Special ops in space part 1

Decided to hop on the humans are space orcs band wagon. My take on how aliens contacted humans and how it went from there from a slightly more militaristic and scientific approach.
The day that the Intergalactic Alliance for Planetary Peace (jokingly called the APP by the younger generation, quoting an old saying “there’s an app for that”) was five years after all of the nations had declared world peace after the bloodiest war yet. Half of the human population had been decimated by everything but nuclear bomb, every world leader had decided that enough was enough.

They had showed up at one of the council meetings that take place on a different continent every month to discuss less pressing matters. It almost ended horribly, an unknown group of entities showing up where all of the world leaders had congregated, but through fast talking on the alien’s part and the vow to be more peaceful beings earlier made by the humans, everything ended up going well.

Which lead to the current situation. While they may claim to be more peaceful, humans are still wary of areas where none of them had been before. So, along with a team of top scientists and medical staff, there went a team of the top 6 military personnel. Three from assorted American special ops, one from Norway, one from Canada, and the last from Poland. When questioned by the members of the A.P.P, the leaders stated that there was absolutely no way in hell they were allowing their top people into an unknown area without protection. The warriors on the ship, when they heard this, laughed. How could a squishy group of mud covered savages that haven’t even reached outside of their own solar system could really do anything?

This was an opportunity for the researchers of the Alliance to study the surprisingly hardy species as well. They were surprised that these soft creatures were the top of the food chain, even with everything, including their own atmosphere, trying to kill them. So the ship of researchers set off into deep space to discover new planets and to discover more about each other.

The first meeting was terrifying. Three soldier were the first on the ship, no emotion showing on their faces, heavy exoskeleton like armor surrounding what they assumed covered their vital regions, and more sleek looking weapons than seemingly possible. Many were happy that the scientists did not look the same, though some did look just as serious while others were gaping in awe. Then, three more of the heavily armed men followed.

It was a tense two days on the ship for the aliens. The human soldiers inforced the fact that they were a predator species by prowling around the entirety of the ship minus the private chambers. Though they weren’t too sure that they haven’t been there but went when nobody was watching. Soon though, the soldier lessened the amount of firepower they had on them and lightened the amount of armor they had on. In the communal rations center they were seen slightly separated from the other humans, sitting in a tight group and bearing their teeth at one another, rapidly switching languages to communicate. The human designated Sara, specializing in chemistry, explained to Gumantal (a poor pronunciation of him true name, but the sounds needed to actually speak it would ruin a human throat so he allowed it) that the team came from different ‘countries’ that have different languages and sometime dialects, and that the entire team had learned each other’s and many other languages in order to communicate with other humans. When asked why not simply use a translator device, such as the one they were using right now, the human female bared her teeth and stated that it was better for them to do their jobs if they didn’t need one. She went on to explain that even if they couldn’t speak it, they were well on their way to learn each of the other species on the ship’s language.

Gumantal apologized afterwards for upsetting her with his questions, then asked what he did to offend her. Humans were an intricate species of primitive life form so they wanted to avoid any tensions early on. Sara and all of the other researchers bared their teeth this time, reassuring the brave many armed alien that they were not angry, the bared teeth was called a smile and it showed amusement or joy. The forest green alien walked away, bewildered.

It was sometime later that those on the ship learned that the soldiers were composed of both males and females. When asked why the males did not do everything in their power to protect the biologically weaker, less muscular birth givers, Human Victor bared his teeth for the first time and seemed to bark harshly.

“I dare you to ask Oliver that! She’d rip yer mandibles off and feed ‘em to ya! Lyne would as well, now that I think about it. One thing you need to learn about humans, women are supposedly weaker than us men but they can still kick ass.”

A shaking Xiloiy later learned from Human designation William, occupation physicist that the barking was laughter, and that yes, human females stand on equal ground to the males of the species. This puzzled him as he came from a race that protected the bearers of his species to ensure the continued survival. Human William barked, laughed, at this when he stated it, shaking his head. Xiloty is still perplexed as to why.

All aliens on the ship were confused by their new companions and were curious as to how they would handle being a foreign planet with life for the first time. This was also the time that Xiloiy began to make a journal on the habits and any other information on humans, fearing having his outer mandibles ripped off as they were crucial to attracting a mate.

The special ops team assigned to protect the crew as well as gathering intel on everything they could were anxious as well, packing everything they may need for a worst case scenario. The warrior species that were to protect the crew and ship originally were insulting them when they believed the humans were not paying attention, mocking the useless item that would only tire them out. The ops team knew though that if push came to shove that they would be the ones to survive. After all, they’ve had to survive worse than some unknown territory. They were all highly trained to be able to conquer situations like that. Colonel Victor Kelly would make damn sure his people made it through this.

Special ops in space part 2

Getting ready for college so things might come in spurts… oh, and I wish I could draw as good as my imagination is man.

Just like when they entered the ship, Team Whiskey Bravo Tango, or WBT, surrounded the researchers. Unlike this time, instead of only protecting the humans, they fanned out around the entire expedition team. Captain Oliver Cote, originally from the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 through the Army, was scouting ahead with Major Anzelm Nowale, originally from the Polish GROM program through the Air Force. Flanking the team was Captain Lyne Moore, once a member or the USAF special ops Weathermen, along with Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Harris, the second in command and a past member of the Marine Recon team. Bringing up the rear was Orlogskaptein Martin Berg of the Norwegian Royal Navy, ops team the Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK), and the leader of the joint special ops team Colonel Victor Kelly, past member of the USMC Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies (ANGLICO).

