What your birth chart will teach you
  • Sun: Why do I act and express myself the way I do
  • Moon: Why do I react and feel the way I do
  • Ascendent: Why do I see and meet the world the way I do
  • Mercury: Why do I think and communicate the way I do
  • Venus: Why do I express affection the way I do
  • Mars: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do
  • Jupiter: Where do I feel most confident and where do I push my luck
  • Saturn: Where do I feel most anxious and where do I need to realize authority
  • Uranus: Where do I rebel and innovate
  • Neptune: Where do I lose touch with reality and how do I escape it
  • Pluto: Where do I feel most powerless and how do I need to let go of ego to transform
  • Midheaven: What do I want to achieve and who do I want to become
  • Descendent: What do I project on other people
  • Immum Coeli: How has my upbringing affected my psychological roots

While we would live separated into Sun signs, everyone is welcome to come and go, to pass by, to be welcomed, to stay over, to visit. If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream that life would be peaceful at least, joyful at most.

Aries: Rocky and volcanic, a heaviness to the air. Everyone moves with urgency, with energy, with inspiration. There are dragons, friendly but fierce, creatures straight from the pages of fantasy novels. Competition is encouraged, but so is being protective, the merging of strength with something warm.

Taurus: Green, forests, streams, flowers, trees that seem to communicate and break away, that move should you look away for too long. People live in cottages, sweet smelling cakes filling the air in the days, amber and musk at night. Everyone who passes through is well fed and looked after. Leisure is considered a virtue here.

Gemini: Bright and colourful paths to follow, interweaving routes that lead to places undiscovered. The weather changes as they do. Shows are put on, laughter and giggles the soundtrack, and no day is the same. Everyone greets those that pass through, a conversation the key to affection. Libraries fill rooms Beauty and the beast style.

Cancer: Lagoons, beaches, caves to hide out in, pretty with glistening gems and rocks, places to reflect, to see the water move where the mermaids swim. There is time out for every emotion, every sensation to be realised, to be validated, and sitting and dreaming is the perfect way to pass time. Loved ones are kept close. There is power to the sound of the ocean.

Leo: Glamorous and built up, high buildings and fashionable aesthetics, modern, like a city but with quiet corners. Shows and films flash all day, free entry of course, and comfort and luxury is abundant. No one is considered too loud or enthusiastic, the more the merrier, shame is forbidden. If you are quiet enough however you can hear the bellowing lions roar in the distance, protective.

Virgo: Modest towns, green, but practical, everything you need at least once over is accessible. Little critters hop around. People greet each other with a slight nod of the head, a smile, then on their way to learn, to lend a hand, yet at the end of the day they meet each other, even if not much is said. At night, there is quiet to fall into fantasy, to create, to show a touch of genius.

Libra: Open spaces and airy, mountainous, a place to breathe, to balance, to think. The wind makes their hair dance. Houses seem balanced on the edges, views to envy. There are rooms like studios, a place for controlled messiness, for the creativity of Venus to express, yet the rest of the housing is immaculately designed. Most live in pairs, yet the wider community is also cherished.

Scorpio: Beautiful Gothic designs, castles and ruins, yet light seems to dance. Privacy is respected, but so is connection, and inauthenticity sticks out like a sore thumb here. There are creatures that you cannot quite tell if they are ugly or cute, a duality. Devotion and loyalty are held up as virtues. There is a dark humour here, but also great wisdom.

Sagittarius: Green and open, places to run and tumble, but also places to sit and ponder. A natural prettiness, but not heavily designed, natural, placed by the hands of something higher. Sport and competition is encouraged though not valued more than the mental and spiritual talents that their inhabitants gift to the world. There is a warmth in the air, a free spiritedness, a place to visit for anyone that feels blue.

Capricorn: Built up buildings, a big city, classy and simplistic design. Everyone progresses here, advances, creates personal ambitions along with shared ones. Hard work is a virtue, but so is being supportive and stable, extending a hand to those that need advice and solid method. Everyone walks with an air if dignity, but followed closely by a sarcastic grin and shining smile should someone break the poised pace.

Aquarius: A place of technology, pointing to the future, like a cross between a built up city and a science lab. If cars will one day fly, here will be the place to have them first. Can be overwhelming on a first visit, not knowing how anything works, but the fascination is more than enough compensation. The people here are odd and eccentric, but also speak with such interest and offbeat passion that it is infectious.

Pisces: Misty, iridescent, reflective, one colour seems to blend into another, can be confusing for the senses upon first visiting, but there is a point where it becomes easier to acclimatise. The floor doesn’t feel solid, like you could fall right through, but if you concentrate hard enough, you see the streams pass through, pretty rainbow lights dancing on the water. Everyone walks with a sleepiness here, takes time to gather how they feel.

How your (Venus) sign expresses love
  • Aries: Wholeheartedly, forcefully, honestly, brightly
  • Taurus: Through hints, small gestures, and telling others
  • Gemini: Through physical affection and regular attention
  • Cancer: Through massive gestures and love letters
  • Leo: Through honest words and late night texts/visits
  • Virgo: By paying more attention, working on themselves and reminding you what they love about you
  • Libra: By hugging you tighter than anyone else and going out of their way to do things for you
  • Scorpio: Quietly, truly, loyaly, with fairy-tale romance
  • Sagittarius: By taking you on adventures, sharing with you what they love
  • Capricorn: By being a much happier and open person around you, by romantic gestures
  • Aquarius: Sweetly, timidly, cautiously, kindly, frequently
  • Pisces: Truthfully, undeniably, over the top, very romantic

The Expressions of Planets in the birth chart
you can apply the condition of your own sign and house to these 

Sun - Self
Positive expressions: Honourable, Creative, Authentic 
Negative expressions: Egocentric, Dominating, Forceful 

