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sometimes im cheerful but then i remember that Tsukiyama absolutely loved and adored and worshiped Kaneki about all else and his ‘death’ led Tsukiyama to have an actual mental breakdown and to fall into a deep depressive state that hasn’t changed in 3 years and then my heart breaks and im no longer happy 

Some basic facts people should know about pregnancy, sex, and abortion:
  • Consenting to sex is not consenting to pregnancy
  • Sex is not just for reproduction
  • Condoms and birth control are not 100% bulletproof 
  • People who have abortions are taking responsibility for what has occurred. They are taking control of their lives. 
  • Not everyone who gets pregnant is a woman
  • Stop referring to them as such
  • Pregnancy can be emotionally, physically, financially draining and not everyone can afford that.  
  • A fetus is not a child. 

Innamorati di una persona che ama guardarti dormire.
Che ti sussurra parole belle mentre lo fa, come se ti cantasse una nenia lenta e sconosciuta che solo nei tuoi sogni puoi ricordare.
Innamorati di una persona che come primo saluto, al mattino usa un “Come stai?”. Non perché tu stai male, ma perché per lei la cosa più importante e che tu stia bene.

Innamorati di una persona che ti bacia all’improvviso, senza un motivo, per avere ogni volta l’emozione di un amore che sorprende. Qualcuno che usa gli abbracci invece delle parole quando sei triste, e che, invece dei consigli usa il battito del suo cuore per calmarti.

Innamorati di una persona che ti dedica canzoni tutti i giorni, perché ogni canzone gli ricorda te. Per questo tu sei una fragola, una meravigliosa creatura o una bella stronza tutto nello stressogiorno.

Innamorati di una persona che la pensa in modo totalmente opposto a te, ma che ha sempre voglia di ascoltare la tua opinione. Che passi serate intere a spiegarti il suo punto di vista. Che si incazzi in modo esagerato se tu non sei d’accordo, e che vuole fare pace facendo l’amore.

Innamorati una persona che ti prende in giro, una persona che ama ridere più che sorridere.

Innamorati di una persona curiosa e che ama viaggiare, ti porterà a fare snorkeling con le megattere, alpinismo sull’Everest, bungee jumping sulla Macau Tower, surf in Australia. Poi ti leggerà un Orgoglio e pregiudizio sotto un’immensa quercia in Inghilterra, e tu ovviamente piangerai per Darcy e odierai Elizabeth, ma solo all’inizio. Cavalcherete in Andalusia, e ti canterà una serenata in un castello Irlandese dopo un’ubriacatura di Guinness. Ma ti ricorderà sempre che casa sua sarà solo dove sono poggiati i tuoi occhi e i tuoi piedi, tutto il resto del mondo fa volume.

Innamorati di una persona che sa isolarsi nella malinconia dei suoi silenzi, che capisce l’importanza di un pianto liberatorio.

Innamorati di una persona che ami la tua libertà, la tua indipendenza e che rispetti le tue scelte. Ma che ogni tanto ti faccia una sfuriata di gelosia, perché in fondo tu sei il suo mondo.

Innamorati di una persona che abbia il miglior odore dell’universo, quello che riconosceresti ovunque, quellounico che solo tu puoi apprezzare. Quell’odore tanto simile alle tue emozioni.

E, alla fine, innamorati di quell’unica anima che potrai mai amare con tutto te stesso. Non accontentarti di un amore mediocre, di un amore che non è amore. Innamorati perché non ne puoi fare a meno, non perché non vuoi stare solo.

—  S.Leonoir (via deadinside3695)

Bisexual Steve Rogers being really nervous about coming out cause he doesn’t know how the public will react but his friends are all super supportive 

Bisexual Steve Rogers coming out in a burst of frustration on national tv during some sort of terrible interview on fox news and having all of the avengers cackle when the interviewer freaks out 

Bisexual Steve Rogers coming out quietly after he is asked by a kind but ignorant interviewer if he is gay now that he is dating a guy. 

Bisexual Steve Rogers blushing around cute guys and cute girls and cute nb people who just can’t believe that Steve Rogers is such a dweeb

Bisexual Steve Rogers becoming a spokesperson for the bi community and a great ally for those in the rest of the lgbtq+ community

Bisexual Steve Rogers being in an open relationship with a pansexual and polyromantic Bucky in the 40’s. 

Bisexual Steve Rogers holding hands with Sam while watching movies on the couch late at night

Bisexual Steve Rogers kissing Natasha after a hard days work when both need to get rid of all the energy they’ve built up 

Bisexual Steve Rogers finding good support from Peggy even after he told her how he felt about Bucky. She loves him and she doesn’t judge she doesn’t care if he loves guys or gals or anyone else. 

