Managed to dig up some files from my old hard drive @u@ trying to retouch what i can and finish them up. Overdue (very very long overdue) gifts (commission turned gift for one bc man am i overdue) for some very patient people. Hoping to resume working on another old phanto lineset too for my shop :)

edit: currently working on the phanto and posting picture updates in this thread (picture heavy):

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what's preacher about? :)

a demon angel baby flies from space and makes religious people explode (and tom cruise). there’s a sad drug abusing vampire from ireland, a preacher who ingests the demon angel baby, 2 angels who have no idea what they are doing a 100% of the time, a bad ass woman of color who deserves better and owns my ass and a boy with a face of an asshole…..does that about sum it up…..

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For Young Justice, I assume? Yes, I am! Though, I don’t have a television, so I’ll have to wait for whenever it gets uploaded to a streaming site or whatnot :c. I’m more of a casual YJ fan than a rabid one, so sometimes I wait months before catching up on episodes. If it’s not on Hulu, I tend to get lazy about tracking shows down.

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I was thinking… In Take the Heat Out of Me it’s clear that before the death and all the rest Jason had unmentionable feelings towards Dick. This means also Dick had the same feelings as well when Jason was Robin? Otherwise I couldn’t really understand why he made what he did aside with the urgency to stop Jason. Anyway I love the story and I can’t wait to read the sequel.

See, the thing with Dick is that he gets his forms of love mixed up. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, though. He will give people whatever he thinks that they need from him. In Take the Heat Out of Me, Dick didn’t have especially strong romantic feelings for Jason when he was younger, but he still loved him. He loved him as his younger brother, and as his friend, and because Bruce loved him. It was love laced with exasperation and antagonism, because Jason rarely made it easy to love him. He rebelled and he fought and he tried his damnedest to always be the center of attention, but to be just barely out of reach. Did Dick know that Jason had a crush on him? No, not really. Dick can be clueless about that kind of thing.

So, then, why did Dick offer what he did? Well, he figured out that there had to be a reason why Jason found him, and why he didn’t take the half dozen opportunities to scram. He even HAD him handcuffed, but he didn’t run. Jason needed something from him, and he needed something desperately. When he got a reaction from physical contact, he pursued it. The physical-emotional-protective love was his best line of communication, and it gave him a way to SHOW Jason that he wouldn’t let him make a martyr out of either of them. Though Dick wasn’t the penetrating partner, he was very much in control of the situation—completely on tangent, but the whole idea of listing the character who “tops” first in m/m pairings is a pet peeve of mine for that EXACT reason. Even though Dick wasn’t doing the penetration, he was the dominant partner. It’s (amazingly!!!) possible for someone who isn’t “topping” to be something other than submissive. ANYWAY.

He did it because Jason had changed a LOT since he saw him—because he was very physically attractive to him—but mostly because he was trying to find the crass, passionate teenager he’d bullied into being his little brother and friend before the Joker had taken him away. He needed to prove to himself—and to Jason—that Jason Todd, age fifteen and three-quarters, was still alive and worth preserving.

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Bat Family/Batman Beyond/Young Justice/Teen Titans crossover extravaganza~

WHILE THIS WOULD BE AMAZING, IDEK HOW I WOULD KEEP TRACK OF ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS. It’d have to be a handful of each, taken from their universes and dropped into another.

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A depressing question but I like your headcanons, and I was thinking about this earlier. In main continuity, how do you think the Batfamily would handle it if Dick was killed?

I don’t know if they would be able to handle it, honestly. Dick has lived in other places, and done so many things with his young life, but he has left an incredible impact on everyone that he has touched. Dick is the heart of every group that he is a part of. He’s the alumnus that never stops being a part of a team, and who haunts every mantle he has taken. He’s the Robin that every Robin looks up to, the Nightwing whose personality bled so loudly, his mask was just for show, the Batman that charmed the GCPD with his smile, the Titan who will always be the leader, no matter how many cycles and leaders have passed since he was the official leader. Dick is the closest thing that Bruce has had to a son, the closest thing that Jason, Tim, and Damian have had to a big brother, and the closest thing that Babs and Kor'i have had to a true love.