Moon - Emotional Self 

Positive expressions: Sensitive, Gentle, Responsive 
Negative expressions: Melodramatic, Irrational, Dependant 

Mercury - Thinking Self 

Positive expressions: Rational, Connective, Perceptive 
Negative expressions: Nervous, Over Stimulated, Deceitful 

Venus - Beautiful Self

Positive expressions: Creative, Appreciative, Thoughtful 
Negative expressions: Indulgent, Lazy, Entitled 

Mars - Armed Self 

Positive expressions: Energising, Uplifting, Passionate 
Negative expressions: Antagonistic, Senseless, Controlling 

Jupiter - Philosophical Self 

Positive expressions: Speculative, Optimistic, Spiritual 
Negative expressions: Gluttonous, Over Confident, Excessive 

Saturn - Exceptional Self

Positive expressions: Resilient, Wise, Developing 
Negative expressions: Critical, Fearful, Repressed 

Uranus - Maverick Self

Positive expressions: Free Thinking, Intuitive, Inspired 
Negative expressions: Reckless, Unstable, Isolated 

Neptune - Psychic Self

Positive expressions: Receptive, Creative, Imaginative 
Negative expressions: Escapist, Delusional, Fooling 

Pluto - Sacred Self

Positive expressions: Will, Regeneration, Intuition 
Negative expressions: Relentless, Obscure, Frightening 


*~Venus Signs~*

Venus in Aries: Men with this placement are attracted to feisty, sassy, passionate women. They appeal to women by showing their boldness. Secretly, they want a woman to get on top and ride them! Women with Venus in Aries like to dominate a man, express sass, and they are full of va va voom as lovers! She gets herself in trouble as she sometimes speaks with a sharp tongue. She’ll just as easily knock someone down with her attitude, as she’ll stick up for herself without inhibition! Aphrodite carries a flaming torch thru unexplored lands, leading others behind her. Marching bravely, sometimes acting carelessly, she learns lessons the hard way as she assumes she knows what other people will say or how scenarios turn out. She doesn’t often look before she leaps, the vitality within her doesn’t have time to wait and think things thru; this could actually be a virtue in the sense that she can quickly respond to crisis. Acting on impulse propels her to be a go-getter; truth is, we need impulsive people just as much as we value cautious people. The zest in her soul drives her to persist, there’s hardly any joys she will have missed! Her adventurous spirit always finds something to do, in an instant, she rises anew.

Venus in Taurus: Men with this placement value commitment and stability in relationships. Either their lover is entirely committed to them or they don’t want a relationship at all. They savor comfort food and enjoy playing music. Their patience allows her to understand what’s going on before acting. Women with Venus in Taurus are very charming and have the ability to get along with many people because they have a pleasant disposition (unless other items in their chart indicate chaos). People with Venus in Taurus often indulge in sweets! Gee I wonder who raided the cookie jar? ;) Aphrodite basks in the sunlight, surrounded by the tenderness of newly sprouted daisies and newborn animals. Squirrels scurry up a budding tree, lizards saunter at her toes… She picks a fresh pair off the branch, playing a flute as the wind blows… Spring chicks chirp as she stops to smell the roses.

Venus in Gemini: Men with this will try to appeal to women by learning a variety of subjects, they know how to chat a woman into bed ;). They value women with intelligence. Venus in Gemini charms people on by being adaptable. Gaining knowledge is one of the greatest pleasures, as they can use their varied interests to appeal to many different love prospects. Their fickle nature is curious about many types of people that they don’t always know what they want. They can date around with a lighthearted attitude, appreciating people of various walks of life, cohorts, styles, and skillsets. A pleasing voice aids them in their talent of persuasion. Women with a Gemini Venus are curious to get with a variety of men (or women). The duality of Gemini may be inclined to attraction of more than one gender; or even power play, alternating between D/s roles. Kinks, toys, sex positions, and different kinds of sex are treated with an open mind, experimentation is playful! Venus in Gemini is a jester in love, sometimes they treat it like a game and don’t realize they’ve led someone on. They’d rather not be pinned down as they’re a natural flirt. Their intellect tends to be scattered, learning bits of many subjects without mastering any. They struggle with commitment in love or projects, unless other planets indicate otherwise. For the most part, they live to experience all that life has to offer, getting a taste of many flavors of romance, their sex life, food, and various art movements.

Venus in Cancer: The way to their heart is thru a home cooked meal. Their self-esteem is highest when they have a lifestyle that allows them to flow in their rhythms, they are likely not the type who thrive under pressure or like to be challenged, they’d rather experience security where they can allow their inner child to be expressed. Men with a Cancer Venus are attracted to nurturing women who are motherly. They may subconsciously seek women who resemble their mother, or women who heal their mommy issues. Women with Venus in Cancer express their femininity by intuiting how to appeal to others, they aren’t loud and proud with their female expression, more timid and imaginative. If she has honored the divine feminine, by caring for her body the way that feels right to her, she will shimmer with feminine mystique, pulling in men with her tides of alluring womanhood. Aphrodite dives in the dark creepy depths of the sea, unlocking secrets from a treasure chest buried under sand made of crushed up seashells that were formed thousands of years ago. A peek into the past, she yearns to feel the entire ocean in her heart, to swim in memories so vast… She carries an ocean jasper with her, to hold onto a lost love, she’ll never forget. She admires pearls with iridescence, hoping someone will cherish her essence.

Venus in Leo: Women with this can be bold and expressive, excited to pursue creative projects and they experience physical pleasure with vigor. Compliments make her swoon, she’s a well-groomed babe applying makeup oh so artfully. She is so bright and passionate, she can commit (as Leo is a fixed sign) but the fire of spontaneity can also enjoy flirting with someone just one time to validate herself as a bombshell. Men with Venus in Leo are attracted to confident women who are glamorous. They love to stroke a woman’s ego. Aphrodite dolls herself up with rosy cheeks, bright eye shadow, gold sequins contouring her dashing figure, her hairdo gains attention, and she speaks with pride from her juicy lips. She can daringly make out with someone she barely met.