The Quirn, the 3.5 meters tall race of highly advanced warrior species covered in a natural steel-like armor, scoffed at the “savages”. The researchers had done extensive scans on the planet and had not found any threatening species present. They believed the humans naive to be as wary as they were right now, ‘guns’ raised to their cheeks. So of course, everything went to hell as soon as they were out of sight from the ship.

A 5 meter high, heavily spiked lizard/wolf/slug creature reared up when one of the overly comfortable Quirn stepped on the edge of its tail. The creature removed its camouflage, running through many colors (many of which the humans of the team had never seen before) before it attacked. Team WBT was quick to react, guns up and firing as soon as the creature made a threatening move towards the team.

“Get back to the ship! Team, form up!” Victor yelled quickly, herding the civilian humans towards the ship as one of the Quirn warriors was slammed into a tree. The team surrounded the creature and shot rapidly, aiming for any possible chinks it the creature’s armor.

“Kelly, bring that back dead or alive.” The others could only pause in their terror as biologist Human Nate calmly called to the Colonel before running towards the others.


When the others had returned to the ship, Captain Te’letn prepared to return back to the main ship. As the engines began to charge, the humans began to realise what the aliens were planning. Seeing as many other species would leave those they assumed dead to their death, they thought nothing of it to leave the human team behind. Apparently that was the wrong decision. Xiloiy now understood why the humans laughed when he questioned the strength of their female. Human Katarina the medical officer was terrifying. Trying to comfort the crew hiding in the corner, Human Dave the geologist explained that this was due to the ‘no man left behind theory’ that even if they were dead, you always go back for the others. The chatter on the private comms attributed this to the strong pack bonds the decidedly social humans form.

After what seemed like forever due to the tenseness surrounding the crew, both the Quirn and the human team returned to the ship. Both were injured and a few of the Quirn had strange wraps around them. What really terrified the crew, more so than the fact that the squishy mud balls were alive, was the creature that had tried to kill them all was trailing behind Human Oliver, head down and submissive.

“Kelly, what happened out there?” Human Nate asked.

“Sir, it turns out that Q.T has similar mannerisms to that of our wolves. Though, it seems that they are maternally run, as the little wimp dropped down as soon was Cote used her ‘mom’ voice after the rain of bullets.”  The humans bark- no, laughed at that. The others were still staring at the monster.

“Take it to containment chamber 3 please. We will see if we can tame it at a later date. I know many of us are itching to study it.” Kelly nodded and Human Oliver and Human Anthony guided the beast to the containment area.

It took a week for the alien crew to stop flinching away from the team, and though Captain Te’letn tried to hide it, he was still wary around Human Katrina. She also needed to explain what the cloth on the Quirn warriors were. It was something called an Elastiheal, a bandage the humans had to develop during their latest war. It stopped healing immediately and promoted rapid regeneration of cells.

After the week of slight tension, the aliens decided to try and become closer to the humans, realizing that the pack bonds humans were  keen to form could save their hides. Azxceta, Chief of the Quirn guards on the ship, had even kneeled, something that the race as a whole almost never does, and formally thanked the team. Victor, as the leader of the team, accepted the thanks, then invited all of the Quirn to sit and share stories with them of past battles. They were overjoyed.

That joy quickly turned to horror when the first human opened their mouth…

martymuses  asked:

Ok, but... Top Gun AU. I'm not saying it's a GOOD idea, but... I still think about it a lot. XD I just can't decide who would be who. Is Victor Iceman or Kelly McGillis?? Could Yuuri pull off being Maverick or should HE be Kelly McGillis?? IDK. The options are endless. But I do know one thing: everybody plays shirtless volleyball, and that's what makes it beautiful. u_u

That sounds like a beach episode that we could’ve gotten from YoI XD

But in all seriousness, I’ll lean more towards the volleyball aspect of the movie because I, personally, don’t know much about romantic military, action dramas. And as to not get my facts wrong, I won’t be focusing on the character occupations or their military rank.

–Mod Joey

Aesthetically, I can see Viktor as Kelly McGillis. The suave of hair that speaks of a big personality, but I can’t find much information about Kelly McGillis other than that she’s a love interest. From what we know about Viktor, he isn’t just a love interest.

I think most would perceive him as the “Iceman” because there’s this air of arrogance surrounding him at first, and people would expect him to have a big ego. Viktor sort of does have one, but he doesn’t explicitly exclaim it to the world. He’s more subtle with it.

Viktor would definitely say, “You can be my wingman anytime.”
In no connection does it remind me of a Yugioh Abridge Movie with Yusei and Jack Atlas

I see where you’re getting at where Yuuri could be Kelly McGillis. Kelly seems reserved and I can imagine her looking out from her bedroom window as planes take off into the distance, and she’s watching her love and wondering if he’s looking back for her. Much like how Yuuri would watch Viktor from a distance, wondering if Viktor would ever look back to see him.

But at the same time, I can see Yuuri as Maverick.

Maverick is hinted to be a troubled character because of the death of his father, much like how Yuuri was troubled in the beginning because of Vicchan’s death. The movie acknowledges that Maverick is an excellent but reckless pilot. Sort of like how Yuuri is acknowledged as a great skater but with anxiety holding him back at times. But for kicks, I can see a reckless nature in Yuuri. He did ram his face into the side of a rink and suffer a nosebleed, after all.

Much like Maverick, Yuuri skills aren’t confined to skating. He enjoys ballet and other forms of dance, just like how Maverick enjoys ripping down the streets on is motorcycle.

But in terms of character, I do believe that Yuuri has the making to be a Maverick. Both characters suffer from their lows, but they find the strength to not let the past haunt them and continue forward to achieve what they know they can do.

And just imagine Viktor and Yuuri duking it out in a volleyball battle.


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