dear seventeen,

because we’re together, i’m able to smile
and because it’s you, i’m able to cry
like this, how can there be anything i can’t do?

no matter when and where you are
even if we’re unable to be together
we will have, like we have, a smile blossom

we will become the spring to your smile. 

carats.  웃음꽃 ♡


                                                    SEVENTEEN T-Shirt !

I’ve received some requests on making SEVENTEEN T-Shirt and i’ve decided, since you guys all love the SVT Patches i did before this. i’ve decided to include 2EA of SVT Patches together with the T-Shirt as a SET ! There will be two kinds of T-Shirt designs. 

• Raglan T-Shirt with SVT at the front and Members name at the back (mixture of abc with 한글)

• Embroidered Boom Boom lyrics design on the front left side 

You can choose either one of the design and the patches is of course a new SVT designs !

Price : 1SET = $20USD

Shipping : two options, you can choose either EMS or Normal Airmail. 

I’m still looking for Group Order Managers to handle this which will make things easier to some of you, as for now i’ve only received a Singapore GO. but she haven’t yet post the order form. 


For more infos, go to order form link! and twitter

                                                            Order Form Here! 

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