Venus in Virgo: an earthly sensuality that is physically affectionate and turned off by those who brag. Discerning about how they give out their love, they know what they want in a partner and will not settle! They enjoy critiquing art and ideas. Men with a Virgo Venus respect women who value accuracy in the topics they speak of, and a woman who is willing to get down to work. They make a point to be courteous and considerate, as the Virgo archetype cares to put their best foot forward, realizing that you do need to care what others think in order to be a productive person. However, a life of nitty gritty work turns them cynical to the point of picking out the faults of others. The caution of Venus in Virgo is to become aware of one’s own negativity, learning to be more open and tolerant. These people are modest unless certain placements by the sun or Jupiter suggest otherwise. Aphrodite harvests the fruits of the earth for a feast, nourishing their loved ones with all the essential amino acids.

Venus in Libra: A soft sweet romantic who keeps an open mind, interested in others’ opinions. Libra is an ingenue, with many men drawn to her, she doesn’t want to hurt any of their feelings so she may accidentally lead them on! She can find the beauty in everyone, and she may need someone with strong Virgo in their chart to help her determine who is worth her time, and who may not have best intentions. Libra wishes to be the socialite, spending lots of time with many different kinds of friends without realizing how these friends are influencing her/his thoughts. Libra has that way of compromising discernment when it comes to the truth of a situation in order to go along with the viewpoint that is popular among their friends. A Venus in Libra girl will go along with what their man says, she probably likes to be dominated. An evolved Libra gathers a bunch of information, to seek justice and truth instead of what pleases others. Venus in Libra is very persuasive. With his/her friends, someone with Venus in Libra likes to make others feel included, their fair minded disposition brings everyone together with the goal of increasing harmony in this world.

Venus in Scorpio: This woman is daring and intense, she is not easily impressed! Her abilities of discernment and judgement protect her from getting hurt, but when they do get hurt, heartbreak stings them to the core… People with Venus in Scorpio radiate sexuality and like to have a dramatic appearance and attitude. Men with Venus in Scorpio have a dangerous appeal, they’ve explored darkness that many cannot handle and they might even be kinky. There has to be a genuine emotional connection in your relationships or else you’ll feel unfulfilled. Venus in Scorpio has a chaotic love life as they are addicted to feeling a love that shakes them to the bones! Aphrodite dangles spider webs from her fingertips, her skin is pale as she’s been plotting revenge in her cave instead of basking in the light, she brews a potion of hypnosis in her cauldron; whoever drinks it is doomed to fall madly in love with her… She likes knowing she has power over others, she doesn’t care for diplomacy unless if she’s using it to hide her suspicions…

Venus in Sagittarius: You enjoy dates where you’re exploring new territory, whether that be hiking trails, or conversing intriguing topics. You’re wild and adventurous in your love life even if you’re more cautious and sensible in other areas. Taking chances and trying new activities gives you a thrill. You’re curious about foreign cultures and other peoples’ perspectives. Men with Venus in Sagittarius desire women who are spontaneous and open minded, bonus points if she introduces him to new ideas and places. They tend to be loose with their money, as men with a Sagittarius Venus are generous to a fault, and put off by frugality. They’ll get caught up in the passion of the moment, using up too much of an item, to find themselves with none left later on. If someone with Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t have enough earth in their chart, they struggle with being unaware of consequences until the shit hits the fan. Aphrodite sings a prayer with 108 Tulsi beads, banging a gong under a pagoda, blowing a didgeridoo in the outback for dreamtime, hunting for mescalito in the Sonoran desert, trying a tribal dance on the savannah, playing a harp in the Scottish highlands with fairies…

Venus in Capricorn: You indulge in the pure physical sensation of sex and might not get so emotional about it (unless other factors in the chart say otherwise). You value good quality food and a love prospect has to meet certain standards of yours for you to commit to them, otherwise you enjoy entirely physical connections with the opposite sex. These people are cautious about falling in love, as they are hesitant to be tender and vulnerable in relationships. Men with Capricorn Venus value women with sensibility, superb taste in food, music, clothes, and art. They are horrendously turned off by people who are unrealistic, all over the place, impulsive, or assuming. They cannot stand it when people jump to conclusions, they’re “hold your horses” type of people. Aphrodite expresses herself in a classy suit, she may have flair but it is very refined. Her polished presentation of herself sets a respectable impression. It’s not that she never goes wild, but she waits for the correct time to do so. Underneath her self-conscious tendencies is a satyr enjoying themselves in the forest. Someone with Venus in Capricorn can thoroughly savor their connection to the earth, barefoot on the gems and minerals of the dirt, every pressure point of her toes receives the energy of the stones. Playing the pan flute while gaining a tan from sunbeams, eating their grapes one by one, sauntering thru meadows and mountains, having the patience to notice the mathematical beauty of the ferns in the Fibonacci sequence…

Venus in Aquarius: You appeal to others with adorable quirkiness. You may have the capacity to be detached during sex. From a psychological perspective, someone with an Aquarius Venus might have experienced a heartbreak or trauma that caused them to be detached in how they feel about relationships. Rationalizing one’s romantic life reinforces the idea of being in control of their feelings, even though their love life is chaotic. They can categorize lust from romance from lurve from infatuation, yet their feelings could be so erratic and unstable that they fool themselves into thinking they’re more logical when love isn’t meant to be logical. There can be a neurosis in attempting to understand relationship dynamics. A tendency to be kinky will make this person want to experiment with going wild in the bedroom. Unpredictable people hold their attention! They are turned on by people who stimulate their mind. Venus in Aquarius people value the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality, homophobes lose major points with them. Men with an Aquarius Venus are drawn to chatty women who flaunt their intellect and women who aren’t afraid of strange people. Aphrodite skips up the Ethernet cable, connecting humanity if the internet connection is stable. Networking a group together, harmonizing social dynamics for a grand plan. We’re comrades till the end, brainstorming ideas, testing theories, until you unfriend. Spurts of inspiration, an outcast in cynical contemplation. Seeking reactions by acting life a freakazoid, the free spirit could care less who’s annoyed!

