28 Things I learnt my First Year of Veterinary School

I had sometime this lovely Sunday afternoon so I thought I’d make a list of some of the things that I learnt during my first year of vet school. 

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  1. People will start treating you differently. You are a young professional now, that comes with certain expectations. 
  2. Anatomy isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem, neither is histology. It’s hard but if you put in the effort you will do fine. 
  3. Even though it may not seem like it, your classmates are just as smart if not smarter then you. 
  4. You don’t have to go to every class. 
  5. You don’t need to feel guilty for skipping a class you’ll get nothing from. Its important to prioritize your time. Sometimes taking that hour and getting some errands, other school work, or taking a break may help you out more then some lectures. 
  6. Remembering that you’re learning this material for your life/career and not just for a test or class will give you a boost when you’re starting to get overwhelmed. 
  7. You will probably not be the top of your class anymore, all of your classmates were probably the top in their program and now you’ve all been put together. Average is okay. 
  8. Letting go of the “I need perfect grades mentality” may be the hardest thing you ever do. You’ll get there eventually tho. 
  9. If you want to specialize, first year is not to early to start looking into it, but try not to stress about it to much. 
  10. You will be sitting in class and all of a sudden, the fact the you are actually in vet school will hit you. This will happen throughout the whole year. It’s a great feeling. 
  11. You will have to make a cow urinate with just your hands (I’m not going to tell you how, the surprise is my gift to you). 
  12. You will feel like to know nothing. 
  13. Everyone you know who is not in vet school will think you know everything. 
  14. You really know nothing. 
  15. Cranial nerves are key.  
  16. Horses do not like to stand still while you practice your physical exam techniques. Cows on the other hand, don’t seem to care all that much. 
  17. There are way to many interesting extracurriculars to be apart of. I’m certain this is some sort of conspiracy, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. 
  18. The time vet school takes from your life will stress out your SO. They miss you, and that is hard. Make sure you make time for them, even if it’s five minutes a day. 
  19. Most people in your life will only be interested in the funny/cute/good part of your journey to that DVM. They wont want to hear about how hard/messy/stressful it is. 
  20. People will tell you to make sure you have balance in your life but will also shit on you if you look like your having more fun then a doctor should. 
  21. Make sure to have a pack of face wipes or something similar in your bag. Having a nasty film of formalin or whatever you saw in path lab on your face is not something you want to smell or taste all day. 
  22. Your pets are not all dying. It’s probably a coincidence they’re displaying some minor symptoms of whatever you happen to be studying at the moment. (if your really concerned take them in though) 
  23. It’s a really cool feeling when you see an animal with symptoms and can start to make a semi accurate ddx list. 
  24. It’s also really cool when you start getting some of the NAVLE of the day’s correct. 
  25. Sometimes you’ll realize you do know some things.
  26. A vet school year goes by so quickly it’s ridiculous.
  27. Not having to worry about wether your going to get into vet school or not is a weird (yet relaxing) feeling around application time. It’s even weirder when the next class is admitted.  
  28. Starting second year of vet school is a terrifying thought. They’re going to expect us to not be John Snow vet students any more. #pressure

Why is it that everyone assumes that I love everything that I learn in veterinary school because I want a career as a veterinarian? My goal is not to be a veterinary student, it’s to be a veterinarian and this can be just as boring for me as it would be for you (unless we’re talking about cellular biology–I love that shit).

Also, I need a nap.

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As some of you know I am a full-time veterinary technology student, and I was getting super frustrated at the lack of basic radiographic positioning aids that I made them myself. These all correspond to images I need for one of my classes this semester. 

not the standard dog/fanart but thought I’d share!! ** please do not take without asking! :)


13 feb ; monday

today was pretty nice, i went to starbucks and the barista wrote my name as “vanessa hudgens” and it was really cute 😂 it’s the day before valentine’s day but it’s also 3 days from my first finals paper so…. #priorities

i like the theme of my mini bullet journal this week!!! hehe it really isn’t a journal since most of it is just a bunch of stuff i need to do, but i recently printed some photos so maybe that’ll help with the weekly spread 😊

i’ve completed my microbio notes & i’m (hopefully) ready for the paper this thursday!!! 💪🏻

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"I figured out how to triple-distill and vacuum-extract coffee to raise the caffeine concentration 20-30x" teach me your ways pls

Okay kids pull up a chair and learn how Auntie Systlin took her chemistry minor and habit of collecting neat virgin glassware and figured out how to brew potentially lethal hyper-espresso in her kitchen. 

