1985. Soldiers Of The Night

 is the first album by band Vicious Rumors, released in 1985. is considered a milestone in US power metal. and only album to feature vocalist Gary St. Pierre as well as guitarist Vinnie Moore, the latter of whom would release his own debut album, Mind’s Eye, in 1986.

Gary St. Pierre    Geoff Thorpe   Vinnie Moore    Dave Starr   Larry Howe


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1987. Digital Dictator

is the second album by band Vicious Rumors, released in December.

1987 saw vocalist Carl Albert (Villain, Ruffians) and guitarist Mark McGee (Overdrive, Starcastle, and later with Gregg Allman) replace St. Pierre and Vinnie Moore  respectively—prior to the recording of the band’s second album, Digital Dictator. This release with Shrapnel Records helped define Vicious Rumors’ classic US power metal sound. Digital Dictator was the years’ #1 album in one of Europe’s top metal magazines, RockHard.

This would easily be a great entry into the band if you haven’t heard any of their stuff yet. If you’re a fan of just about any kind of metal, especially the early power metal scene, this album is a hands down must own. Very highly recommended.

       Carl Albert  Geoff Thorpe   Mark McGee   Dave Starr   Larry Howe