Venus in Pisces gives you capacity to love freely, but the caution is that you put on “rose colored glasses” figuratively when it comes to love. You may put your love interests on a pedestal, getting caught up in the fantasy. You may fall for people who seem kinder than they turn out to be, as you can get carried away with your excitement, to the point of blinding yourself to the flaws of a love interest, only to get hurt in the end. You likely need to learn to understand boundaries, and be firm in sticking to them. Seeking pleasure in escapism, may enjoy having a glass of wine or smoke a bowl to release the pressure of the world. Men with a Pisces Venus are attracted to dreamy girls who go with the flow rather than women who challenge them. They value adaptability rather than someone stubborn. Aphrodite dreams endlessly, perceiving messages from the spirit world, peering into another reality… A sea of psychedelia stares back at her, where do all the whirlwinds lead? “How do I distinguish what I truly need?” Carried away on spending for indulgence, swept away by a new romance, she is enamored by her own brain chemistry. Lost in a blur of pure feeling, in her own world, the collective consciousness is revealing.

Remember, any given planetary placement can be overruled by other factors in the chart. Most of us are contradictory people. Some of your other planets may interact with your Venus in a way that is harmonious or a clash. Feel free to ask me about it!
If you’re interested in a reading that synthesizes your Venus placement with the effects of your Mars, with the power of Pluto in your chart, along with the gifts of your Jupiter, contact me, and I am happy to write up a report about your chart!

:: The values and character of each Venus position ::

♈ Aries Venus: Values independence, self-satisfaction, active expression of the will through affection, clear and direct social interaction, enthusiasm and passion in interpersonal/social relations

♉ Taurus Venus: Values loyalty, resourcefulness, resilience, aesthetic perception and sensation, artistic and musical pleasures, sensual affection, patience in social interaction, and appreciation of the comforts of life

♊ Gemini Venus: Values cerebral stimulation, interconnecting engagement, diversity of social connection and conversation, friendliness, learning and verbal & mental affection.

♋ Cancer Venus: Values sentiments from the soul, a place or person to call home, receptivity of feelings, warm and subtle social interactions, internal security and privacy, tenacity, and comforting emotional affection

♌ Leo Venus: Values self-validation and self-love, vibrant emotional experiences, colorful activities, lively social urges, dignity of the spirit, and compassionate affections from the heart

♍ Virgo Venus: Values humbleness, helpfulness and intelligence, sophistication and self-improvement, the simple pleasures of life, small social gatherings, affection through palpable touch, subtle service & mental appreciation 

♎ Libra Venus: Values integrity and equilibrium, aesthetic and artistic sense/appreciation, interpersonal concern, social intelligence and awareness, charming intellectual affection

♏ Scorpio Venus: Values control and persistence, strong driving passions and desires, emotional mastery through regenerative intelligence, privacy in social life, powerful perception, wild and stormy affection and intimate loyalty

♐ Sagittarius Venus: Values limitless knowledge and good-natured temperaments, intuitive and spiritual intelligence, ethical concern, inner vibrancy, the constant questioning and experiencing of life, loud and friendly social urges, and expansive & colorful displays of affections

♑ Capricorn Venus: Values self-growth through reaching above self-limitations, social dignity and prestige, lawful inclinations, ambitions to further refine the self for the future, respect for reserved and cautious temperaments, self-perseverance, and patient & stable affectionate expressions

♒ Aquarius Venus: Values calm, easygoing and collected temperaments, independence, intellectual affection, social and ethical equality & concern, bonding with friends, diversity, and freedom of expression

♓ Pisces Venus: Values romantic principles, idealistic visions of a better world, sensitivity of needs, quiet social urges, compassion and empathy, musical and artistic appreciations, affections that show emotional concern and universal understanding

The Sixth House: Contempt

Virgos are notorious for being picky and judgmental. Think of a little kid wrinkling her nose at a plate of food, saying “I’m not going to eat that, it’s too greasy” or an old man giving the stink eye to some ‘hooligans’ laughing a little too loudly in public. 

Virgo rules the 6th house, so that energy and attitude may transfer to the sign on the 6th house cusp and planets that fall into the sixth house. 

You may also reject or neglect the needs of the natal planets that fall into your sixth house. Deep down, that kid actually wants to enjoy junk food. The old man misses the days he laughed with his friends. 

It’s a difficult situation, which is why planets in the 6th are often treated as ‘afflicted.’ There is often a conflict between how you think you ‘should’ be, vs. what you want deep down. 

Aries/Mars in the 6th: You are repulsed by people who are selfish, loud, and competitive. You may have contempt for people who are too open with their anger and other emotions. You have no patience for bossy personalities. You can neglect your own inner drive to compete, win, and express anger.

Taurus/Venus in the 6th: You dislike people who are vain, lazy, and materialistic. You may be grossed out by traditionally ‘romantic’ gestures. You might even be turned off by people who are ‘excessively’ beautiful or charming. You might neglect your own need to feel beautiful and experience romance.

Gemini/Mercury[?] in the 6th: You have a lot of contempt for people who gossip or just talk excessively and don’t take things seriously. You have little patience for idle chatter. You don’t like people who are flaky, unreliable, and seem to have a lot of casual acquaintances. You might neglect your own need for idle chatter and talking just for fun. 