This is going to be long as hell so I’ll put the goods after the cut.

Note that this evolved from doing my best to figure out how to approximate Funranium Lab’s Black Blood of the Earth brew. I’d read the glowing reviews online, but being naturally cheap, couldn’t quite bring myself to drop the $$$.

And then my eyes wandered to my shelf of virgin labware equipment and I went “Hey…I bet I can just make my own.”

Based on Herr Direktor’s notes on the Funranium labs website, I tinkered and fooled about and eventually came up with my own brew that, if not Black Blood of the Earth, will punch you in the face and leave you smelling colors.

Let’s do this.

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Veterinary Acronyms

Acronyms are an easy and effective way (most of the time) for doctors to take quick and efficient notes, write prescriptions, and fill in histories. Here is a list of some of the more commonly and frequently used veterinary acronyms:

  • WNL: Within Normal limits
  • NSF: No significant findings
  • ADR: Ain’t doing right
  • NDR: Not doing right
  • SID: Once daily- every 24 hours
  • BID: Twice daily- every 12 hours
  • TID: Three times daily- every 8 hours
  • QID: Four times daily-  every 6 hours
  • PRN: As needed
  • QOD: Every other day
  • D/C: discontinue
  • q: every (q2hrs= every two hours)
  • prn: as needed
  • gt: drop
  • qs: quantity sufficient
  • AD: Right ear
  • AS: Left ear
  • AU: Both ears
  • OD: Right eye
  • OS: Left eye
  • OU: Both eyes
  • IM: Intramuscular
  • SQ: Subcutaneous
  • IV: Intravenous
  • IO: Intraosseous
  • IN: Intranasal
  • IP: Intraperitoneal
  • PO: By mouth
  • NPO: Nothing by mouth
  • PE: Physical exam
  • SOAP: subjective, objective, assessment, plan
  • BAR: Bright, alert and responsive
  • QAR: Quite, alert, and responsive
  • BCS: Body condition score
  • TPR: Temperature, pulse, respiration
  • HR: Heart rate
  • RR: Respiration rate
  • BP: Blood pressure
  • PLR: Pupillary light reflex
  • IOP: Intraocular pressure
  • CRT: Capillary refill time
  • MM: Mucous membranes
  • GS: Gut sounds
  • BM: Bowel movement
  • ICP: Intracranial pressure
  • CPP: Cerebral perfusion pressure
  • F/S: Spayed female
  • M/N: Neutered male
  • Hx: History
  • Tx: Treatment
  • Dx: Diagnosis
  • Rx: Prescription
  • Sx: Surgery
  • CBC: Complete blood count
  • HCT: Hematocrit
  • PCV: Packed cell volume
  • TP/TS: Total protein/ Total solids
  • CRI: Constant rate infusion
  • UA: Urinalysis
  • USG: Urine specific gravity
  • UTI: Urinary tract infection
  • URI: Upper respiratory infection
  • STT: Schirmer tear test
  • DIC: Disseminated intravascular coagulation, aka dead in cage
  • PU/PD: Polyuria/Polydipsia
  • CHF: Congestive heart failure/ Chronic heart failure
  • HBC: Hit by car
What’s in my clinics bag?

I’m starting with ICU Night Shift tonight so thought it was fitting to do one of those what’s in my bag posts (which just by the way I’ve always wanted to do)!

