I meant to post about this much sooner than I actually did, but….. well…. I didn’t. 

I got to do the character art for the Gloom and Bloom boxes for Jane Boolittle, Venus McFlytrap, and Catrine DeMew. 

Above are some of the earliest sketches I did, but ended up changing them because they wanted more of an upshot feel instead of the downshots I had provided. If you like the artwork, then awesome. If you think the characters look a little funky, then that’s 100% my fault. Working in vector is so much harder than I had ever imagined. I mean I knew it was going to be hard, but I was not prepared for the arduous task it ended up being. I will never scoff at a piece of stiff product art again now that I know first hand how insanely difficult it is to make vector art keep any sort of natural liveliness to it. I have insane respect for the artists who can do this stuff well.

The good (or maybe bad) news is that this isn’t the last work I’ve done for the Monster High peeps. There’s more to come. So you can either look forward to seeing me hopefully progress toward becoming a better vector artist, or you can curse my name for continuing to make your favorite characters look like doo doo poopie.


Monster High stickers, scanned and edited by me.

Huge files, just open the pictures in a new tab.


I got “I love Fashion” Venus today!

I love her. She has a little box hair going on but it’s nothing I can’t easily fix. 

Be careful when you get her! Some have glue stains on their foreheads because of their fringe. Mine is ok but I saw two others that had this problem.