For every one post about American veterens being potentially affected by 4th of July fireworks I want five more posts about  how up to 70% of the entire Afghani civilian population is suffering from PTSD and depression. 

How an entire generation of Iraqis are suffering from psychological trauma from prolonged conflicts in their countries, particularly with children ages 1-15,  and aren’t even remotely equipped with enough resources and professionals to treat them. The numbers fluctuate because there hasn’t even been enough research that can properly determine the sheer scope of the problem. 

My heart goes out to vets suffering with PTSD, and recognize their needs weren’t being met when they came back. However, I can’t sit quietly when I see the disproportionate attention given to these soldiers versus entire populations still reeling from the effects of a war that “ended” a decade ago. 


This is the beginning of the Bionic Stan AU. When Filbrick hears the twins argument this time. The idea is that Stan and Ford were born before september and are eighteen when they are seniors, so instead of kicking Stan out of the house he forces him to enlist at the recruitment station. 

In Filbrick’s mind this is a way to get rid of someone he finds useless and still maybe get some use out of him.

The second image is of Ford basically drowning in guilt. He doesn’t know what their dad is going to do to his brother and this time he’s scared, he can’t convince himself that Stan will do just fine. When Stan gets back and tells Ford he’s shipping out soon it’s even worse, Ford blames himself for anything the happens to Stan in Vietnam because if he hadn’t gotten mad at him over a science project he wouldn’t be there. 


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A military couple needs your help! Help Joy and Alexander start a family!

Alexander was hurt in Iraq and due to his injury, him and his wife can only have their own family through IVF. In 2010, Joy was able to give birth to a beautiful baby girl who was tragically murdered before she could even celebrate her 2nd birthday.

After working through the heartache at losing their only child in such a horrific fashion, they want to be able to continue pursuing their dreams of having a family. Though their insurance does cover part of the cost, their is still a lot uncovered and they have already gone through their savings and credit. They are asking if people would be willing to donate, even a small amount, to help them get this wish. You can donate here.

You can do this, Tumblr! Help bring some happiness to a couple who has already lost so much. 

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Once Stanley is shipped off he and Ford start writing to each other. Ford realizes that Stanley will only be able to get those letters semi frequently but he still writes and sends a letter every week, he also occasionally sends books that Stanley enjoys.

 (he makes them look like adventure novels but a lot of times their like, Jane austin or harlequin romance. I just want to believe that he always loved stuff like “the Duchess Approves” in secrets.)

It’s at this point that they really forgive each other for the science project incident and they are pretty close by the time Stan is injured badly enough to be sent back. Besides the everyday of Stanley and Stanford’s life they also talk about what they will do once the war ends and Stan returns. The idea is that Stanley should be coming back by the time Stanford moves, and shortly before he is injured they talk about Stan moving in with Ford and helping with his research. Basically the idea is that Stan would help in the way he does in the traditional Mystery Trio relationship.