers who shit on them. like congratulations on being so mature you’re still resenting the showrunner for daring to write a three episode storyline when you get the endgame, the history and the second season. here’s a cookie for you: NO ONE joined this party hoping to ship vicbourne. no vicbourne shipper failed to see the kensington park memorial or the v&a museum or, you know, history books and tons of fiction and put two and two together. i have my doubts any vicbourne shipper was ever happy to realize they shipped vicbourne. it just so happened that the showrunner felt like she’d write a first love/last love thing which you’re still sulking over for some reason (maybe it wasn’t that badly written after all, or my guess is you wouldn’t be giving two monkeys’), and someone had the audacity to find it delicate and touching. yes, sometimes the showrunner tweets to them and doesn’t tell them to go hang themselves. and no, those fans didn’t hang themselves. if you see that and  feel the urge to underline by your divine intervention that hey! victoria married albert! she couldn’t stay away from dat dick and had 9 children! you’re not actually educating anyone, you’re trivializing the love story you claim to adore and turning it into a part of some petty ship war literally no one asked for.