What your birth chart will teach you
  • Sun: Why do I act and express myself the way I do
  • Moon: Why do I react and feel the way I do
  • Ascendent: Why do I see and meet the world the way I do
  • Mercury: Why do I think and communicate the way I do
  • Venus: Why do I express affection the way I do
  • Mars: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do
  • Jupiter: Where do I feel most confident and where do I push my luck
  • Saturn: Where do I feel most anxious and where do I need to realize authority
  • Uranus: Where do I rebel and innovate
  • Neptune: Where do I lose touch with reality and how do I escape it
  • Pluto: Where do I feel most powerless and how do I need to let go of ego to transform
  • Midheaven: What do I want to achieve and who do I want to become
  • Descendent: What do I project on other people
  • Immum Coeli: How has my upbringing affected my psychological roots
How The Venus Signs Express Love: Valentine's Day Special

Venus in Aries: Venusian Arians are very bold and forthright in love. The object of their affection is pursued with much fervor and tenacity. Once they have their eye on you, they will not rest until you are theirs. These people usually fall in love quickly and out of it just as easily, so be careful.

Venus in Taurus: Venus enjoys being in Taurus because this is one of its ruling signs. Although they are peaceful creatures, they are quite stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. But once they fall for you, they are loyal to the bitter end. Their love is steadfast and unyielding once given.

Venus in Gemini: Venusian Geminians are very fickle when it comes to love. They often flit about from person to person and need mental stimulation in order to keep from getting bored in their relationships. If you can’t give them good conversation, you can forget ever making it to the bedroom with them.

Venus in Cancer: Venusian Cancerians are highly sentimental creatures, especially in love. Once you are in a relationship with them, you become their family and these people will go to great lengths to protect you. Appealing to them from an emotional standpoint is the way into their heart.

Venus in Leo: You can always expect grandiose expressions of love with a Venusian Leo, and they expect the same from you in return. In order for them to want to pursue you, you must have something about your look which is regal and glamorous. Once you have captured their heart, they will treat you like the royalty you are.

Venus in Virgo: Venusian Virgos aren’t what one would call a sentimental fool. It takes quite a bit for them to even admit they’re in love due to their overly critical nature of potential partners. They already have a checklist in their minds of the kind of person they want, and if you don’t meet the requirements, they won’t even bother.

Venus in Libra: Venus thoroughly enjoys being in Libra due to it being its other ruling planet. Venus rules relationships and Libra is the sign of partnership. A Venus in Libra craves romantic relationships more than your average Venus placement. Venusian Librans want nothing more than to find their other half.

Venus in Scorpio: Venusian Scorpions are very dark and intense when it comes to love. Their love isn’t easily given, but once you have it, it’s forever. In negative manifestations, this expression of love can become overly obsessive and destructive. What they desire most in relationships is intimacy through shared pain.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venusian Sagittarians are free spirits in love. If they decide to pursue a relationship with you, you must understand their need for freedom. Attempting to put out the fire in their hearts will only push them away. These people love adventure, so you can be sure they will bring you along for the ride.

Venus in Capricorn: Venusian Capricorns treat love like a business project. It’s something that they must see through to the end. Capricorn energy is very guarded, but if you can break down their walls and provide them with monetary stability as well as help them along their journey, you can be sure you will have a partner for life.

Venus in Aquarius: Venusian Aquarians are eccentric in love. They won’t go for just anyone. There must be something about you that stands out from everyone else. These people don’t go for “normal” relationships. Some of them might even forego relationships altogether just to be different.

Venus in Pisces: Venus loves being in Pisces due to its exaltation here. Venusian Pisceans are incredibly creative, emotional people who are in love with love. They enjoy sweet romantic gestures, especially reciprocating them. Some of them tend to wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, but don’t fault them for it. It’s just their nature.

Time does not heal wounds for Taurus but rather embalms the memory
time moves quicker than Gemini realises
Pisces is the past, the present, and the future
Libra is the day expression of Venus, and Taurus the night
Capricorn is chronos - mortality, and Cancer is kairos - spirit’s time
Aquarius has lived a past life in the future
Sagittarius operates on spirit’s time, this is evident in their sense of prophecy
Your birthday is how many times you have encircled the sun since your first breath, everyday is Leo’s birthday
time is very loud in Virgo’s ear. Virgo is the night and nocturnal expression of Mercury.
Aries is the big bang replaying over and over, a billion years of creation expresses through their essence
Scorpio does not measure age by years but rather perished selves, reborn, renewed

The sun signs in their opposite genders

Aries: as the most masculine of the masculine signs, Aries is polarizing in women.  She is loud, passionate, and enthusiastic, and people may find her irritating because she is more outgoing and selfish than women are expected to be.  She sticks to her truth and speaks her mind and may make people uncomfortable.  She might feel guilty about speaking too much when she sees how people respond to her and could become strangely withdrawn.  She is a loyal and protective friend who is apt to be compassionate and honest.  She probably has a lot of friends who are men and thinks that she gets along better with men than women.