Cancer/Moon in the 6th: You’re grossed out by people who seek sympathy, cry easily, are ruled by their emotions, and act cowardly. You have no patience for moodiness or those who expect to be coddled. You prefer to offer practical advice rather than emotional support. You may neglect your emotional needs.

Leo/Sun in the 6th: You’re irked by egotistical, self-centered, self-serving personalities. You don’t like those who actively seek love, admiration, and attention. You have no patience for vanity. People who post a lot of selfies and get a lot of likes might be the bane of your existence. You hate casual dating and sex. You neglect your need for attention.

Virgo/Mercury[?] in the 6th: (Ironically) you’re judgmental of people who are judgmental. You think people who are health freaks are kind of stupid. You can’t stand uptight personalities. Perfectionists can drive you up the wall. You might not like people who are nervous and easily stressed out. This is a good position, so you might not neglect any basic need, but you might want to take better care of your body.

Libra/Venus in the 6th: [See Taurus] Additionally, you have no patience for those who are approval-seeking and image-obsessed. When people do things just to ‘be fair,’ you lose respect for them. Co-dependency is a huge issue. You may neglect your need for approval and partnership.

Scorpio/Pluto in the 6th: You are irked by dark, obsessive, passionate personalities. You have no patience for people who are out to ‘get revenge’ and hold grudges. You can’t stand paranoia or mind games. You may neglect your own need for passion and soul-deep connections.

Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 6th [?]: You don’t like flakes, irresponsible people, or those who don’t take things seriously. You don’t understand mindless optimism. You might think gambling is really stupid. You don’t like blunt, tactless personalities. You might neglect your need to be a little reckless, indulgent, and irresponsible every now and then. 

Capricorn/Saturn in the 6th: You think people who take everything too seriously are stupid. You might not like loners. You don’t like people who care too much about their reputation. You can’t stand workaholics. You might neglect your own need for professional accomplishment.

Aquarius/Uranus in the 6th: You don’t like people who seem to try too hard to be ‘weird’ and ‘unique.’ You don’t care for rebels or intellectuals. You can’t stand erratic behavior and unemotional personalities. You also don’t like people who always have to fit in to a social group. You might neglect your own need to stand out or have a group that you fit into. 

Pisces/Neptune in the 6th [?]: You might not like people who seem to have their head in the clouds. You don’t like people who are weak, apathetic, and manipulative. You have no patience for lies or delusions. You might neglect your own need to escape reality.

**Not sure if this got it right, esp with Mercury, but also Jupiter and Neptune. I’m opening the ask box for questions/comments on this post/your personal experience with 6th house planets and would appreciate feedback. 

edit: fuck it… i don’t know… tried my best… astrology is hard… just leaving this post the way it is… pls don’t take it too seriously…….

I’ve finally got round to continuing with my series of photos about the planets of the solar system! Next on my list is Venus. Venus is the second closest planet to our home star and notable for many strange oddities. For example, it has a rotational period of 243 days, whilst a year takes just 225 days. It has a diameter of ~12100km, making it very similar in size to Earth. It is often compared to Earth as its so-called twin planet, which may be true for aspects such as mass, size and proximity to the sun, but for almost everything else, they are vastly different.

Mercury | Venus | Earth | Mars

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How The Venus Signs Express Love: Valentine's Day Special

Venus in Aries: Venusian Arians are very bold and forthright in love. The object of their affection is pursued with much fervor and tenacity. Once they have their eye on you, they will not rest until you are theirs. These people usually fall in love quickly and out of it just as easily, so be careful.

Venus in Taurus: Venus enjoys being in Taurus because this is one of its ruling signs. Although they are peaceful creatures, they are quite stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. But once they fall for you, they are loyal to the bitter end. Their love is steadfast and unyielding once given.

Venus in Gemini: Venusian Geminians are very fickle when it comes to love. They often flit about from person to person and need mental stimulation in order to keep from getting bored in their relationships. If you can’t give them good conversation, you can forget ever making it to the bedroom with them.

Venus in Cancer: Venusian Cancerians are highly sentimental creatures, especially in love. Once you are in a relationship with them, you become their family and these people will go to great lengths to protect you. Appealing to them from an emotional standpoint is the way into their heart.

Venus in Leo: You can always expect grandiose expressions of love with a Venusian Leo, and they expect the same from you in return. In order for them to want to pursue you, you must have something about your look which is regal and glamorous. Once you have captured their heart, they will treat you like the royalty you are.

Venus in Virgo: Venusian Virgos aren’t what one would call a sentimental fool. It takes quite a bit for them to even admit they’re in love due to their overly critical nature of potential partners. They already have a checklist in their minds of the kind of person they want, and if you don’t meet the requirements, they won’t even bother.

Venus in Libra: Venus thoroughly enjoys being in Libra due to it being its other ruling planet. Venus rules relationships and Libra is the sign of partnership. A Venus in Libra craves romantic relationships more than your average Venus placement. Venusian Librans want nothing more than to find their other half.

Venus in Scorpio: Venusian Scorpions are very dark and intense when it comes to love. Their love isn’t easily given, but once you have it, it’s forever. In negative manifestations, this expression of love can become overly obsessive and destructive. What they desire most in relationships is intimacy through shared pain.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venusian Sagittarians are free spirits in love. If they decide to pursue a relationship with you, you must understand their need for freedom. Attempting to put out the fire in their hearts will only push them away. These people love adventure, so you can be sure they will bring you along for the ride.

Venus in Capricorn: Venusian Capricorns treat love like a business project. It’s something that they must see through to the end. Capricorn energy is very guarded, but if you can break down their walls and provide them with monetary stability as well as help them along their journey, you can be sure you will have a partner for life.

