Fehre Emblem™: Herowls is a spin-owlff of the Fehre Emblem™ series, developed for mowlbile phowlnes. It fehtures Herowls from across the series owlong with some owlriginal owls, including Owlfonse, Sharowlna, and a mysterious masked owl hoo has some connection with the antagonist. The main villain is Verowlnica, though a new force, Lowlki, appears, eventually leading into Boowlk II.

River Vixen- Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Reader

Words: 1224

Warning(s): Fluff, I made stuff up don’t judge me, Southside Dragons, Serpent Support

Description: North or South, Sweet Pea supports you

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Sweet Pea Meeting Your Parents

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  • So, you being from the Northside your parents weren’t fond of the idea of you and Sweet Pea dating
  • But of course that didn’t stop you because, duh
  • So they tell you they want him to come over for Thanksgiving dinner
  • “Y/N, we want to try and be supportive of you and your relationships.”
  • Being completely surprised by your parents wanting to meet SP, and wanting him over for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Telling him is a whole different story because he’s never really had a true family dinner with anyone
  • “So my parents want you to come over for Thanksgiving.”
  • “Thanksgiving is like a month away, right?”
  • “No, Sweets it’s this Thursday.”
  • His eyes instantly getting wide because oh shit, I’m gonna be meeting my girlfriends parents for the first time!!!!!!
  • The day of Thanksgiving you show up at Sweet Pea’s trailer a few hours early to help figure out what to wear.
  • “Baby, you looks so pretty and I have nothing to wear but this”
  • “Sweets, if they can’t accept you just because you don’t wear fancy clothes then fuck them.”
  • Him instantly smiling and pulling you into a hug because he loves the shit out of you
  • When y’all finally get to your house, he’s nervous but your family insists that he makes himself at home
  • Your mom pulls out the baby pictures
  • “And this is Y/N sitting on the toilet at age 5.”
  • “Why does she look constipated?”
  • “She was.”
  • “MOM”
  • Everything going so well and Sweet Pea feeling so welcomed,which is not something he’s used to.
  • Everyone’s telling stories while y’all are sitting down and eating dinner at the table having a great time till you say,
  • “Daddy, can you pass the salt, please?”
  • And both Sweet Pea and your dad go to grab the salt for you

Sweet Pea x reader | Safe🌹 Part 4

Previous parts:


I was silently sipping my strawberry milkshake as Sweet Pea explained what happened to Jughead. How he found me and I didn’t remember a thing. How the memory of meeting him came but I still didn’t know my real name. Jughead looked like a really nice person but he was still new to me so I tried to make myself as tiny as I could. When he arrived, I asked Sp if he could sit next to me. I trusted him the most.

“I can look through old newspaper and data from around 3 years ago and see if I find anything suspicious.” Jug said, writing down on a napkin all the information I could give him, which wasn’t much. “When exactly have you stopped remembering? Like.. When did you realise you were lost?” He asked.

“I huh.. I was laying down on the sidewalk and I just woke up and wondered aroud.. I didn’t know where I was..” I said, nervously playing with my fingers under the table.

“I found her on the 2nd avenue beside the park.” Sp said.

Jughead wrote down a few more things and I really needed to go to the bathroom. It was all a lot for me and I needed some fresh water on my face.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

“Alright, it’s right there.” Sp pointed to me. He let me get out of the booth and i sent him a look. He instantly knew what I was thinking and looked into my eyes. He made sure Jughead was occupied with his notes and whispered to me.

“I’ll be here when you come back, don’t worry. I won’t leave you..” He said.

A splash of fresh and cold water made me cool down. I took a deep breath and looked at my reflexion in the mirror. The girl I saw was Rosie. The new me. I walked out of the bathroom and heared the two boys speak a few meters away. I stayed hidden and listened to them.

“Why didn’t you just call the police when you found her? Would’ve been easier.” Jughead asked, calmly.

“Because you know the cops Jones, they wouldn’t have let her stay with me. They would’ve taken her away and I don’t want that. She’s terrified and she needs me. They’re not gonna take care of her..But I will.” He said, looking down at his bruised knuckles.

