A note on Vibration and Washing Machines

If you have taken a sneak peak into a washing machine then you might have noticed that it has a concrete block inside (also why they are heavy).

Their primary purpose is to absorb vibrations caused by the rotating body (in this case the drum) and keep the machine stable.

But this begs the question of what would happen if it didn’t have the concrete dampener. The above gif from the secret life of machines shows you exactly that.

With no cushion to dampen out the vibration, the machine propels forward from the unbalanced linear and torsional forces and eventually breaks down.

Have a great day!


Balancing of rotating masses

Lately I’ve been noticing how everyone carries a certain vibration with them. When I talk to one person, I feel one way, and when I talk to another person, I feel a different way. No matter how long I haven’t talked to them, every time I start again, I feel the same way. With some people, I feel light and happy, and with others, like I can’t be myself. It’s very interesting to see the body adjust to different vibrations, but I guess my point is: try to surround yourself with those who you feel happy with instead of waiting until something changes with the ones you don’t.


Many of us are hyper-concerned with what we are accomplishing magickally speaking. We try and take care of issues by using crystal grids, herbs, and intention. We put our power into the universe, and seek returns. That is AMAZING, and we have never been so empowered in our ability to manipulate our lives through magick and energy manipulation. 

There’s a very important message a lot of you need to hear, however.

⛥ Staying hydrated is just as potent and important as water magick.

⛥ Lighting some candles for tranquility can be just as empowering as fire magick.

⛥ Studying for class can be taken in an artistic and magickal lens. People are inherently magickal…everything they do operates on that law. Be it science, math, history, architecture – it doesn’t matter. There’s something magickal about it.

⛥ Diet and Exercise can be completely magickal. The energy that we put into our bodies is just as important as what we send out of them.

⛥ Communing with and playing with your pets can be just as important as a conversation with a spirit guide.

There is enlightenment everywhere you look. Everything around you is made of divine stuff – therefore none of it is superfluous. 

Many magicians cleanse and charge their crystals, clean and dust their altars, and do everything they can to maintain their magickal space.

Your body is your temple – your mind is the ultimate crystal grid. You are inherently divine and need to be maintained in the same way you maintain the physical and metaphysical world around you.

Treat your body, mind, and soul with the same reverence you bring forward to your spirit companions, to your crystals, your tomes, your altars.

Self care is the most potent form of witchcraft because it has immediate returns.

Bless yourself and you can change the surrounding world.

Treat your shrines and artifacts with reverence, but do the same for yourself.

Do all things with the knowledge that you are working with a highly energetic and potent network, and that you are one of the most important plugs into that network.

                                                                                    and so it is!