I haven’t had a cologne for about five years now. This was not for any particular reason except that nothing stood out to me as a scent I would like to smell like. I also found putting on cologne as a bit of a preening exercise, even for someone who pays such attention to detail in their style. Old Spice seemed like scent enough for me. However, I tried a sample of Tom Ford Noir on the suggestion of Vaughan Stafford Gray, the head concierge of the downtown Hudson’s Bay store (he doesn’t even sell the stuff and he suggested it). It is amazing.

Noir is quite intense going on but last a long time due to a higher oil content. The smell is not like many colognes these days (little to no citrus notes). There is a definite vanilla note but other than that, it smells very masculine to my nose; something that was a must. 

I had a leftover gift card to Harry Rosen from Christmas and used it today to purchase a bottle. It doesn’t work well as a daytime scent, and that is not what I am after. I find colognes not suited for business. However, for going out at night, I’m quite pleased with it.

(ed. note - I was just reading reviews of it online. Evidently the shift to citrus scents in mens grooming is complete as many men are saying this scent is too girly and women would never like this scent on a man. All the female reviews of women who bought it for their guys say they love it. Remember your audience.)

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tylerkern asked:

Can you ease explain how to wear oils as Cologne more. I purchased a few oils (Patchouli, Veviter, and Cardamom) but I feel like I'm missing something.

Well, you can make a roll-on cologne with essential oils and a carrier oil like: Jojoba, Meadowfoam seed, Avocado, Castor or Sweet Almond. I prefer to work with Meadowfoam seed and Jojoba.

And you can make a cologne spray with essential oils (or perfume oil if you prefer) distilled water and clear vodka. Any ol’ cheap shelf vodka will do. 

I should really do some tutorials. I’ve already got several people curious as to how I make them.