Dick is just this…this emotional anchor. He IS the physical embodiment of the optimism that most vigilantes don’t know how to have on their own. Without Dick, the Batfam would fall apart—arguably, they’d fall apart more than they did when they lost Bruce. Bruce is a figurehead, a grim visage of fatherhood and authority that his pseudo-children have tried to please through their actions. There are a set of rules that the rest of them followed that helped them believe that they were honoring his memory. But Dick’s not like that. He’s their heart, and he can’t be replaced because he’s not an idea.

Dick is Tim’s anchor more than anyone else—more than Kon, and more than Bruce. Dick is Bruce’s partner, the definition that everyone else has struggled to live up to. Dick is Damian’s mentor-father-brother, and he just can’t lose him.

I think that Damian would seek revenge. I don’t think that he’d be able to help himself—and that if he didn’t do it, Jason would. I’m of the personal belief that Jason has never stopped feeling possessive of the Batfam. I always think back to the GK issue where Babs and Jason work together as Batgirl and Robin—where Jason tells her that if anyone hurts one of “them”, he’ll hurt them back, end stop. Even though he has been convinced that he’s excommunicated, Jason still feels like that. Nobody gets to punch their tickets but him. He would exact an eye for an eye, even if his family won’t even look at him.

Damian would not be able to forgive himself for honoring Dick’s memory with violence. Bruce would not be able to forgive himself for looking away. Tim would distance himself from the ruins of his emotional state, and maybe finally, successfully seal himself off from his feelings completely. Then you have the Outsiders to factor in, and the Titans, and the Superfam, and the League, and every other goddamn life that Dick has touched. It’d just…it’d be bad.

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Have you seen Mewtwo Returns? Do you see any parallels between Damian and Mewtwo?

Oh, anon. Did I see Mewtwo Returns? Umm I think you mean Pokémon: the First Movie and did I see it IN THEATERS, and the answer is yes and and that I’m still bitter that I got an Electabuzz card with my ticket and that I am old. Anyway. I can see some vague connections there, yeah, but mostly just in the “I was born in a tube and what is humanity and what are emotions and what is this sanctity of life stuff even because that sounds dumb”. I think that Dick might see some parallels and try to get Damian to watch it with him—and he’ll oblige, because it’s Dick, but he’d complain the whole way through the movie (“All they say is their NAMES. That isn’t the basis of ANY KNOWN LANGUAGE. Grayson, these genetic horrors are fighting each other because they cannot communicate beyond their own vastly narcissistic species! Adults are preying upon children, supplying them with torture implements to ‘raise’ these 'Pokémon’, and children are learning to glorify animal fighting, gambling, and bloody, coliseum-style gladiatorial tourneys. AS MUCH AS I APPRECIATE THESE THINGS, I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU INSIST WE WATCH IT.”).

And then he would get to the scene where everyone is fighting and dying of exhaustion

and he’d start crying into the popcorn

over the Pikachus

because why can’t those fat fucks rub their bloated, electrically-charged faces together and come to some kind of middle ground on their political views

Grayson why won’t the Pikachus stop slapping each other

this is not an honorable way for a Pokémon to die


me as a doctor

me: Did you know that in the old days we tasted a patients pee for diabetes.
patient: ok
me: *slowly raises pee cup to lips and sips it very, very slowly*
patient: what have you done with Dr. Robinson
me: Hes in a better place now. you dont have diabetes
patient: ok
me: *raises cup to lips again & continues very slowly sipping their peepee*

Not enough time for clay -____-

I decided to take some pressure off myself about making pottery right now. I’ve been trying to get as much time in the studio as possible lately and with school and work it has just been stressing me out more. So I will still spend some time in the studio, but school has to be my priority right now. During quarter breaks I will be in there 24/7 but during school I can’t handle any extra pressure I put on myself. Even tho I am so so SO anxious to start getting my stuff out in the world and selling it! It’s just gotta come second right now. In about 15 months, when I graduate, it will come first.

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[From Quinn, to Michael] Ear, Hip, Forearm, and a casual glance at the angel's calf.

Ear: “I want you to hear me out.”
Hip: Interest
Forearm: Indifference/Don’t particularly care for
Calves: “I will cause you pain.”

The angel shifted. “You want me to hear you out, eh? What’s up?” He asked, tilting his head to the side.