Same Campaign as the Golden Sun

We get out of a dungeon from Air’s Rock and go back to the goblin and Kobold village to visit Sunshine the blacksmith (Yes, that’s his name)

One of our Venus adepts, Anywn, decides she wants to flirt with a Kobold while we’re in the village waiting for a member to get back from a phone call IRL.

Anywn: I want to flirt with a Kobold.

DM: *chuckles* Alright, but I’m warning you, you won’t know what you get until you flirt and if you flirt successfully. FYI, Fusia (me) and Alyra (our mars adept), you both feel free to flirt with anyone here too.

Fusia: No thanks, I’m gonna wait til we run into Alexei again to flirt.

Alyra: I’m good.

DM: Alright, Anywn pick a kobold and what are you gonna say?

Anywn: I’m gonna stroll over to this gray one sexily and say, “Hi there~”

DM: Okay, roll for Seduction.

Anwyn: *rolls a 1*


DM: *Laughing way too hard* Oh man, so you try strolling over to the Kobold, but you trip over your own feet and fall flat on your face, letting out a muffled “Hey there~” The Kobold is now confused

Anywn: *crying* This embarrassment can’t get any worse. I go back to the group with wounded pride.

Kobold NPC: *confused* Anyone know what that was about?

Goblin NPC: Dunno, Mary.

Anywn: NOOOO

Fusia: It’s now canon Anywn is gay.

DM: *loses it*

Golden Sun Series

The force of the four elemental powers and the study of how they combine to create reality is known as Alchemy. The ancients sealed away the force of Alchemy, and the Warriors of Vale went on their Golden Sun quest to restore Alchemy.
Alchemy is the name given to the force at work when the four base elements combine to create reality, and is also used as a term for the study of this force. The four base elements are Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Also known as Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. These combine to create all things in Weyard. These elements can be directly manipulated through the use of Psynergy and people who are able to use Psynergy are called Adepts.
The Signs as Golden Sun Adepts
  • Aries: Proxian warrior. Looks scary ass, it's actually a fluffy dragon nerd. Cuddly flames.
  • Taurus: Your reliable healer+warrior Venus adept combo. Probably from a place in the middle of nowhere like Vale or some shit.
  • Gemini: The child of a Mercury and a Jupiter adept. Jupiter mage themselves, but they equip djinn CONSTANTLY to change the elements they can attack you with. They are not super powerful, but they are not predictable either.
  • Cancer: Mercury warrior. You probably carry an axe and speak in a pirate voice. You also like cats.
  • Leo: Mars swordsman! You like shiny armors. You probably wear shitty gold accessories.
  • Virgo: Venus mage. Super reliable. Sorta scary. Can probably break heads by smashing a Blessed Ankh repeatedly.
  • Libra: Super deep Jupiter adept. Probably able to read the future and use Reveal. You only equip MYSTICAL WEAPONS. You probably are from Anemos or Contigo.
  • Scorpio: Scary Mercury Clan member. You were trained to be a healer but you are basically Alex. Good luck with world domination, champ.
  • Saggitarius: Loud, boisterous Mars Adept that likes playing the Mom of the team. You can probably cast some healing spells too.
  • Capricorn: Venus WITH A THING FOR DJINNI. You say it's because of strategy but let's face it, you think they are super cute.
  • Aquarius: You are a Venus adept beastperson. You are probably scary under the full moon so I am not even going to say hi.
  • Pisces: Laid-back Lemurian sailor and Mercury adept. Probably in a class that mixes magic and physical attacks. P sure you keep a pet seal and draw shitty portraits of whales.

coetuselementorum asked:

Feliiiiix~ -the canine called out as he walked into the general area of his Venus Adept friend, swaying his tail behind himself while adjusting the straps of a rather bulky backpack on his shoulders- You out there friend? I uh. sorry I’m a bit unannounced but I bring gifts~

unluckyadept answered:

[Felix looked up from his work.

He’d been working on building a framework around the farmland—to string wires or nets over, or to make into a greenhouse… he wasn’t sure yet.

He hadn’t expected visitors, but he smiled when he heard Jayden’s voice calling his name.]

Over here, my friend! You’re very welcome—I’m just sorry that it’s still so wet outside. Not really anywhere good to sit, I’m afraid.

[He perked up a bit at the mention of gifts. He could see that Jayden had been traveling, and the stories alone could prove exciting.]

Oh—would you like to go talk this over at my house?


While I am used to being wet, a roof over the head and something warm to eat would be great~

-Jayden chimed happily, enjoying seeing his friend again and the smile on his face as well. His friends happiness was his own after all-

I hope you like what I brought too. I wasn’t really sure what you needed or wanted but i gathered some things that might be of interest~

-before he could say much more, a familiar icicle looking Mercury Djinn seemingly appeared out of nowhere, plopping itself on Jayden’s head-

[Felix blinked.]

…Is that a Mercury Djinn?

Seems like you have quite the tale to tell.

[He stepped back and raised up some stone walls, leaving the top open to the sky.]

Let’s be on our way.

[He led Jayden over the fields and back through the forest, to his home.

The geography had changed somewhat—it now really did more resemble a Hobbit hole, only larger. Same green door, ]



I’ve been doing so much work on ground level lately that it became necessary to move things around. I have more visitors over, for about a year now—and it’s more helpful for them, too.

[He opened the door, and—

Ah. This was just a main social area.

There was a table, and cushions, as well as a fireplace. Fur rugs adorned the floor, and there were banners and maps on the walls. There were small alcoves with beeswax candles and orbs of Psynergy floating about, as well as one stained glass window, to allow light in.

There was the grill in the fireplace, and the roast spit there, too. Some dried roots and herbs were hanging on strings from hooks in the ceiling—but there was no oven here. Nor a workshop.

There were several locked doors, though—with carved and painted symbols on them. These probably led off to places like the kitchen, his workshop, his library, and his bedroom.

Arizona was curled up in the fireplace, somewhat broody from all the rain. He gave no greeting.]

Please, make yourself at home. Would you like anything specific to eat?



Antagonists through Golden Sun series

Alex / Arcanus - アレクス Alex

Saturos & Menardi - サテュロス Satyros & メナーディ Maenadi

Agatio & Karst - アガティオ Agatio & カースト Kāsuto

Blados & Chalis - スペード Spade & ハート Heart


Golden Sun series

Playable Characters
Venus Adepts ✦ Isaac - Felix - Matthew - Himi
Mars Adepts ✦ Garet - Jenna - Tyrell - Eoleo
Jupiter Adepts ✦ Ivan - Sheba - Karis - Sveta
Mercury Adepts ✦ Mia - Piers - Rief - Amiti


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Main Characters

Matthew ✦ ムート Mut
Karis ✦ カリス Karis
Tyrell ✦ テリー Terry
Rief ✦ クラウン Kuraun
Amiti ✦ ハルマーニ Harumani
Sveta ✦ ステラ Stella
Eoleo ✦ レオレオ Leoleo
Himi ✦ ヒミ Himi



Jupiter is the element of Wind,
and therefore encompasses wind and lightning.
It is symbiotic with Mercury,
neutral toward Mars, and in conflict with Venus.
According to visuals in Mars Lighthouse,
the element of Jupiter is symbolized by birds,
who are said to rule the skies.
Jupiter-based Psynergies typically involve
attacks of either wind, lighting,
or sometimes a combination of both,
usually in a purple-hue.