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On a less controversial note, I’m super into iZombie right now, so I made it my recommendation for this list at The Week. More details at the link, but basically, if you still feel there hasn’t been enough Veronica Mars but also you like monsters, this is the show for you!

Duncan Kane’s Greatest Hits (4/?): A Not-So-Wicked Impression (Worst. Mister Burns. Ever.)

This series is dedicated to the comic genius of Duncan “Donut” Kane, or, as I like to call him in acknowledgement of the actor’s contribution: Dunn-can. Anyway, although I am loathe to take attention away from Dunn-can himself, he is not just a great solo performer. He also makes others around him, uh “better.” We saw it with Meg (DUNCAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING), and above, all, we see just how different Veronica is with Duncan.

There is a great .gifset that goes around everyone once in a while (I’m not sure who did it and too lazy to track it down) contrasting Duncan and Piz shutting down Veronica’s impressions with Logan enjoying them. We get it, Veronica is most herself with Logan.

I must point out, however, that Veronica did do one impression that Duncan seemed to enjoy immensely. In “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang,” Veronica has joined the Future Business Leaders of  America instead of some other extra-curricular activity because of, in her own words, her “billionaire boyfriend.” As she sits down, we get this exchange (taken, as usual, from]:

VERONICA: [whispers] So, who are we exploiting now?

DUNCAN: The workers.

They kiss again.

VERONICA: [a la Mr. Burns of The Simpsons] Eggs-cellent.

Veronica’s Mr. Burns is so cheesy and terrible that it is hilarious (and not “hilarious” the way she wants it to be). See, Duncan is not all just about himself, he can even spread it to the usually-fiercely-independent Veronica. Just outstanding work by everyone. What really makes the scene, though, is how proud Veronica is of her “wicked impression.” I guess it beats her nagging Duncan about potential love handles like she did in an earlier episode.

Oh you witty minx. 

(Side note 1: I assume all the side-splitting jokes about VD as their couple acronym have already been made.)

(Side note 2: Duncan is eating a burger and fries. Veronica eats stuff like that all the time when we see her with Logan in the third season. Here, though, she’s got a salad happening.)

Veronica would not have been so wildly clever  with Logan. The credit, as always, has to go to Duncan. Pure brilliance. 

As a tribute to Duncan’s ability to inspire Veronica to such a high level of comic… excellence, instead of my usual “I got the Presidential Suite at the Neptune Grand” Eyebrow Waggle rating system, let’s go with something more specific to this particular scene. I give this amazing teamwork on the part of VD three Disgusted Logan Burrito (?) Drops.

[Previous Installment: Duncan Kane’s Greatest Hits (3/?): “Dork,” one R or two Rs?]


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