So here’s a list of all the things I take with me to clinics and why: 

  • Extra Doctor’s Jacket - When working with sick patients it is very likely that you are going to get urinated or vomited on at some point so I always take an extra jacket with just in case. 
  • Name Badge - Because who doesn’t love wearing a name badge!! PS Can’t wait till it says Dr and then my name! 
  • Lunch Box - I always take a sandwich or snack with me (which I haven’t made yet in this picture!) 
  • Snack Bar - I really struggle to function properly if I haven’t eaten anything in awhile and it’s not always possible to sit down and have a proper snack or meal. I always have a snack bar in my pocket so I can eat something super quickly if I’m starting to feel like I need it. 
  • Something to Drink and Bottle of Water - I know coke is not the healthiest thing in the world but I don’t drink coffee so hoping the caffeine will help get me through the long nights of ICU! 
  • F10 Hand Gel - F10 gave us these awesome little bottles of hand gel which are the perfect size to keep in your bag and really useful if you need to wash your hands on the go! 
  • Thermometer - Need I say more! PS This is my second one in 2 weeks so I have a feeling I’m going to be buying a lot of these over the next year! 
  • Lip Ice - Those hospital air conditioners nail your lips! 
  • Small Pair of Scissors - Useful for cutting off bandages etc. 
  • Small Notebook - I always need to jot something down quickly but it also helps to write down interesting facts that you’ve just learnt or if there’s something you want to read up more about later. Trust me you will forget after a long day! 
  • Pens - Always have a black pen for important documents and patient forms. 
  • Pencil - To mark your blood smears. 
  • Ruler - Because I have an obsession with rulers and love to have one on me at all times, don’t ask! 
  • Calculator - Some people just use their phones but I prefer to use my scientific one if I’m doing hectic drug calculations just so I can see the whole equation and double check to make sure it’s correct. 
  • Plasters - Because I’m still a rookie and manage to poke myself with needles all the time! Although I generally end up using the colourful elastoplast because it looks so pretty! But these are also useful for blisters if you’ve been on your feet all day. 
  • Stethoscope - With a dog tag with my name and number. I’d hate for it to land up in someone else’s hands and go missing! 
  • Artery Forceps with an Elastic Band - For occluding veins. 
  • Patella Hammer - For reflexes! 
  • Slip Lead - Trust me some dog’s can get out of their cages at the speed of lightning once you open that door and having a slip lead handy helps a tonne to catch them! 
  • My Medication - I’m on chronic medication which I always take at night so for ICU I need to remember to take my own medication and not only make sure the dogs and cats have there’s. 
  • Some Coins - For if I feel like a midnight or 4am snack from the vending machine! 

Other than that I always make sure I’ve got a watch on me for TPR’s and a warm jacket because it’s winter here at the moment and it gets really cold at night and in the early mornings. 

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything but I guess if I have I’ll find out tonight. 

Amy xx 

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Oh god, how do you do the triple distilled coffee thingy, I feel I need this in my life


SIT DOWN CHILDREN AND LEARN HOW TO BREW FUCKING ROCKET FUEL. This is going to be long as hell so I’ll put the goods after the cut. 

Note that this evolved from doing my best to figure out how to approximate Funranium Lab’s Black Blood of the Earth brew. I’d read the glowing reviews online, but being naturally cheap, couldn’t quite bring myself to drop the $$$. 

And then my eyes wandered to my shelf of virgin labware equipment and I went “Hey…I bet I can just make my own.”

Based on Herr Direktor’s notes on the Funranium labs website, I tinkered and fooled about and eventually came up with my own brew that, if not Black Blood of the Earth, will punch you in the face and leave you smelling colors. 

Let’s do this. 

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Urology Terms
  • Anuria: No urine being produced
  • Bacteriuria: Bacteria in the urine
  • Crystalluria: Urine with naturally produced crystals present
  • Cystitis: inflammation of the urinary bladder
  • Dysuria: Difficulty during urination
  • Glycosuria (Glucosuria): Glucose in the urine
  • Hematuria: RBC’s in urine
  • Inappropriate urination: urinating at the wrong time/ wrong place
  • Incontinence (urinary): complete inability to control urine function
  • Ketonuria: Ketones in the urine
  • Nocturia: Excessive urination at night
  • Micturition: urination; act of voiding urine
  • Oliguria: Little urine being produced
  • Periuria: Urinating in abnormal/ inappropriate locations
  • Pollakiura: abnormally frequent urination
  • Polyuria: Excessive urination (amount)
  • Proteinuria: protein in the urine
  • Pyuria: Puss in the urine
  • Stranguria: Straining to urinate, slow urination
  • Urolithiasis: formation of urinary calculi

For further post like this one, refer to my Vet Dictionary