pet names to call clarke griffin- a guide by commander lexa

• clarKe - she likes how i pronounce her name. off to a good start.
• dog - not literal pets, indra, thank you.
wanheda - too aggressive
• mountain slayer - perhaps it is best i do not make clarke cry
• sugarplum - indra, what is a sugar plum?
• my sweetheart - no, indra will laugh at me
• my Queen - we aren’t married yet
• babe - she isn’t an infant
princess - no, never
• griffin - too formal. she is not a soldier.
• honey - shof op, indra 
• sky girl - indra, that’s an awful suggestion
• blondie - too specific. thank you, octavia.
• my love - no. love is weakness. this would make no sense. indra, why are you laughing? indra? what is funny?
• daddy - what– who let raven in my tent? indra! escort raven outside! clarke is not my father!
• jesus christ - only in the bedr– indra, look away, i’m writing
• dr. griffin - too similar to her mother
• my moon and stars - lincoln, how romantic. this will not lift the bounty on your head, however. guards!
• clarke of the sky people - no, that’s just as terrible as indra’s suggestion. sorry indra.
• feudal lord - perhaps another name only to be used in the bedroom. indra, for goodness sake, avert your eyes.
• clarke kom skikru - clarke tells me this ‘turns her on’- but it confuses me, because she is not an electrical appliance. indra, hand me the trigedasleng dictionary, please. now, let’s see… ahh. interesting. i arouse her. indra, stop laughing at me!
• ambassador - too formal.
• clarke the husband - i do not understand. 
• master - clarke is not my master, who suggeste– raven! i have already told you to leave my tent!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any theories about Shinichi Tsukumoya? Is he a normal human? Is he several people pretending to be one person? If Izaya gets most of his information from him, why don't people just hire Tsukumoya?


We’ve actually been pretty much given confirmation on what Shinichi is.

Here is what Ruka has translated for me from Novel 11 (keep in mind up until this point Shingen has been ‘tweeting’ all of Nebula’s little secrets):

Shingen: the world has become a scary scary but awesome place. The entire world spreads out connected through network in a sea of information. As if brain cells are exchangings signals using synapse. If a higher existance, that is like the brain of humanity, were to be created, i won’t be surprised.

At which point Shinichi interrupts Shingen to proclaim”

‘I won’t be surprised if that ‘being’ is already been born.’

So if I can put this in layman terms this is ‘basically’ what Shinichi is:

In the brain there are things called Neurons which are like little pathways inside of your brain that transmit information at a ridiculous speed. The way they transmit this data/information is through these little gaps called Synapses. At the Synapse what was an electrical impulse is changed to a chemical so it can cross the gap between the Neurons before changing  back to an electrical impulse.

Thus what Shinichi is saying is that the world has created something like that through the internet. We send impulses of information through the ‘neurons’ of the internet and that when these impulses jump from pathway to pathway it’s through this ‘synapses’. Furthermore, just like the synapse of our human brains, the synapse of the internet must also play a hand in creating ‘memory’. So with every impulse of information sent through those synapses we strengthen that ‘memory’. And, with that ‘memory’, a higher being could begin to develop and be ‘born’ in the same way that a human child’s brain would be born and developed.

To which Shinichi replies that ‘I won’t be surprised if that ‘being’ is already born’.  

Further evidence to support this is how Shinichi claims that unless it is connected through the internet Shinichi won’t know about it and how he says if it can’t be done through the internet than he himself can’t do it. Shinichi ‘is’ a being created by the internet thus cannot leave the digital plane. I think the only way he’d be able to is if they create him some kind of cyborg body in which he can take over in the same way that EDI from Mass Effect did. For EDI, she still exists within the Normandy - which is the ship she is the AI for - but while she pilots the ship she can also move in that body. So essentially she is still the ‘ship’ and you can talk to her even if her ‘body’ is 2 floors away, but she can now ‘leave’ the ship through that body. (So for Shinichi he’d ‘leave’ the digital plane in a manner of speaking through his ‘body’ even though he’d still ‘exist’ within the digital plane.)

But I’m digressing. I’m not a Shinichi expert nor am I a psych expert so some of this might be off. That’s just my overly simple interpretation of what Shinichi is.

As for your last question of why no one hires Shinichi instead of Izaya - it is because his ‘chat room’ is very private in the same manner that Izaya’s chatroom used to be private before everyone in durarara!! joined it. You are not able to access it unless an invite has been sent to you and only Shinichi can invite you. Then, once he does invite you, even if you try to hide under an alias or anything like that it immediately exposes you for who you really are. So not many people know about him as a broker. Imo I don’t think he makes brokering information a job like Izaya has. I think that is cause Shinichi is more hands-off? He really doesn’t seem to interfere beyond to help people or cause Izaya problems where he can. But that part is just my opinion.

edit//ahhh ruka reminded me I had forgotten. But yes it’s true Shinichi isn’t an information broker like Izaya. In actuality he is an author - a pretty well known one. Walker has read his stuff before. So the reason no one hires him is because  he isn’t a broker like Izaya is. He just lets Izaya ‘buy’ information from him.