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Kenneth Jay Lane turned designing “fake” jewelry into a global business. He didn’t take himself too seriously — joking his costume jewelry wasn’t fake or junk. Instead, he would pronounce it “faque” and “junque.”

Lane died in his sleep at his home in Manhattan, according to Chris Sheppard, executive vice president of Lane’s company. Lane was 85.

A documentary film about the designer, called Fabulously Fake: The Real Life of Kenneth Jay Lane, is expected to be released in 2018.

Costume Jewelry Designer Kenneth Jay Lane Dies At 85

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This is something I hope all of my followers and the entire studyblr community will read…

Last year was the hardest year of my life and I did not even notice it until I was out of it. To give a little background, I was 19, and becoming a college senior. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a double major, summa cum laude. I worked two jobs, one retail, one as a tour guide, five days a week, and took seven classes in the fall, and eight in the spring, and six in the summer. By March I had lost 16 pounds, was not eating, not sleeping, and drinking four or more cups of coffee a day. I had a boyfriend, friends, a roommate, I was president of a club, vice president of another, and working as vice president of one club’s international leadership program as one of five student board members across sixty-three countries. I studied for my LSAT, took the exam, and applied to law school. And in August, I will be the youngest person in my law school.

I pushed myself harder and further than I ever imagined, and though I sometimes (often) felt like it, I never cracked, gave up, or even collapsed. I did not always take care of myself, physically, mentally, or emotionally though, and I failed myself there, but I was so driven, so determined, that none of that mattered to me at that moment. I do not regret that or any of the choices I have made, but I pressured myself more than anyone ever has, and more than I ever have. I accomplished unbelievable things, but at an insane cost - my health.

Often in this community I receive messages, and see posts, encouraging you to never give up, and to always push yourself to get that A, pass that test, graduate, or to overcome whatever academic or otherwise challenges you are facing. Almost daily I receive messages asking how I do it. “How did you graduate at 20?”, “How do you keep up with all of your commitments?”, and even, “You are so amazing, I could never do it like you do”. But I am here to tell you well, it is not pretty. I went days without eating a meal at times. Days without washing my hair, of wearing the same torn leggings and a hoodie because a grade meant more to me than I meant to myself. I got walking pneumonia at the end of the spring term because I had pushed myself too hard and spent weeks telling myself I could not afford to be sick today, tomorrow, or the next day. I wore myself down so much that I had a doctor literally tell me that now at 20 years old, if I do not tone down the stress and pressure I subject myself to, that I could give myself a stroke. A stroke, 20 years old!

Being a perfectionist, and being so overwhelmingly addicted to my studies, is not glamorous.

I am making this post not to brag about my accomplishments, but because I receive messages daily idolizing me and what I have done. I want everyone to know that this is not easy. Having a dream is hard work, and I have been unfairly hard on myself. Just because you do not see someone’s cracks and scars, does not mean they are not there. I have worked hard, and have earned these things, but I have made sacrifices I would hate to see anyone else make.

In 10 days I move across the country to start law school, and I am terrified that I will allow myself to do this all over again. I am not afraid of the move, or of law school, but of myself and how I talk to myself and treat myself, and the amount of stress and pressure I am willing to apply to myself, without hesitation. In a month I have law school orientation, and have set up a meeting with one of the school’s onsite trauma therapists. I refuse to let myself be my own greatest roadblock. I have to learn to love myself. It is not fair to your body and mind to put grades above yourself. I now full heartedly believe that a grade is not worth your health. I will no longer break my back bending over backwards for an A+. I will no longer let myself go days without food and rest because I want this essay to be perfect, or my presentation to go as planned, second by second. I will allow myself to be happy, well rested, well fed, and healthy. I will love myself, and this is a promise I am making to myself and to all of you, and a promise I hope you all can make to yourselves as well.

I promise.

TLDR; Be dedicated, and determined to get what you want, but do not sacrifice your health, mental, physical, or emotional, for a grade, a diploma, a degree… You are worth so much more than a letter on a piece of paper, and it is okay to sometimes need to hear that. I know I did.

