Favorite Scene From Every Episode of Veronica Mars: Ruskie Business or Ch-ch-changes

At some point in my life I will have to come to terms with the fact that at nearly 20 years old the fact I can’t spell business right on the first try is probably embarrassing. But that point is not today. Anyway my fragile grasp on the English language aside let’s talk about Veronica. Honestly I’m surprised no one else picked this scene to talk about, so hopefully I’ll do it justice. So let’s get right down to it. 

Logan waits for his mother in the hotel lobby for hours only to discover that his sister had stolen Lynn’s identity. Trina in style manages to poke at every wound between Logan and Veronica in about 3 sentences. ngsezdeputyleoisacreep discusses Trina’s unfortunate callousness excellent in her post. But then she does something I’m willing to count as useful she reveals to Veronica Aaron’s abuse of Logan.

At this point (and most points) in the show we don’t know who all knows about the abuse. Aaron and Lynn obviously and Trina while she didn’t believe it. But as for Duncan, Lily and others we don’t know. From this scene though we can safely gather that Veronica never knew. Just look at her face.

Just like learning that Logan is abused was a turning point for us its a turning point for Veronica too. People point out that Veronica can never quite figure out Logan, he’s a puzzle she can’t solve. But she’s always getting pieces. Like I discussed in my post about Return of the Kane these facts make Logan more sympathetic and more understandable. For us and for Veronica. 

After a few more quips Veronica manages to convince Logan to leave Trina alone. 

This whole thing is clearly awkward and upsetting for Veronica. It’s not hard to imagine, in fact we can safely assume, that she was rooting for Logan in all this. Either because it hurts her to see him in so much pain or because she wants someone to get a happy ending for in their tragic mother stories. Or both. 

Then Logan completely breaks down. 

Veronica soothes him, or tries too. It’s the opposite of how Veronica deals with her emotions. You’d never see her crying in public. She instead turns her grief into anger and desire for the truth and only cries when she’s alone. Others have pointed out that it’s likely this that in part draws Veronica to Logan. His emotions so raw and near the surface contrast her cold anger and refusal to express emotions. 

Of course this whole case is a turning point for Veronica and Logan. From his asking for her help, to this breakdown and finally to Veronica ripping up his check. And as for Logan this is the first time he admits to himself that his mother is really gone. 

Finally watched the Veronica Mars movie and it made me realize that it’s 2015, the show has been over for eight years and I have actually never finished watching that third season. 

I don’t really have an excuse for this, except for the fact that I was still in the middle of it when it was announced the show had been cancelled and lost all motivation to continue watching.

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endless list of favorite tv shows: veronica mars (2004 - 2007)

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