As requested by @soiaf17! Super short, but fluffy.

The ship docked in White Harbor, sliding into its moorings with barely a bump. Immediately a few of the crew members scrambled out to secure it to the dock, but Jon stayed belowdecks, waiting impatiently for Dany to pull on another layer of furs. 

“This is ridiculous,” she muttered. “I’ve already seen snow before.”

“Yes, but that was in a life or death situation. It’s not always as bad as all that. In fact, sometimes it can be very beautiful.”


He rolled his eyes. “Come on. We can debate the particulars later.” 

She grinned, securing the cloak with a direwolf pin. He could barely see her white dress under all of her furs, looking like she was wreathed in ice. Bride of Fire, Queen of Ice. “All right. Show me the snow.” 

“Close your eyes.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And how do I know I won’t walk into a bulkhead or fall off the ship?”

He slipped his hand into hers, getting the same shock of feeling he always got whenever he touched her-even though he wasn’t exactly new to it. “Do you trust me?”

She didn’t answer, but she closed her eyes.

He let her up the stairs carefully, gently-and they both braced themselves when he got the door to the upper decks opened and a wave of cold air hit them. He supposed he should have been used to it by now-after all, he’d only spent a couple of months in the south-but it still chilled him to the bone and he could feel his teeth chatter. “Almost there.” 

He maneuvered her into position and finally said “We’re here.” 

She blinked her eyes open, looking confused for a moment-and then squinted against the harsh light off the snow. White Harbor was covered in it; the buildings were bent double under the weight of it, drowning out the soft light coming out from the windows of pubs, inns, and closed shops. The streets were deserted and the open fields stretched out for miles into the distance, blanketed in snow. It looked almost quaint, like something out of a painting, and he heard her breath catch in amazement. “It’s…beautiful.”

“That it is. Beautiful but lethal.” Like you.

It had begun to snow again, a light dusting falling down from the sky to tangle in her light hair and land light as air on her eyelashes. It made her entire form sparkle as they stood there, blinking in the dim light. Beautiful but deadly, until the spring comes. 

He shook himself out of it. If they weren’t careful, spring would never come. “Come on. I’ve secured us rooms.”


He rolled his eyes. “A room.”

“Lovely.” He took her hand and together they walked down the gangplank, while the snow fell softly around them. 

It feels so nice to be able to write fluff again after all of this angst I’ve been writing recently. I love angst as much as the next person, but it wears a bit after a while. I just have like 19 more prompts and then I’ll be caught up! (see this is why my parents think I haven’t done anything all summer…) 

Send me prompts, send me headcanons, send me asks-anything to feed my trash obsession! 

taz daemon au thoughts

-magnus’s daemon is a dog and i dont care that its cliche or trite he has to have a dog
-merle’s daemon is i thunk a very chill tropical mammal of some kind. like some kind of lemur? yes a lemur. a very chill lemur who takes a lot of naps but when she gets mad oh man watch out.
-taako’s daemon is a chameleon. Again this may be trite but oh that lizard changes colors so beautifully. She hops from blue to purple to vibrant orange and she has to be careful because sometimes she gives away taakos mood.
-lup’s daemon is a very beautiful snake. A very beautiful vibrant yellow snake that curls around her like jewelry. They are sssssassssy (lol get it) and always a little bored u til something really piques their interest.
-barry’s daemon is an owl. Constantly perched on their partner’s shoulder, a living spell check function honestly. That owl’s often eat snakes in the wild does not escPe lup at all and she thinks its very VERY funny.
-lucretia’s daemon is a mouse because they obviously settled before she became sturdy as steel and now that mouse is the toughest god damn mouse youve ever seen. That mouse takes no shit. Lord have mercy on anyone who slights lucretia because her daemon is about to make tings happen for you that youve never even thought about.
-davenport’s daemon is a disgruntled looking tabby cat but she has a memory as sharp as any. She remembers coordinates and directions and shes an excellent navigator.
-i think even kravitz has a daemon because he was once a living person i assume. This is a fact i have never been certain of tho. Regardless i think kravitz also has a snake for a daemon. Something almost similar to the colors of the hunger. A shimmering opal color.
-when you become a lich you absorb the soul of your daemon and essentially become one with it to magnify your magical ability. But because i cant break my heart anymore than it already is, i think a lich can keep their daemon by their side if they choose to. Difference probably between liches i think.
-julia had a very beautiful songbird daemon. She and magnus used to hold one another’s daemons all the time. It was nothing to them like it was to others but its a habit magnus has had to unlearn.
-lucretia’s daemon almost gave away her thrill at having the boys back
-the stolen century was SO HARD. Watching a daemon die is heart breaking. Remembering it after forgetting possibly more so.
-thats all im still sad

Message me with questions ill be talking about this a lot.