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It all happened in a blur. One moment he was there, the next he was gone.

If she hadn’t screamed, they wouldn’t have known.

Nobody knows why Na Jaemin was shot on November 24th, but Alpha Sigma Rho and Omega Theta Phi are determined to find out.

This is the second part of my 1,000 followers special, the story will be updated every friday for four weeks, as there are three parts to the story not including this. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask!

Italicized members are the ones that show up a lot or have major roles in the story.


Joohyun: Nicknamed Irene because of her motherly nature, fourth year student, leader

Seulgi: On varsity softball, third year student, secretary

Wendy: Leader of poetry club, third year student, vice president

Sooyoung: Nicknamed Joy because you rarely see her frowning, second year student, recruitment officer

Yeri: Majoring in criminal studies, second year student, treasurer


Taeyong: On varsity tennis, fourth year student, leader

Taeil: Works at the campus bookstore, fourth year student, treasurer

Hansol: Dj at all of the frat parties, fourth year student, member

Johnny: Captain of varsity volleyball team, fourth year student, vice president

Yuta: The house’s resident fuck boy, third year student, secretary

Kun: Accepted to college with presidential scholarship, third year student, housing officer

Doyoung: Has a brother on the local police force, third year student, fundraising board leader

Chittaphon: Prefers to be called Ten, because his nobody can ever pronounce his name right, third year student, recruitment officer

Jaehyun: Yuta’s second in command for resident fuck boy, third year student, new member education board leader

Sicheng: Nicknamed WinWin because despite his shy nature, he gets the most ladies because of his visuals, third year student, member

Jungwoo: Transferred in from another school halfway through his first year, second year student, member

Mark: was accepted to every school he applied to, second year student, public relations board leader

Yukhei: Prefers to be called Lucas because, like Ten, nobody can pronounce his name, second year student, member

Renjun: Assistant set creator for theatre department, first year student, member

Jeno: Majoring in industrial engineering, first year student, member

Donghyuck: Half of the annoying freshie prankster duo, first year student, member

Jaemin: Donated all of his game consoles to the house to earn respect from the older guys, first year student, member

Chenle: the other half of the annoying freshie prankster duo, first year student, member

Jisung: Gets babied by the others for being the youngest frat member, first year student, member

Afternoon Babies!

We’re not going to make this post too long (even though it probably be), but there’s just a couple of things we want to go over  to answer some questions that you might have.

SPORTS/CLUBS: As I’ve stated before I will be posting each sports season schedule on the community page. I plan on post all of that Sunday night, I know we’ve lost some students who had leadership roles. If you are a captain or president and you don’t have a co captain or vice president then we ask that you look for one. Remember you can be in more than one club or sport and you can have more than one leadership role if you know you can handle it. If you haven’t given us a list of who’s on what team or in what club please do so ASAP, also if you haven’t picked a sport or club please do so we want everyone participating in at least one sport or club. Listed below are spots needed to be filled in a sport or club.

  • Cheer: Co Captain
  • Football: Co Captain
  • Women Basketball: Co Captain
  • Gymnastics: Captain and Co Captain
  • Track and Field: Co Captain
  • Volleyball: Co Captain
  • Fashion Club: Vice President
  • Art Club: President and Vice President 
  • Radio Show: Vice President
  • Newspaper: Vice President
  • Cooking Club: Vice President

SORORITIES/FRATERNITIES: So we know you guys have been asking and wondering when we were going to be do sororities and fraternities. Well Sunday night,the presidents and vice presidents of each sororities and fraternities will be announced. Once they are announced the presidents and VPs can starting planning out events and things.

CLASSES: We see some of you actually making post about going to class which is great keep up the great job. But we need to see EVERYONE going to class not just a select few. Since we are starting to get professors, if they post an assignment in a subject that you’re majoring in then you need to do that assignment not just a select a few. We have a list of who’s majoring in what. If you’re majoring in business or if you have a major that involves taking a business class then you need to do the business assignment that Ms. Dior posted and the same goes for those majoring in music. No one should be leaving campus or the state without informing us. If isn’t school or intership/job related then you shouldn’t be leaving the state of Florida.

