Song from Olitz Vermont Scene: Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine

People have asked and messaged me several times today about the song during the Olitz scene, and I thought maybe I missed an extra song or scene, but if everyone is asking about the song that played during their actual lovemaking scene, here it is.

I will say I used to not like this song because it’s actually a pretty sad song if you listen to the lyrics with no sexy Tony and Kerry to stare at, but Olitz has given me a new perspective on it.

This is a classic y'all - know your musical history!

You guys are gonna have to be patient with me because...

My prurience is foremost on my mind. I have to get that out first (3 photo memes already I’m the works for later) before I focus on serious stuff:

•The state of Olitz

•Olivia’s relationship with her mom

•Quinn’s need to belong

•That “gays have all the fun” comment and the Novak-Beene marriage.

•How we still don’t know the actual truth about that plane crash

•Why the fuck Huck has been sidelined for Jake’s #NoChildLeftBehind ass

•Mellie finally acknowledging that pimpin’ ain’t easy.

And so many other things. But first I have visions of dancing Cobras in my head that need to find an outlet.

If you’ve got questions, get them in.

Oh, and don’t forget:

I’ll be on the Scandal Podcast for 308 is TONIGHT at 6 PM EST with first thoughts and lots of thirst. I’ll post the link to Jaha’s site where you’ll find the live link at 6PM-ish. As always, I’ll post it after the fact.


Otis Redding 1967 - Try A Little Tenderness

Song from the ending scene of Vermont Is For Lovers Too - another classic folks!  Otis, like Marvin, much imitated but never surpassed.

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Also, Here is some Vermont Jam to celebrate that was just delivered today. I ordered it especially because Kerry Washington gave this particular brand to all her coworkers for the Holidays.

After All, Vermont is For Lovers and Jam is best.

kerry washington ‏@kerrywashington22 Dec

Video Link below:

Vermont Is For Lovers 

Following a tragic detour into Mellie’s past, Scandal brought us right back to Olivia Pope’s D.C. this week, and I have to say: It was comforting to reunite with Olitz and the B613 mystery. What was overshadowed by Mellie’s backstory last week was (possibly) the worst-kept secret in Shondaland: Maya Pope is alive and…not well, exactly, but alive.

Also from the Thursday video recap:

“Why is the President so ripped?”

Vermont Jam

The company Vermont,  early last night had only 8 followers on Twitter including some of the first from us Scandal fans. Then, overnight, 79  including many beautiful KW and Olitz fans.

Hmnn, I think we can give them even more than that. 

sidehill farm @vermontjam -Follow on Twitter and show some love for this family own company during this Holiday. JAM


In this show, host Emile Ennis Jr. breaks down the episode in which Josie’s campaign faces a potential crisis, so Olivia’s team attempt to manage it while also trying to get to the bottom of Operation Remington. Elsewhere, Cyrus fails to think of the collateral damage that could result from his plotting Sally’s downfall. There to help Emile are co-hosts Sofia Stanley, Kennelia Stradwick, and Bamm Ericsen. It’s Scandal’s “Vermont Is for Lovers, Too” podcast!


Chef Matt Jennings of Providence’s Farmstead, Inc. (which I will sorely miss when we move to SF) takes on Vermont for a whirlwind tour of kick-ass food artisans in the 4 major foodgroups: beer, cheese, meat, and chocolate. 

Read full piece here: