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Caraphernelia (Layered)
Pierce The Veil
Caraphernelia (Layered)

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The Scrap Book (With Pictures)

“Hey baby.” I smiled when Vic walked into the bedroom after putting our daughter to bed. “Hey.” he yawned tiredly, “I made you something.” he perked up “You did?” I nodded and handed him a box. “Am I forgetting something? I mean I think our anniversary isn’t till July and your birthday is in November….” I giggled “No I just had free time and thought you’d like it.” Vic smiled and opened the box. “You made me a scrap book?”

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Friends, Lovers, or Nothing- Vic fuentes fluff/smut

“Vic, it’s starting c’mon!” You yell to him in the kitchen from the couch. It’s friday night, you and Vic’s usual movie night. Tonight, it’s Friends with Benefits. 

“alright, alright i’m coming i’m coming.” He says walking to the couch with a bowl of popcorn and sitting next to you. You grab the bowl of popcorn and put your legs on top of Vic’s. He looks at you and smiles. “What?” you say smiling. He just smiles, shakes his head and turns back to the Tv

You and Vic have been best friends since the 2nd grade. A lot of people have thought that there was something going on between you guys since you could remember. It was never like that though… only some times. Occasionally it would feel like there was something there between you two, but either you guys wouldn’t act on it, or it would just…fade.

It’s 30 minutes in the movie. Vic looks contemplative, then says,”Hey, so um, have you talked to Jacob lately?” 

He’s never liked Jacob, the guy you were together with for 9 months. It was a really unhealthy relationship; he would always put you down and be rude and not show you any affection at all. But you felt attached to him, you loved him so much, it seemed unreal to not have him around, even though he didn’t love you… 

Now you and Jacob are on a break, and Vic wants it to be permanent, because he was there through all the times of that relationship, Vic was there to hold you when you cried, he was there to spend the night and tell you all the right things you needed to hear. But Jacob never was…

You didn’t want to believe that you’re falling for your best friend, but that’s exactly what was happening.

“Uhhh,” You say looking down at the popcorn, and shrug a bit,“I don’t know, a little…”

“What do you mean ‘a little’?” VIc says turning to you, looking angry and disappointed. That killed you most of all,“I don’t know… he wants to get back together…” You say. Vic looks at you hard, looking disappointed and hurt and angry all in one facial expression.

“Oh really.” he says sternly. “Fuck, i’m sorry, okay? It’s kind of hard to not talk to someone you’re still in love with and just let them walk out the fucking door!” You say, with your voice cracking and you’re eyes watering. “I’m trying okay?!” you say yelling at him.

He stands up, and turns to you,”You just don’t fucking get it! Why would you settle for a piece of shit like that, when you can have someone better! It’s like you don’t want better for yourself. You can just be so fucking stupid Y/N!”

Your mouth drops as you stare up at him with your watery eyes and eyeliner tears rolling down your cheek. You couldn’t believe he just snapped like that. He’s never yelled at you that way. You couldn’t believe what he just said. 

You slap your hand over your mouth and run out of the living room to your room while you cry hard,” Y/N, NO! WAIT! PLEASE!” He says running after you. You run into your room and lock the door, pressing your back against the door and slidding down it, putting your knees up to your chest. You’re crying so hard it’s silent.

“Y/N?” He cries, voice cracking, sounding weak,“I’m so sorry.” He sobs lightly. 

“JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” You yell from your bed, sobbing hard.“ I should have known..” you cry. 

He runs to get his keys off the table. You gave him a key to your apartment when you first moved it, and he remembered you telling him that it’s the same key used to unlock the other doors in the house. 

He runs back to the door and shakes the keys, trying frantically to unlock the door. He gets it unlocked and runs over to you and holds you. 

“get off me!” You cry. and get up and start to run away, “I’m sorry i am so.. In love with you!” He yells

You stop walking, and turn to face him,”w-what?” You say confused. “I fucking—love you.” He yells again. You start walking over to him slowly,”I’ve loved you since we were 15, i loved you when we were 17, i loved you when we were 25. i love you now.” he blurts out. 

