Kiriakis fam 9/20/16

So, I rewatched the Kiriakis family scenes from yesterday because I thought I might’ve been too harsh. And I kinda hated not loving a big group scene w/ 1 of my favorite Days families lol. I still didn’t like how Sonny’s reasons for not moving in came off. He was almost petulant. And Sonny has never been petulant. The Broe across the room hello was still my fav part lmao. Brady as the voice of reason didn’t bother me as much, mostly because he ended up defending Uncle Philip & Chloe lol. I think I zeroed in on my major problems.
1) None of these men are first on any of the villains’ lists. Yes, Victor is their common enemy, but none of them plan to come after him first. Not even Xander. 2) Deimos’ “my house” bs. Him inviting ppl (Justin, Victor) to live in a house that used to be their home for years & years before he stole it was ridiculous and annoying.
3) Maggie & Theresa’s absences. They bug me, but they deserve to be part of family meetings. The whole ‘we must protect our wives and children’ thing was wildly sexist.
4) Deimos in general. They all hate/don’t trust Deimos, so why is he even there? Because it’s technically his house now? I have no doubt that Brady, Justin, Sonny, and Philip could overpower Deimos and literally kick his ass out the front door lol. I doubt even Maggie would put up much of a fuss over his departure lol.

Days 9/20

Okay, I am LIVING for this Kiriakis family strategy scene. All my Kiriakis dudes together in the Kiriakis living room. The quips! Sonny being sassy and stubborn. Victor’s reveal that Clyde was behind Sonny’s stabbing was very well done. Good, good. Though, much as I’m loving the show for shoring up all my Kiriakis peeps, I can’t help but suspect that having everyone move in together is just the show’s way of saving money by reducing the sets lol. 

SoapCentral - Week of February 2nd Spoilers
  • A surprised Sonny learns a shocking truth about someone he loves 
  • Paul plies Sonny with the truth about his newest relations with a man 
  • Though Sonny has moved on, Paul still isn’t sure things are completely over 
  • The war between Victor and Clyde isn’t as over as Victor thought it would be 
  • Sonny is severely wounded when he finds himself caught in the conflicts crossfire 
  • Sonny’s loved ones are shocked and saddened by his attack as he struggles to survive 
  • Adrienne finds herself leaning on Lucas even are as she’s consumed with concern 
  • Will finds himself reflecting on his life with Sonny and begging for divine intervention 
  • Will finds support from Victor, while a remorseful Victor vows vengeance for Sonny 

“You need learn to mumble. Because I predict you are going to be talking to yourself a lot. Especially since you’re making the same mistake with the same disturbed woman all over again.”

“So, you’re ok with pain and heartache?”

“I agree. Vivian was just evil. Kristen is deranged.”

“What do you two do together? I men when you’re not in the sack.”

Because you have nothing with this woman except sex, That and making your father miserable. Which not only makes you gullible but also stupid.”

“She died.”    “That doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.”

“You were usually the one who used his head. Now you’re both in bed with the DiMeras. And the only one who’s acting like the man of the Kiriakis family is your wife!”

“Oh I guess you want to talk about what a roll you’re on. First you helped EJ dump Stefano and now you’re working to clear Sami. You must feel like king of the mountain!”

“Just because I hate the man doesn’t mean I can’t relate. EJ would be nothing but a shyster with a posh accent if it weren’t for Stefano.”

-Victor-isms 8/9/13