Queen Victoria with family, Balmoral, 1887.

Standing behind the Queen are: Prince Albert Victor (son of the Prince of Wales, Victoria’s grandson); Princess Alix of Hesse (daughter of Princess Alice, Victoria’s granddaughter, and future Empress of Russia); Princess Beatrice of Battenberg (Victoria’s daughter); and Princess Irene of Hesse (daughter of Princess Alice, Victoria’s granddaughter). 

From the Royal Collection.

They thought I was a lunatic in 1896 when I first published a treatise in an electrical review on cosmic rays. Now the scientific journals are full of discussions of cosmic rays and no one calls the authors madman–they are given Nobel Prizes, instead.”

Nikola Tesla

“Tesla Predicts New Source of Power In Year.” New York Herald Tribune. July 9, 1933.

I am proud of these discoveries because many have denied that I am the original discoverer of the cosmic ray. I was 15 years of head of other fellows who were asleep. Now no one can take away from me the credit of being the first discoverer of the cosmic ray on earth.“

Nikola. Tesla

“Sending of Messages to Planets Predicted by Dr. Tesla on Birthday.” New York Times. July 11, 1937.


Hawaii Five-0 30 Day Challenge by casthebass & dann-o
25. Speculations on the murder of McGarrett’s parents

Of course now we know Wo Fat and Victor Hesse have everything to do with their death, and the governor gave the order to kill them. But (this may be spoiler) I’ve seen season 2 behind-the-scene pictures with Daddy McGarrett and Wo Fat together, so I guess I want to know what kind of case the old McGarrett is investigating, how he found out the governor is involved and why did it threaten Wo Fat so much that he had to kill Steve’s parents both.

Prince Albert Victor Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Princess Alix, Princess Beatrice, Princess Irene and Queen Victoria, at Balmoral 1887. Queen Victoria for a long time had wished to marry Alix to Albert Victor, if the latter was keen on the idea, Alix wasn’t. 

She has written to tell him how it pains her to pain him, but that she cannot marry him, mush as she likes him as a Cousin, that she knows she would not be happy with him and that he would not be happy with her and that he must not think of her. It is real sorrow for us but she says - that if she is forced she will do it - but that she would be unhappy and he too. This shows great strength of character as all her family and all of us wish it, and she refuses the greatest position there is.” Queen Victoria