Vera Brosgol


Book: Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

I read this last night and finished it today, just now actually. I love it so much, a real awesome page-turner. I was so intrigued by Anya’s personality and her ghost’s story and their relationship that I had to finish it immediately. Anya is very relatable, the problems she faced are what every young girl faces, and put with her heritage, Vera Brosgol made it even more enjoyable.

I love the illustration (especially the way Anya is drawn) and language, there is never a dull moment and there is always something to look forward to. I love this genre and the message in the novel about acceptance and judging people. It’s quite creative; I’d even read it again. Graphic novels are just getting better and better in my book.

Review written Oct. 6. ‘13.


Also when I went to TCAF, I managed to meet Vera Brosgol (of Anya’s Ghost) and Emily Carroll. I didn’t have my copy of Spera or Anya’s Ghost so I was kind of like. DAMN.

But then I went up to them, and asked for their signatures, because I was like. I NEED PROOF I MET THEM ANYWAY! And they actually drew me pictures instead which was like, WOAH DAMN, YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE AND COOL AND I LOOK UP TO YOU SO MUCH.

They also drew these in like under 5 minutes, which was CRAAAAYYCRAAAAAYYY.