Venus in Aquarius: Venusian Aquarians are eccentric in love. They won’t go for just anyone. There must be something about you that stands out from everyone else. These people don’t go for “normal” relationships. Some of them might even forego relationships altogether just to be different.

Venus in Pisces: Venus loves being in Pisces due to its exaltation here. Venusian Pisceans are incredibly creative, emotional people who are in love with love. They enjoy sweet romantic gestures, especially reciprocating them. Some of them tend to wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, but don’t fault them for it. It’s just their nature.

  • Venus in the 1st house: Beautiful expression
  • Venus in the 2nd house: Beautiful voice
  • Venus in the 3rd house: Beautiful mind
  • Venus in the 4th house: Beautiful spirit
  • Venus in the 5th house: Beautiful lover
  • Venus in the 6th house: Beautiful sacrifice
  • Venus in the 7th house: Beautiful reflection
  • Venus in the 8th house: Beautiful disguise
  • Venus in the 9th house: Beautiful intellect
  • Venus in the 10th house: Beautiful presence
  • Venus in the 11th house: Beautiful philanthropist
  • Venus in the 12th house: Beautiful secret

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant


Glyph ( ♀)

Ruler of Taurus and Libra
Exalted in Pisces
Detriment in Aries and Scorpio
Fall in Virgo

Time Spent in a Sign: About 2 months (4-5 weeks)

Mythology behind Venus
Sometimes confused as being a star because of how bright it shines in the night sky, Venus has always been associated with beauty. In Greek Mythology, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, went by the name of Aphrodite. Aphrodite is associated with the planet Venus and surprisingly enough, her Roman equivalent is Venus. Aphrodite was seen as a beautiful Goddess making heads turn whenever she walked in, but she also possessed a lot of envy and jealousy. Vain even, is Aphrodite. The dark side of her; femme fatale. And yet, we all have a dark side to our love, because all that glitters is not gold.

Venus in Astrology
All matters of the heart stem from Venus. What we value, what we hold near and dear to our heart, what we find pleasure in, how we love, how we dress, what we find beautiful is all determined by our Venus sign. Not to mention, Venus also represents money! More than anything, your relationships and friendships are all influenced under this planet. We all go about obtaining love or even showing it in different ways. Some are rather bold and direct about their love whereas others are shy and private about it. Each Venus sign goes about love differently. Each Venus sign finds different things beautiful. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So how does Venus express her love for people and things when it’s placed in a certain sign?

Venus in Aries
Venus is detriment in Aries. Love should be passionate and playful with an Aries Venus. They approach the matters of the heart in a direct and conquering way.

Venus in Taurus
Venus is domicile in Taurus. Love should be a stable and solid bond between two with a Taurus Venus. They approach matters of the heart in a careful and steady way.

Venus in Gemini
Love should be light hearted and humorous with Venus in Gemini. They approach matters of the heart in a comical and playful way.

Venus in Cancer
Love should be an emotional and strong bond between two with Venus in Cancer. They approach matters of the heart in a sentimental and gentle way.

Venus in Leo
Love should be pure happiness and captivating with Venus in Leo. They approach matters of the heart in a generous and confident way.

Venus in Virgo
Venus is in fall in Virgo. Love should be nurturing and grounded with a Virgo Venus. They approach matters of the heart in an intelligent way because they are cautious people.

Venus in Libra
Venus is domicile in Libra. Love should be fair and harmonious with Libra Venus. They approach matters of the heart in a non-judgmental and kindhearted way.

Venus in Scorpio
Venus is detriment in Scorpio. Love should be a strong, intimate bond between two with a Scorpio Venus. They approach matters of the heart in a cautious way because of how guarded and private they are.

Venus in Sagittarius
Love should be full of memories and know no limits with Venus in Sagittarius. They approach matters of the heart in a dominating and playful way.

Venus in Capricorn
Love should be something serious and motivational with Venus in Capricorn. They approach matters of the heart in a realistic and controlled way.

Venus in Aquarius
Love does not see physical features, but instead the beauty from within with Venus in Aquarius. They approach matters of the heart with no judgement and in a unique way.

Venus in Pisces
Venus is exalted in Pisces. Love is unconditional and love is all consuming with Venus in Pisces. They approach matters of the heart in a creative and hopeful way.

The house in a horoscope is WHERE stuff happens.
The sign in a horoscope is HOW stuff happens.

Say you have Venus in Pisces in the 3rd house. 

here would be an enjoyment in talking, the desire (Venus) to verbally (3rd house) relate (Venus). Talking is the sphere of life Venus and Pisces expresses itself through. 

In terms of house rulership

Venus “rules” both peaceful Taurus and socially responsive Libra. So when Venus is in either of these two signs she expresses most powerfully.
In fact the rulership theme is so strong, a connection can be made in the birth chart between where a planet is and where it rules. 

Look at this chart above. The individual has Sun in Gemini in the 1st house, the turquoise symbol. The Sun rules Leo and Leo is the ruler of the person’s 3rd house, the red symbol. If you look to where the Sun is in the chart, up in the 1st house, it makes the Sun the ruler of the 1st and 3rd house. The sun falls into the third house of communication if placed in Leo where it rules, it creates a connection between these two houses. So the clever self presentation gains a strong verbal component (third house). And I assure you this person loves (sun) to talk (third).  By tying together self presentation (1st house) with the house of communication (3rd house) you unearth a POCKET OF CONSCIOUSNESS, an emphasis in personality.

