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Vic Greenthumbs - Five Deadly Venoms

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@VicSpencer x @chancetherapper #NationalGeographic video…dope


5 Deadly Venoms

The SpencerAuston Show Feat. Dally Auston
  • The SpencerAuston Show Feat. Dally Auston
  • Vic Spencer
  • Vic Greenthumbs (EXTRA CLIPS)

Vic Spencer feat. Dally Auston - The SpencerAuston Show

New VI featuring the SaveMoney representer Dally Auston.  This is another one that was left off of Vic Greenthumbs, mainly because Chance came through and smashed National Geographical, which was the final addition to the project.  I personally thought this song still should’ve made the project but you can finally hear it now.  #SaveMoney!

Listerine Feat. Breezy City
  • Listerine Feat. Breezy City
  • Vic Spencer
  • Vic Greenthumbs

Vic Spencer feat. Breezy City - Listerine

This joint featuring Make A Move’s Breezy City was slated to be on Vic Greenthumbs up until yesterday when VI remembered another song he had in the stash that trumped this.  So if you’re itching for that fix of Vic Greenthumbs download this to hold you over the next couple hours.  If you don’t know who Vic Spencer is, get familiar now and download his mixtape Vic Greenthumbs tomorrow.