Bisexual Steve Rogers being sent rainbow posters and cupcake saying “CONGRATULATIONS I SUPPORT YOU” from Tony after coming out (thankfully the giant banner got lost in the mail) 

Bisexual Steve Rogers just finally finding comfort in his sexuality after being scared about it for so long 


can we just talk about the fact 

that Mutsuki, a nervous kid whose family was murdered by ghouls, threw himself into a taxi that he thought was being driven by a ghoul to save a girl, and is then assaulted and misgendered by that ghoul in a horrific terrifying moment…
but still fights back and defends himself despite knowing that he is weaker than most of his coworkers. And even after getting the shit beaten out of him he gets out of the car and tries to will his kagune to appear so he can continue fighting and helping his team. 

I fucking love this boy so much. 

I forgot I was human once
I thought that my skin was made of earth itself
That I could grow flowers under my nails
and weeds from my scalp
I thought my eyes were made of space
And if I wept
galaxies would fall
instead of tears
I thought my voice was a hurricane
One that would make the world tremble
And my blood
My blood was made of fire
And if it touched the ground
it would sizzle and smolder

 I forgot I was human once

 I thought I was immortal

 A creature people feared
 A creature people admired
Something to be whispered about
Only on winter nights when the moon is full
And the cold air feels like death itself 
has come to greet you 

I forgot I was human once

    I wish I could forget again



Warnings (so far): suicide (mentions but still), gore, deals with tough mental health issues like PTSD and anxiety and depression and addiction and some homophobia.  

2. The anime Hourou Musuko or Wandering Son. A “slice of life anime” that is about a trans girl in middle school and its really beautiful and emotional and Im on the last episode and its wonderful and Im very very sure the manga is out? But yes anyways its wonderful you can watch it here:
Warnings: transphobia & transmisogyny, cissexism, and misgendering. 

3. Ooku. A manga that takes place in an alternate Edo period Japan where a disease has wiped out most of the male population and women have taken on the big roles. Including the role of Shogun while the men take the roles as the concubines. Extremely interesting with a real well done look at how society would change in such a situation and how gender roles would change and stay the same.Ôoku-The-Inner-Chambers-Vol/dp/1421527472/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1400903886&sr=8-4&keywords=ooku
Warnings (what I know of so far): rape, murder, sexual harassment, abuse, and of course disturbing images. 

4. Call The Midwife. A show about women in 50’s England working as midwives and nurses based on real stories and women. Deals with some tough issues like abuse and illness and racism but is one of the best and most inspiring shows I have ever seen I mean seriously.
Warnings: pregnancies and giving birth can be triggering for some. Does have some gore every now and then. abortion, spousal abuse, child abuse, illness etc. Everyone you’d expect in a show that deals with midwives. 

5. Defiance. Guuuuuys. Its scifi and its campy but its fun and the ladies are fucking badass I men seriously. Plot is that a bunch of aliens species arrived on earth terraformed the planet and everything has basically changed completely society is rebuilding and the world will never be the same. The town Defiance is one of the only places were all species live together peaceful (lol not likely). The ladies carry the show i mean they are badass as fuck.
Warnings:death? gore? abuse and sexism I know are some. So is xenophobia, 

6. the book Singing the Dogstar Blues. Aliens. Future. Time travel. Non gendered aliens. No love triangles or love story at all just friendships and a PoC female main character. Enough said.

Warnings: ….Honestly can’t remember much um… illness is one of them. Xenophobia is another. Besides that its pretty tame. 

So thats it! These are my recs for today. Seriously guys these shows and books are great and deserve all the love. 

people always mention like the 3 few PoC characters in HP that were actually important when…they… forget to mention… the tons of what characters…. that overshadow them…. 

like you think we dont KNOW Kingsley is black? That Cho Chang is asian and the Patil Twins are indian? You think we didnt cling to those desperately looking for their names on every page looking at the background of every scene hoping they would show up? 

What we wanted was good visibility not just background importance. Oh ya and more diversity because you know 5 background PoC isn’t enough

I was rereading the TG rooftop scene and I noticed that Kaneki was reading between the lines of what Tsukiyama was saying a lot? Before Tsukiyama went at him he was saying:

“If something happens to you, what am I supposed to do…? Then for what purpose have I been enduring? So I’ll never know it…? You won’t give it to me…? My… greatest delicacy…!" 

And what was the one thing Kaneki said in answer to that? 
”….I’m aware of the danger.“ 

Out of all of that, including the rambling about him being Tsukiyama’s delicacy, the one thing thing Kaneki took out of that was that Tsukiyama was worried for his safety. 

Then later on when Tsukiyama is trying to fight him all he’s screaming about is how Kaneki will not survive. How Tsukiyama can’t protect him. And how Kaneki should stay because there’s nothing that can be done. And then he begs him not to go and I don’t need to remind you guys what that scene looks like lmao. 