Developed emotional natures

Developed emotionally

Moon Conjunct/Sextile/Trine :
Sun (sensitive, decisive, understanding)
Venus (social graces, etiquette, diplomatic, cultured)
Jupiter (spiritual, tolerant, patient, broad minded) 
Saturn* (wisdom, structured, patient)
Neptune (compassion, idealism, insightful)

Maturity Issues

Moon Square/Opposite/Inconjunct (possibly)
Sun (issues with own needs, can send out mixed messages, internal contradictions, frustrates others, focus issues, directionless, flip flopping)
Mercury (inconjunction causes issues expressing ego, trouble expressing needs, asking for what they want or expect from others)
Venus (inconjunction issues expressing what is wanted from others, troubles expressing graces, acknowledging needs)
Mars (overly competitive, aggressive, hot and cold nature, conflict ridden, impatient, angry, tantrums)
Jupiter (unrealistic, empty promises, gluttony, responsibility issues, unreliable)
Saturn* (depression, unresponsive emotionally, rigid, too structured, trouble unwinding, judgmental, critical)

Moon in any aspect to Uranus can cause erratic emotions and immaturity issues.

Moon in aspect to Pluto can either cause mature or immaturity depending on the same of the chart and how someone chooses to use Plutonic energy.

*Saturn* Saturns conjunction can produce better maturity with time, but can also swing both ways for better or worse

The Venus Signs

Aries Venus: Fun-loving. They want a relationship in which they can be best friends and lovers. They want true happiness in their relationship. At the same time though, they may be daring (especially if they have other Aries placements) in their relationships. If they see an issue, they want to be open to their partner and discuss the issue. Constant stimulation in the relationship will help the Aries Venus put aside their independence and have them indulge themselves in the relationship. 

Taurus Venus: Many Taurus Venus natives may guard their heart with armor and a shield. So when they finally let go and immerse themselves in a relationship, they may need constant cuddling and reaffirmation. They can get possessive; they don’t want to lose someone special and get hurt- again. Give Taurus Venusians time to be comfortable with you, and they can be the most devoted lover.

Gemini Venus: The conversationalists. These people win your heart through their witty jokes and playful banter. They need someone they can talk to for hours on end who will laugh at their jokes and keep them engaged and happy. While they dislike being tied down, they still do love a lighthearted, no strings attached partner. A less attached, more talkative Venus in Aries could describe an Gemini Venusian. 

Cancer Venus: In exchange for your commitment and love, a Cancer Venusian will provide you with security and constant love. In relationships, they can give almost ‘motherly’ love. They will care for you and you will never be left wondering of their feelings for you; but if you do something to betray their trust, it’ll be .5 seconds until they go cold. They like predictability, and guard their heart so much that they will instantly retreat if they get hurt.

Leo Venus: They love the ‘spark’ in the relationship and are big-hearted, especially towards their special someone. They are a grand lover, and love to let people know of their wonderful relationship. They’re fun and love doing activities with their partner. They crave physical affection and are in a constant state of wanting to cuddle, or depending on the person, may have a high need for sex. 

Virgo Venus: These people are so unflirtatious that it can easily be mistaken as uninterested; but they will devote their full self to you. They are reliable and love more privately. They appreciate you and the little things about you- it’s adorable. They desire a genuine lover and someone who understands that they love them but still need their space.

Libra Venus: These people are willing and kind, even polite in love. They are predictable and fair to their partner. They love constant communication in a relationship. They want someone who cares as much as they do, and want to listen to them talk. They are the epitome of the golden rule- they treat you tenderly and kindly- just as they’d like to be treated.

Scorpio Venus: Feelings run deep in a Scorpio Venusian. They aren’t interested in a relationship that’s short and “time-wasting.” They want every aspect of a perfect lover- someone who has no commitment issues and loves them completely and fully. They may keep secrets, but they don’t want you to. They throw themselves completely into a relationship.

Sagittarius Venus: They want their relationship to better themselves. They want to grow; they want their lover to be good for them and vice-versa. They are believers and have a big smile that lights up their partner’s life. They are easily intimidated and will run away from their lover at any red flags. They want to travel & fall in love with the world, as well as their lover.

Capricorn Venus: They try to express their responsibility and dependability to their lover. They aren’t completely immersed in love, but if a relationship opportunity is present and it appeals to them, it’s unlikely they would turn it down. Their love is secure, but only if they are truly in love will you be their number one priority. 

Aquarius Venus: They are similar to Aries Venus natives in the sense that they need to find a friend in their partner as well as a lover. They guard their hearts with 10 layers of steel, and it’s not easy to get in; but if you do, it will be a willing and open minded experience of sensuality. They are not super possessive- the just want to have a good time and feel loved. 

Pisces Venus: The idealistic dreamy and sensual lover. They’re suckers for romance and could think about it all day. They love their partner wholly and are intrigued by what could be. They will always love you and take care of your heart tenderly, so long as you do the same. They are so open that they may have commitment issues, but when they find someone they truly love, you will experience the magic of being loved by a Pisces Venusian. 

Positive Expression VS Negative Express of Venus in a House ♀

Venus is the planet of love and luxury. Within this comes with concerns of inner-circle relationships such as love affairs and friendships, as well as relationships you have within the business world. Venus desires harmony with what we attach ourselves to. However, with every planet comes positive expression of it and a negative expression of it.

Venus in the 1st house: POSITIVE: Magnetic personality, charming, diplomatic and genuine. NEGATIVE: Passive-aggressive, shallow, plays dumb and two-faced.

Venus in the 2nd house: POSITIVE: Good taste, an aesthete, strong sense of values and lucky. NEGATIVE: Hedonistic, a spendthrift, materialistic and critical.

Venus in the 3rd house: POSITIVE: Charismatic, creative, peacekeeper and a good mediator. NEGATIVE: Schmoozer, schemer, dishonest and uncommitted. 

Venus in the 4th house: POSITIVE: Sentimental, nurturing, artistic and an entertainer. NEGATIVE: Clingy, dependent, overprotective and demanding. 

Venus in the 5th house: POSITIVE: Sensual, lively, affectionate and loyal. NEGATIVE: Overindulges, party-animal, dramatic and childish. 

