Probably happened...
  • Woozi:*Calling Seungcheol* "Did you get the milk from the store?"
  • Seungcheol:"yep"
  • Woozi:"Did you get the ham?"
  • Seungcheol:"I sure did"
  • Woozi:"Did you get your son?"
  • Seungcheol:"Be there in ten!"
  • Seungcheol:*in the car*
  • "Please don't tell mom"
  • Jeonghan:* clenches fist* "somethings not right"
Bully pt 8

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Minghao
Genre: Angst/Fluff
A/N: This really is just small/short filler to tell you guys that I will be updating more from now on. (Also, this is really shitty.)

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SBSPopAsia hangs out with Seventeen backstage on their Australia Tour (Melbourne & Sydney)

(Via SBSPopAsia)

Blogs wanted!!

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Do not mess with a scared Boo Seungkwan 👹 Oh I always imagine how hard Hansol and the other members must’ve cracked up when they watched this 😂

Whenever I want to have a good laugh, I always rewatch this scene 😁

This, to be honest, was one of the reasons why I fell in love with Boo!! He’s just so hilarious and adorable whatever he does 😍💜


thumbnail: #WOOZI is looking our wayyyy yeh AHAHAHAHHAHA lols I wish but legit this is the last post about #SEVENTEEN since im going to post all vids on #SVT on my YT channel。I just wanted to post this cos its my fav part of the song like #SCOUPS just feeling the song, #VERNON looking alg and #WOOZI like bruh VOCALS ON POINT WITH @aileeonline 🔥✨☝💞 #1stasiapacifictour #shiningdiamondtour 😂😭💕🙂❤😌💙 (at Big Top Luna Park)

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