Kaneki knew that Tsukiyama was scared for him. He knew that this wasn’t about food anymore. Which is why he was so gentle right before he left. He didn’t even try to fight back at first (im assuming Kaneki knocked him down in between tsukiyama screaming and him lying on the ground), and instead tried to dodge him while not saying a word. He knew what Tsukiyama meant through his rambling about Kaneki being his meal, that Tsukiyama cared for him and was terrified for him. 

Basically what Im getting at is that Kaneki recognized that Tsukiyama no longer saw him as a meal and instead as something more and he understood that Tsukiyama didn’t comprehend that himself. He knew that. 

if you are trans and are not out to anyone yet: you are valid. 

if you are trans and are out to everyone you know: you are valid. 

If you are trans and are only out to some people: you are valid. 

if you are trans and sometimes identify as a girl/boy: you are valid. 

if you are trans and use alternative “cutesy” pronouns: you are valid. 

if you are trans and use “she/he” pronouns: you are valid. 

if you are trans and still have trouble figuring out what pronouns to use: you are valid. 

if you are trans and are just figuring out your gender: you are valid. 

if you are trans and have always known the gender you identified as: you are valid. 

if you are trans and figured it out through tumblr: you are valid. 

if you are a trans woman: you are valid

if you are a trans man: you are valid

if you are nonbinary: you are valid

if you still have no fucking clue what gender you are: you are valid. 

Dont ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t truly trans for any reason. If you identify as trans then you are trans. Don’t let anyone call you a “transtrender” or any of that shit. Because you decide your gender, no one else does. 

You are valid and never let anyone tell you different. 

Ok but what if Macdennis happens next ep like here me out like what if Mac admits to Dennis and Dennis realizes Mac is the perfect choice to get validation and acceptance from cause girls are definitely not gonna give him that anymore (cause he’s a creepy piece of shit) and so like they actually get together and season 12 is like Mac and Dennis desperately trying to work it out even tho their relationship is a mess and they keep having to prove their love for each other in more unnerving and disturbing ways (cause Mac is jealous and has low self esteem and Dennis constantly needs proof that he is #1 to everyone but especially Mac) and it’s freaky and horrific and at the end everyone is like NOPE because it’s reached the point you’d expect mass murder from one of them. It would be so fucked up and disturbing but RCG could do SO MUCH with it gods please I beg like it probably won’t happen but we didn’t think Mac coming out would happen either so …

i have so many Bill Cipher headcanons that im just gonna dump on you guys ok: 

-Bill Cipher’s gender is *shrugs* but honestly he likes the term gendervoid because thats the closest equivalent in our human tongue and mind. 

-He thinks our gender roles and binary are hilarious and completely silly like honestly??? most people think there are only 2 genders on this plane of existence?? oh silly humans 

-Similarly he uses he/him pronouns because thats the closest we can get to the pronouns he uses in his plane of existence and its not even close but he takes what he can get. 

-If he goes into a human form he is no taller than 5′3 and no shorter than 4′11 ok he’s tiny Bill Cipher is short as heck and Mabel finds his human form adorable and Dipper is just glad he’s taller like good. Something to use against him. (in your dreams kid) 

-Bill Cipher’s human forms differ depending on mood but the races for his common forms are ancient Egyptian (it reminds him of the first human form he took) and Native American because the native folks of Oregon are cool and knew what was up in the olden days he likes them. 

-His hair is always brightly colored no matter what human form he’s in. Yellow or blue or whatever it doesnt matter it just has to be so bright its blinding. 

-the twins take him shopping and he tries to bargain his way out of paying for anything with actual money and the cashier is like ‘sir, you cant offer me eternal life for those cornflakes’ 

-Bill Cipher hates cats. No one knows why he just does.  

tbh the only feel i got from bill last night was like ‘teen trying to break into the cool place so that he can bring all the cool kids and have a super fun party and everyone will think he’s cool too’ 


between knowing that alex has said he’s overconfident to compensate for something and seeing a glimpse of the nightmare realm and shit and how scary they look im like *raises eyebrow* 

i mean im probably wrong but i like the idea of an ancient being honestly doing the equivalent of doing something wild to get in with the cool kids by OPENING A RIFT IN TIME AND SPACE AND UNLEASHING A NIGHTMARE REALM ON OUR REALITY 

the one thing I can say for BBC Sherlock is that it inspires creativity. Fanfics, fan art, fanvids etc. BBC Sherlock inspires people to create. 

But Elementary doesn’t really tend to do that? IDK maybe its the show style but it really doesn’t give you the inspirational push. Which makes me sad because Im sure that if it did a lot of amazing things would be created. think of all the fanart ahhh

Anyone agree or disagree or has commentary?