The United States has been in Afghanistan for 13 years, the longest war in US history so far. But can Americans even point out where it is on a map. We decided to ask around on Veteran’s Day. 

“Do You Know Where Afghanistan Is?”

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Hawr Rajab, Iraq | August 4, 2007

Specialist Jose Collazo is treated by medics and squad-mates after his Husky mine-detecting vehicle hit a buried bomb on the way to Hawr Rajab on August 4, 2007. He was medevaced out of theater and eventually to a hospital in Texas. He was the first of many injuries and casualties that hit the cavalry patrol that day.
The unit and Collazo’s family had asked for all the pictures I made during this mission, both for history’s sake, and to help rebuild the injured soldier’s memory.
Years later I received and email from fellow photographer @erintrieb - it was from inside an military hospital where the head clinical psychologist had this image framed on her shelf, a solemn reminder of their sacrifice and the care needed for our veterans.

Now more than ever.

Shot on assignment for the New York Times Magazine

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