Venus in the 6th house: POSITIVE: Practical, understanding, conscious and detail-oriented. NEGATIVE: Unromantic, critical, smothering and squeamish. 

Venus the 7th house: POSITIVE: Endearing, sociable, loving and considerate   NEGATIVE: Pushover, clingy, taxing and fake. 

Venus in the 8th house: POSITIVE: Seductive, passionate, devoted and intriguing. NEGATIVE: Intense, easily-bored, envious and lacks self-control. 

Venus in the 9th house: POSITIVE: Helpful, adventurous, understanding and intuitive. NEGATIVE: Easily dissatisfied, uncommitted, distant and erratic.

Venus in the 10th house: POSITIVE: Admirable, optimistic, well-spoken and organized. NEGATIVE: Aloof, superficial, lazy and ingenue. 

Venus in the 11th house: POSITIVE: Friendly, thoughtful, unique and gregarious. NEGATIVE: Pleasure-seeker, too idealistic, over-indulger and strange.

Venus in the 12th house: POSITIVE: Nonjudgemental, compassionate, sacrificial and helpful. NEGATIVE: Distrusting, secretive, loner and self-conscious. 

aries, masculine expression of mars - daylight, charges recklessly into the world
scorpio, feminine expression of mars - undertakes battles internally, waging self destructive wars, nocturnal 

taurus, feminine expression of venus - self satisfies, personal pleasures 
libra, masculine expression of venus - relationship oriented, shared experience

gemini, masculine expression of mercury - quantity of mind 
virgo, feminine expression of mercury - quality of mind

sagittarius, masculine expression of jupiter - searches for the spiritual temple 
pisces, feminine expression of jupiter - becomes the spiritual temple 

capricorn, feminine expression of saturn - emotion, sadness, nocturnal, personal responsibilities  
aquarius, masculine expression of saturn - flexible, social responsibilities


appeal & reaction


venus, traditionally considered a planet of feminine energy, tends to be seen as a woman’s primary energy to appeal to a suitor. venus is characterized by beauty, art, romance, and a gentle sense of harmony. venus in each sign can provide keen insight how not only a woman or feminine person (primarily) will attempt to appeal to someone, but how the other person will react to it.

venus in aries:

appeals by - being shamelessly themselves. loves to strut their independence. 

reacts to another’s venus by - rolling their eyes. they think they can get me so easy? puh-lease. if you’re gonna talk the talk, walk the walk. also will be like “that’s cool and all but did u know i am the best bc” 

venus in taurus:

appeals by - displaying their sensual side; soft but firm. will present themselves as goddesses but still shower the person with the same divinity. 

reacts to another’s venus by - acting unimpressed like a stubborn bull because they lowkey are eating it all up (lol) but don’t want to make it too obvious. 

venus in gemini:

appeals by - speaking their minds. like to be seen as youthful so they will act a bit naive and/or impish. 

reacts to another’s venus by - giggling like a child, dishing out a plate out of jokes, acting really suave about it. 

venus in cancer:

appeals by - displaying their maternal side, acting like a clingy mom. even if they are not keen to the idea of being an actual mother, they have an innate nurturing quality to them.

reacts to another’s venus by - somehow guilting them into having to feel sympathy and reassure them. 

venus in leo:

appeals by - presenting themselves as royalty that can’t be missed. will want to keep your attention all on them - will do or say things to accomplish such. 

reacts to another’s venus by - soaking up every form of flattery ever. they just feed off of anything you say and feel the crowns stacking up on their heads. 

venus in virgo:

appeals by - being a class act. even if they’re partying in the shadiest club of all time, they still act as though they’re in some upscale museum being as proper as can be. 

reacts to another’s venus by - being modest. can be overly critical and analyze the person harshly. 

venus in libra: 

appeals by - simply appealing. charming the life out of people. while virgo venus is more an abrasive class act, libra venus is a graceful one. 

reacts to another’s venus by - out classing you. knowing what to say so that it can elicit an ill-response that they can then resolve it and seem like they’re just trying to keep the peace. 

venus in scorpio:

appeals by - keeping people guessing. they like to give away bits and pieces here and there, maintain the mystery of it all, but will want to treat you like an open book and pull information from you.

reacts to another’s venus by - either not caring or lowkey obsessing over it. either way they express what seems to be indifference so the other person is just kind of like ??? did my attempt to appeal to them fail or ???

venus in sagittarius:

appeals by - being a loose cannon. likes to seem carefree & wildé, kind of wanders. gets deep/fake deep, likes to teach you things. 

reacts to another’s venus by - laughing it off, acting like they have other things to do & explore, turning it into some life lesson. 

venus in capricorn:

appeals by - seeming influential, wiser than other people. wants to be the dominant one so they like to direction things to go their way. 

reacts to another’s venus by - feeling almighty. as if they’re always in regards to their regulations. 

venus in aquarius:

appeals by - expressing their uniqueness/rebellion, being weird, getting a reaction out of others, being real buddy-buddy with you, making it seem like there’s no one else like them. 

reacts to another’s venus by - shrugging it off or being self-righteous, kind of like ‘ya i know’. could try to out weird you. turns the situation into something less serious. 

venus in pisces:

appeals by - displaying their ~otherworldliness~. sag venus seems to always be roaming while a pisces venus seems to always be lost. put up a damsel in distress front, willing to do anything. 

reacts to another’s venus by - overcompensating out of vulnerability to try to manipulate a situation to their benefit by playing the martyr card. 

a study by Britannica in 2009 highlighted that the highest number of writers fell under the sun sign of taurus. taureans can make teriffic writers, because they can think of 16 different ways to say something. and then colour it more beautifully every time. venus expressed through taurus, libra, or in its exalted, pisces reveals this quality and bring a sophisticated, elegant and didactic articulation