HOUSING: Housing will be updated and posted on Sunday. For my babies that are grad students if you haven’t, please come to the IM and tell me your living arrangement. Your options are either living in a townhouse or a condo. 

HIATUSES/MUSE: This issue needs to be addressed the most. We all know everyone has OOC lives and things happen that people can’t control. If you need a hiatus then please come and let us know in the inbox. It gets irritating when people post their unfollow then the next minute they appear on the dash interacting as if they never left. We have received numerous complaints about it. So again if you need one please us know. If you post your unfollow and don’t warn us, we will unfollow you. ALSO, if you were placed on the unfollow list, until you come talk to the main page, you will not be getting refollowed. If you have no muse for your character and you want to come as someone else then that’s fine with us. Just let us know in advance or if you need help finding muse then come to us because that’s what we’re here for.
Here's How the New 'Star Wars' Novels Will Connect to 'The Last Jedi'
The ‘Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ books will explore details from the history of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

The Stars Wars movies can only cover so much; it’s up to the books to do the rest. And there is still a huge amount of unexplored space to chart.

As Comic-Con International begins, EW has an exclusive preview about this fall’s full slate of “Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi” novels and storybooks that will contain hints about the upcoming sequel while also seeking to recruit new fans.

“It’s important to explore all areas of the Star Wars universe — the known and the unknown — because all stories matter,” says Andrew Sugerman, executive vice president of Disney’s publishing and digital media. “That’s the beauty of Star Wars. There’s one shared universe, so the films connect to the games, which connect to the books, which connect to the animation, and so on. A story told through publishing enriches the larger universe.”

Some of the most ambitious titles are YA books that reveal backstories for classic characters like Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker in their younger days while also containing details and motivations that will turn up in the new film (which will become obvious only after it opens Dec. 15).

With The Force Awakens, there were three decades for books to explore between its story and the events of Return of the Jedi. But the new film picks up right where the last one left off — with Rey returning Luke’s long-lost lightsaber, so there’s less room for connective narrative tissue.

“It’s just a different journey than last time,” says Michael Siglain, creative director of Lucasfilm Publishing. “There are still some Easter eggs in a couple of pieces that will make sense after seeing the film. But this one is more thematically tied to The Last Jedi.”

There won’t be books delving deep into the history or lineage of Rey or Finn. That’s still heavy-lifting for the movies to do. But the motivations of General Leia Organa and her exiled Jedi brother Luke? That’s open space for scribes.

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Politicians from the United States and the world react to Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement


Thank You to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia and Sasha Obama, Bo and Sunny Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden for the grace and dignity you have shown over these past 8 years in the White House. You will be missed. Wishing you all the very best for the next chapters of your lives. 

“With Joey, Jean Biden never had to supply the will: he knew what he wanted to do. She would always recall, when he was two, and playing on the kitchen floor, with a spoon, whanging and banging her pots and pans – noise to wake the dead! – she asked him, please, to stop. Joey looked up at her with his blue eyes flashing anger, and he said: ‘Look, Mom. You do your work, I’ll do mine. Okay?’” – Joe Biden was already cooler than you when he was two years old. (From What It Takes: The Way to the White House by Richard Ben Cramer)

A letter from Joe Biden to his staff:

To My Wonderful Staff,
I would like to take a moment and make something clear to everyone. I do not expect, nor do I want, any of you to miss or sacrifice important family obligations for work. Family obligations include, but are not limited to, family birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any religious ceremonies, such as first communions and bar mitzvahs, graduations, and times of need, such as an illness or a loss in the family. This is very important to me. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if I find out that you are working with me while missing important family responsibilities, it will disappoint me greatly. This has been an unwritten rule since my days in the Senate.
Thank you all for the hard work.
Sincerely, Joe