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I do not believe that I have ever left anything (public wise) on a blog. Mainly because I am incredibly awkward and never wish to accidentally upset someone, however, I hope you never stop having fun with this AU (that is what it seems like to me). This ever-growing family has become my life and I love the little moments into their daily life, both before the children and after (especially after). It helps that your art style is very beautiful and it just /fits/ them very well. 🤗🤗

I can understand being shy and awkward on the internet, I certainly was like that myself and I never dreamed that I would one day be producing online content more or less full time ^ ^; Everything’s bound to upset someone in some way or another, and I guess my general rule is to not post anything I wouldn’t be okay sharing in person, and to respond to everyone with the same respect I would show them if they were standing in front of me face to face, and I think it’s been working more or less alright so far ^ ^;

And thank you so much for liking this AU, I’m having a lot of fun and I’m glad others like yourself are also enjoying it ;A; And thank you for liking my art! <3 I look forward to drawing more of them and growing the family more haha

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You're a black woman who's 6'1? I'm a black guy, and I'm only 5'6. *Looks down, blushing* Take me now <3

Omg, that’s super cute 💙❤💙❤! I need more men of color who love to be submissive. It’s very beautiful and breaks down the stereotypes of Black men and women. I love you, doll 💕.

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Hello you two!! I'm Berry!! The campsite has been very beautiful, especially at night!! Want to stargaze with me?!!-@dailyshinypachi

Kurai: “Oh a shooting star, it is very pretty…”

Celeste: “Better make a wish fast before it is gone!”




Thanks for sending this cute ask~


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


Arashi 🌸🍃✨

school is here, i’m shaking with fear, and i’m still queer. but i have been preparing for this school year by finding and organizing apps to help me study that i would love to share. so lets hop right in, shall we?

studying and school

  • my study life. oh, how i love this app. a perfect way to keep track of tasks, exams, and classes all on your phone. i really hate planning apps but this one is worth checking out. once again, easy to use and is perfect for high school and college students.
  • quizlet. at this point, we all probably know quizlet quite well as it’s an essential in education these days. quizlet is a lovely flash card app that has saved my spanish grade time and time again. easy to use with a clean execution.
  • socratic. don’t know an answer? don’t have a review guide to check from? never fear, socratic is here. this beauty scans questions or has you type them in and will give you full length responses explaining answers. they provide multiple different resources from the internet to best explain the answer to you.
  • photomath. math, our archenemy. well, like socratic, photomath will scan your math problem and give you an answer with an explanation. extremely helpful when you’re stuck and need a bit of help. one unfortunate drawback is that photomath sometimes isn’t able to answer extremely complex math problems, but it is still a savior.
  • evernote. like quizlet, evernote is another essential. a note taking app in which you are able to leave voice memos, scan documents, draw, etc. once again, very simple and beautiful.

language learners

  • duolingo. i feel like i hardly need to explain this one, but i shall. a simple language learner that takes you section by section through learning a language. a fun app that can be difficult to keep track of sometimes.
  • memrise. a cute little app that takes language learning slower than duolingo. this app also has sections and is well put together but can be hard to keep track of.
  • babble. this language learner is a bit different from the rest, it focuses a lot on conversation which is a great idea. the others lean heavily on vocabulary and spelling while this one puts what you learn in real life situations. another well put together app that allows you to skip ahead to the section best suited for your learning. in all, i would recommend having babble and one of the other apps to learn as much as you can: vocab, spelling, speaking, and conversation.

focus apps

  • tide. this app is a free one with no ads that sets a timer, plays some white noise for you, and has different, beautiful backgrounds each day. although, this app only has five different sounds but the timer is what we’re really here for. another disappointment is that you can still leave the app and not have your timer be broken which can allow for you to stray from the task at hand.
  • forest. oh forest, another know one that i just must repeat. this app provides rewards for keeping on track and working hard. each session you set a timer and plant a tree. if you leave the app the tree will die. over time, you’ll begin to plant a forest and receive rewards. the only drawback, it costs two dollars.

other useful apps

  • motivate. ever in a slump? wanna give up? this app will provide you with quick motivational speeches to get you moving. new videos keep getting uploaded and are a great joy to watch.
  • h2opal. water. we need it and sometimes we just tend to not drink enough. h2opal is a water tracker that is simple and fun to use. the design is beautiful and the water graphics have kept me entertained for hours. this app shows you whether or not you’re on track for your water consumption and is easy to insert data.