I arrived a little late for the batch of drawings, but here it is: the Dream Team Selfie!!

I did the best I could, and it is my way of thanking each of you for your comments, your help and support at all times. I appreciate having them in my life.

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quintessential 2009 neoboards roleplay warrior cats ocs
  • larkpelt the lore-abiding. brown tabby she-cat of average size with white tufts on her chest and paws. a competent but not-too-competent warrior, loyal to her clan, suspicious of outsiders. incredibly average, almost to the point of blandness, except her intro blurb is like 8 posts long and incredibly detailed 
  • at least 4 (four) absurdly precocious kits, psychic powers optional
  • worlds sexiest and most melodramatic medicine cat. having deeply forbidden, totally clandestine, yet universally known-of affairs with everyone, including starclan
  • hawkfrost
  • not a character, but in fact a random interloper with a size 1 verdana neofont popping onto the thread to angrily remind everyone that violet eyed cats unrealistic, toms cant be tortoiseshell, and warrior cats dont know what the word ‘soul’ means in OOC
  • gruff older cat who’s really taking full advantage of the fact that “foxdung” is basically the warrior cats equivalent of “fuck” 
  • Serpentstar, the Clan Leader With Regrets™
  • bored teenager trying to see if they can roleplay a transparently gay warrior cat without a) getting banned by theneopetsteam or b) attracting the attention of the aforementioned interloper, who will proceed to start a very circuitously worded argument about whether or not warrior cats can be gay. warriorswish will be cited angrily, ravenpaw will become the main point of evidence, official warnings will be handed out 
  • sasuke, but a cat 
  • enigmatic, uber-violent rogue with a silly name and probably at least one portentous blood-red markings somewhere on his body. over the course of the thread it will be revealed that he used to be a warrior in the clan but he betrayed everyone for mysterious but tragic reasons. hes literally reaper, from overwatch (2016, blizzard entertainment) except its 2009, and we’re on, and he is a cat
  • cat who was once abducted by twolegs and cruelly experimented on/biologically augmented to have a cybernetic skeleton, venomous teeth, and ninja abilities, instead of just, i dont know, neutered and released. its universally understood that if there are humans interested in spending hours of their time pretending to be feral cats who have an established religion and form of government, there would probably be humans interested in creating dubiously ethical cyborg cats
  • a dragon/wolf/fox, but a cat
  • frustrated 11 year old girl venting her feelings of alienation and social helplessness through a character who’s very dainty, very eccentric, and very much a river tam/ophelia/etc. pastiche in warrior cat form. almost certainly psychic. one day the roleplayer will look back on this stage of her life with a mix of embarrassment and fond understanding 
  • sephiroth, but a cat

This took way too long to make, but it was fun!
Made using FireAlpaca
61 unique frames

It seems that when you get into Undertale AUs, you just keep getting deeper and deeper until you’re in a sub au of a sub au and there is not sign of escape.

This is Vivaldi and Verdana created by @underfart-snas with stories by @kazefiend. They’re Sans and Frisks twin kids from the Flowerfell AU. [Personally I don’t ship Undertale SansXFrisk, however, I do like Flowerfell SansXFrisk… IDK if that makes sense?]

Mama Kaze Tumblr
Sanei Tumblr

Undertale © Toby Fox

Thank you for watching!

Unexpected: Part Five

So here we are.  It’s been a long road to get here, we’re at the end of this fic.
We’re not at the end of babyhell, god no.  That’s going to go on forever.  I will absolutely still write about the kids, I love them.

Thank you everyone for being so patient on this, I know it took me so long.  I had to fight through illness and injury and depression to get this done but holy shit I did it.  I love everyone who has been with me on this journey and a special thanks to my dear friend @underfart-snas for even letting me get away with this nonsense.

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VERDANA: If you will not listen to reason I have no choice but to slow you down until my husband arrives. I cannot allow you to continue on if all you’re going to do is hurt and kill monsters!

HUMAN: I’d like to see you try you disgusting MONSTER!!!!! THERE’S NO STOPPING ME FROM DISPENSING JUSTICE!!!!