Very Potter Musical Cosplay

You know you're in too deep when you suddenly desperately want to cosplay as Draco Malfoy from A Very Potter Musical at Connecticon but you don't have the money, time or any of the costume already at your house...

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“You’re tall and fun and pretty.  You’re really, really skinny Ginny

I’m the Mickey to your Minnie.  You’re the Tigger to my Winnie Ginny

Wanna take you to the city Gonna take you out to dinney  Ginny

You’re cuter than a guinnie pig Wanna take you up to Winnipeg THAT’S in Canada!”

🎵A Very Potter Musical 🎵

I bought a cute Hogwarts sports bra today so I thought I’d get a little dressed up today as Ginny ❤️

I saw a starkid cosplay at Sakuracon!!!!! I saw Ron from a distance and got closer to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Then I saw LICORICE sticking out of the headband!!! When I asked for a picture I realised that Draco had headmaster Zefron with him and he even got on the floor for the picture!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!