Before you can even speak your lips suddenly attack his. Your tongue exploring eachother’s mouths for the first time. He lays you down on the bed, hovering above you, his lips not leaving yours for half of a second. He strokes your hair slowly to the rhythm of the kidd and to both of your loud heart beats. Your lips pull away,”I love you more.” You smile. His eyes water and he laughs,”Not possible,” He says, and begins kissing you again

His lips trail down to your neck,”I’v e wanted this for so long,” you say breathlessly. 

“I love you so much,” He hums every so often into your skin. You take off your shirt, then his. he kisses against your breast, caressing them with one hand, while exploring your curves with the other. He sits up and unbuttons his pants an looks at you,“I-Is this okay?” He stutters. You smile, “Of course." 

He takes off his pants then places his hips in between your open legs, kissing you softly again.

You take off your pants and then your underwear with your heart beating so loud out of your chest, but you can also feel the thumping vibration of his heart throughout his body and the heat radiating off of his body on you. He leans up from your neck and positions himself to stick himself inside of you. Once he’s slightly inside you he looks up at you and slowly slides it in you. You gasp and grab the sheets getting goosebumps and making eye contact with him while seeing a smirk on his face. He lowers himself above you slowly starting to thrust in and out with a Rhythm. You start to moan; feeling him thrust deeply inside of you hitting your G-spot over and over ever so softly. You tightly grab his hair in between moans and dig your nails into his back, encouraging him to thrust harder and harder. Soon he sits up-right again, lifting your hips and holding them right while slamming you. He bites his lip and looks down at himself slamming inside of you over and over again You moan louder and louder arching your back, begging him not to stop. "Ba-baby,” you say breathlessly,“it fe-els so go-od” you say stuttering on your words while the tone of your voice is tweeted every time he thrusts into you. “I’m gonna… Oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum” you say gasping breathlessly. He hovers above you again, looking you directly in the eye, seeing what effect he has on you. He keeps going and never stops, moving his hand to slap your thigh. You scream. Squirming your legs and tightening with him inside of you, contracting your walls tightly on him. You pant and moan while he hits his climax; his moan being even sexier than you imagined when you touched yourself to occasionally at night. You can feel his thickness pump his cum into you, feeling the throbbing inside of you. He lightly collapses on your chest; exhausted, while you both breathe heavily; your swear combining together. You stroke his hair while he pants against your breast. “Oh my god,” you say breathlessly. He looks up and smiles,“holy shit,” you continue “I’ve never imagined–” “shhhh” he says resting his fingers on your lips. He hovers above you, touching noses, looking at his dark brown eyes. He leans in and kisses you softly, the kind of softly that you’ve been waiting a long time to do. You couldn’t believe this was happening. He pulls away,“I’ve always loved you.” He giggles softly. Your eyes water, as he wipes your tears,“ those are tears of happiness I hope sweetheart” he says, you giggle and nod.


hii i love your blog and i was wandering if you could do a vic fuentes/jack barakat one where he teaches you how to ride a penny board and its just cute and fluffy, thank you :)


Your Point of View

“I can’t do it.” I was clutching a tree as Vic chuckled. “Come on Y/N that penny board isn’t the boss of you make it your bitch.” he cheered. I tightened my grip on the tree and Vic skated over to me. “Come on babe you can do it.” I shook my head “Come on.” Vic put his hand out and I bit my lip. “Baby you can do it.” I reluctantly let go of the tree and took Vic’s hand. 

“Okay so you know how to put your feet right?” I nodded and stepped on the penny board. I wobbled a bit, Vic helped steady myself. “Okay now were gonna go nice and slow okay?” I nodded and pushed myself forward, Vic held my hand so I would fall. “See baby you’re doin great.” Vic smiled and let go  of me to put his own penny board down. 

I was going along slowly being careful not to fall. Vic skated up next to me. “Hey.” he smiled. “I’m skating!” I cheered “I’m glad I could teach you.” Vic smiled and we went along with our skating.

I Babysat Into His Heart

hello i was wondering if i could have a vic fuentes imagine, where you’re babysitting copeland, rowan and liam so kellin and katelynne can go out with vic. later on in the night when the kids have gone to bed copeland comes into the room because she can’t sleep. you help her get to sleep but don’t realise kellin, katelynne and vic are back and vic sees you and falls in love with you. if that makes sense. thank you. ps i love your writing :)


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