the signs as shameless (US) characters quotes
  1. Aries:They’re not climbing Everest, they’re climbing dick.”
  2. Taurus: "I believe the answer to that question, like the answer to most questions, is fuck you."
  3. Gemini: "Guess what we’ve been doing, daddy? We’ve been fucking! And I take it! He gives it to me good and hard and I fucking like it…fuck you, I suck his dick! I fucking love it!”
  4. Cancer: Get your ass up you goddamn ponytail fabio motherfucker!”
  5. Leo:A shrink at school says I’m one of Gods mistakes.”
  6. Virgo: "Circle doesn’t start with an S? What the fuck?! CAT! I know that shit bitch! That’s a cat!"
  7. Libra: "Should I apologize or leave? Imma leave."
  8. Scorpio: "Imma pimp."
  9. Sagittarius: "Geez, I’m gonna look like a penis."
  10. Capricorn: "I don’t mean to be an asshole it’s just… genetic." 
  11. Aquarius: "Hello boys. front door was locked, so I came in the back… no pun intended."
  12. Pisces: "Men are never right. That’s why women were invented. To think for you assholes."