“You’ve known the girl for like, what? Two days? Look at what she’s doing to you, you’re all soft and nice.” Jughead laughed, making fun of him.

“Shut up.. I just want her safe that’s all.”

I smiled to myself. Hearing him say that proved me that he was really here to protect me. I walked back to the table and sat next to him again. He layed his arm on the seat behind me protectively. I felt safer when I was with him.

“Do you think it could be related to the black hood?” Sp silently asked Jug.

“Who?” I asked.

“The killer that’s still roaming around town.” Jug said, making my troat go dry. “I don’t think there is a link, that psycho works alone and if she’d been in her path, she’d be dead already.” He said.

I froze and my hands started shaking. I was already terrified of god knows what, I now had to fear a psycho serial killer?

“Can you please keep it PG, you’re scaring her.” Sp said, giving me his hand under the table.

“I gotta go anyway. I guess I’ll see you on Monday.” Jug said, standing up to leave.

“M’not sure if i’ll be there, I’ll have to see.”

Jughead nodded and left, his leather jacket on.

“Are you okay?” Sweet Pea asked.

I nodded and he wrapped his arm around me. I let my head fall on his shoulder.

“Do you wanna go home?” He asked.

Home. He said it like it was my home too. The only place I could be myself and feel protected. I nodded and we walked outside. I was still wearing my dress and the cold air of the night made me shiver. He helped me sit on his motorcycle and i put on the helmet. He removed his jacket and layed it delicatly on my shoulders so I could slip my arms into the sleeves. He smiled at the sight of me wearing his oversived jacket and his visored black helmet. He hopped on and I held on tight to him. The drive home was quiet. The streets were empty and poorly lightened. We arrived home and went in. It was as cold as outside.

“Dammit the heater broke again..” he said, exhausted.

I wanted to hug him like he hugged me to comfort him but he looked a bit mad. He checked the heater as I sat on the couch, not removing his warm jacket. He gave up and made a fire in the small fireplace. I instantly felt the warmth of the fire hit my cold cheeks. He walked up to the couch and sat beside me, wrapping the blanket around us both.

“I’ll have to fix that tommorow or else we’re gonna freeze when it’ll be snowing.” He said, his voice relaxed and soft.

“I can help you if you want.” I said.


I snuggled closer and felt my eyelids get heavier and heavier the minute.

"I think we should sleep here tonight, we’ll be warmer.” He whispered.

I nodded and yawned. He layed onto the rest of the couch and i followed him. He was on his back and I was on my side, cuddled into him. He slid his arm around me and lifted the blanket so it could cover my shoulder.

“You comfy?” He asked.

“Mhmm.” I mumbled.

“Goodnight Rosie.”

“Goodnight Sweets.”


Hope you liked part 4!! I loved the way it turned out:) thank you for reading! Xo

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Nathair Pt. 4

Here’s part 4 for everyone craving some more Sweet Pea.  Reblog and like as you please.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

944 words

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We crave absolutes. They comfort us, but life is infinitely more complex than that.” -Jughead Jones

           Tallboy can’t be The Black Hood. That is the only thought running through Sweet Pea’s mind during his ride to school. That would mean that Tallboy broke one of the most important laws; A Serpent never betrays his own.


           Sweet Pea jumps off his motorcycle, chewing his lip. He spots Toni on her phone by the front of the school and jogs over to her. “Toni!”

           “Pea. So, are you gonna be a dick to Lili again? Because if you are, I will not hesitate to kick your tall ass.” Toni popped her gum crossed her arms, waiting to hear Sweet Pea’s argument.

           “No, Toni. I’ll stand behind her, because of what I thought of yesterday.” Sweet Pea rubs his neck, scratching at the serpent tattoo adorning the column of his throat as if he was trying to get rid of it.

           “Hey, Sweets, you’re gonna hurt yourself. Stop scratching so hard. What has you so worried?” Toni grabs his wrist to stop his scrabbling fingers.

           “Come here,” He drags her behind the nearest bush, “I think, um, Tallboy is the Black Hood.”

           “WHAT! What the actual fuck, Pea! How could you think that?” Toni whisper-yells, mouth agape.

           “Toni, just listen to me please.”

           “Whatcha guys talkin’ about?” Lili struggles to make it between bushes, trying to keep leaves out of her bun.

           “Nothing that concerns you, Outsider. Leave us.” Sweet Pea sneers in her direction before turning his back to her and silently pleading with Toni to hear him out.

           “I won’t listen to you unless you apologize to Lili, and include her. If what you are saying is true, then she needs to know.” Toni draws herself up to her full height, and fixes Sweet Pea with a fiery stare.

           “Fine. Lilith, come here. I’m sorry I was a dick to you yesterday, I guess I’m just rude to girls who come in and dethrone me. Listen carefully, both of you…” Sweet Pea continues to explain his theory on Tallboy, all three Serpents oblivious to the Ghoulie standing on the other side of the bushes, getting ready to tell Malachi everything, and earn his stripes.


           “Malachi! I have something important.” Dilton Doiley burst into the Ghoulie haunt, stumbling to a halt when he realized who was in the room. “Tallboy. Sup….”

           “Doiley, what is it! As you can see,” Malachi gestured angrily to Tallboy,” I’m in the middle of something.”

           “It’s fortuitous he is here. It concerns his precious ‘Serpent Prince’.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket, clicking play on the most recent video in his camera roll.

           “Look guys, Tallboy is around the same age as that Northsider said the Hood looked, and he has green eyes too. The redhead also said the Hood has really bad eyebags, and Tallboy has them.” Sweet Pea looked around again, causing Doiley to move the camera down until Sweet Pea looked away.

           “Okay, but there are lots of old guys who have bad eye bags and green eyes. That doesn’t prove anything.” Toni scoffed and starts tapping her foot.

           “Okay, sure, but think of this. Tallboy wants to bring the Ghoulies and Serpents together. Everybody else knows it’s not a good idea, and the only reason Tallboy wouldn’t listen to the majority is if he was being paid. A lot of money.”

           “This does make sense. But what does this have to do with me?” Lili questions.

           “If we can get you enough support among the younger Serpents, then when we present you to the rest of the gang this coming weekend.” Sweet Pea looked down at Lili, smirking slightly at how much shorter she is than him. “The Serpents deserve a real leader who will stand up against people like Alice Cooper and Mayor McCoy. From what I’ve seen, you don’t take shit from no man. We need you, no matter how much that pains me to say.”

           “Awww thanks SP!” Lili smiled and nodded in agreement with what he was saying.

           “I’ll talk to Fangs, have him bring some of his boys down to the quarry. I’ll text you when you should show up.”

           Dilton takes back his phone and looks up at Malachi, proud of his discovery. The older Ghoulie claps him on the back and turns to Tallboy, relaying the unasked question with his eyes.

           “That little shit has always wanted to take over from me. And who the fuck is that other girl. I’ve never seen her in the Whyte Wyrm but she’s obviously a Serpent, otherwise they wouldn’t be hanging around in the bushes together. But what the fuck does she need support in?” Tallboy verbally works through his thoughts, pacing the length of the room. Shuffle. Mutter. Creak. Turn. Mutter. Shuffle. Turn. Creak. Fist against wall. Turn. “Alright boys. Here’s what we’re gonna do…”


“Come on, Lili. Let’s bounce.” Sweet Pea saunters into the office for the Red and Black, Fangs and another Serpent trailing after him.

Let’s bounce? What is this, the eighties?” Lili laughs, making Sweet Pea scowl. He takes three quick strides forward and leans his face down only inches from hers.

“Look, Lilith,” He practically spits her name, “I’m doing this so that that we don’t become the Ghoulies’ bitches. Don’t think this means were friends or anything.”

“Get a room, Sweets.” Fangs whispers to the other Serpent, but somehow Sweet Pea hears him.

“What the fuck did you just say Fangs? Just get the Quarry by four. And bring the ring.” Sweet Pea storms out of the room, mutter obscenities to himself.

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