Taurus: although ruled by the feminine planet Venus, Taurus is expressed rather peacefully in men.  He is patient, friendly, and likable, but he doesn’t talk much.  He is attractive and seems to have many friends, but he is shy and humble.  He is no womanizer, but he is popular among women due to his gentle nature and good looks.  He is stable and does well in everything but rarely ever exceeds.  He may be prone to shallowness and hedonism but he is always well-liked.  He is nondescript and never flashy and he enjoys the physical pleasures of life.

Gemini: the Gemini woman is seen as the ultimate devil due to the fact that she is not a Cancer, and therefore, not attached.  She is outgoing, charismatic, and incredibly charming.  Everyone likes her but they become annoyed when she doesn’t like them as much; she can’t help it, everyone seems to “click” with her.  She is hard to hold onto and even harder to understand, and that’s why people like her.  She doesn’t follow the standard rules of the woman, and that’s intriguing, although people ultimately think she is cold (on the inside, she isn’t).

Cancer: as the most feminine of the feminine signs, Cancer is often a difficult sign in men.  He is caring and emotional but society has convinced him that he shouldn’t be.  He is often extremely apathetic, going against his true nature, or violent, due to his not knowing how to handle his excessive emotions.  He is hyper-masculine and probably depends a lot on his mother.  He is not always a bad person, but he rarely understands that emotion and masculinity are not mutually exclusive.

Leo: the Leo woman is, like the Gemini woman, very much herself.  She is funny and friendly and people adore her, but shyer women tend to criticize her and claim that she’s seeking attention.  She does, in fact, seek attention, and she is in constant denial of that fact.  She is very romantic and often has crushes on people who give her attention.  She is loyal, but she doesn’t understand privacy and has a tendency to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong, simply because she doesn’t have much of a concept of what is and isn’t her business.

Virgo: the Virgo man is a smart, witty person who belongs to a friend group.  He seems unfriendly and people often think he is snobby, but his friends know him to be dependable and supportive.  He might be overly intellectual and, although he is emotional, detached.  He is private but he enjoys debate and sharing his opinions.  He is a good listener and an especially good friend.  He is funny, ambitious, and caring, but he has poor delivery.  

Libra: as the most feminine of the masculine signs, Libra translates easily into the feminine archetype.  She is fair, beautiful, and caring, and people like her immediately.  She can be prone to gossip and may be overly idealistic, but she has a kind heart.  She is often extremely submissive and has few of her own opinions and ideas.  She may be critical of women who aren’t original while not being original herself.

Scorpio: due to his Mars rulership, the Scorpio man fits a certain archetype of masculinity.  He is passionate, hardworking, and magnetic.  People find him very attractive and he has a voracious sexual appetite.  He is loving and loyal, but is possessive and obsessive.  When unstable, he can easily become abusive.  He has a dark sense of humor and is highly selective and not very friendly, but he has a lot of drive and is an interesting person.

Sagittarius: the Sagittarius woman is fairly similar to the Sagittarius man.  She values freedom but craves company, enjoys stability but is apt to abandon it.  She has excellent luck and is a truly dependable and kind person, although she is very righteous and has a hard time owning up to her mistakes.  She has many friends but is close to no one.  She is athletic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving, and she gets along pretty well with everyone.  She may use her femininity as a shield to protect herself from criticism.

Capricorn: as the most masculine of the feminine signs, Capricorn is right at home in a man.  He is ambitious, hardworking, and stable, but is conservative, stubborn, and extremely traditional.  He enjoys providing for his loved ones but might be quite greedy when giving to those outside of his household.  He is not particularly friendly nor likable and he is cold and withdrawn.  However, he harbors a secretly deep emotional life and loves fully.  He is a wonderful friend and a caring person but he struggles to reconcile his public and private lives.

Aquarius: the Aquarius woman is the only one to rival Gemini in terms of being controversial.  She is detached, intelligent, and thoroughly unromantic, meaning that it is difficult for society to trap her in a feminine role she does not desire. She is brilliant and never petty but she is prone to intense narcissism and is not loyal at all.  She rejects most traditionally feminine things and strives to set herself apart from other women.  She is strange, awkward, and may pretend to like she things that she doesn’t or vice versa merely to stand out.

Pisces: like Cancer, Pisces is a tough sign for a man to have.  He is emotional, kind, and creative, but he doesn’t know how to channel his emotions and filter his passion, so he procrastinates or devotes himself entirely to one thing while neglecting everything else.  He is a great partner and friend but he lacks maturity and ambition.  He is a good person with a gentle disposition on the inside and he always does the right thing when it occurs to him.  He is, however, very irresponsible and highly dependent.

Venus Signs in Astrology

**Important: Despite the information below, EVERY relationship with love and understanding has a chance at turning into something great. Don’t let astrology hinder you from initiating a relationship.**

Venus in Aries

How They Express Love: Obvious Flirtation, Impressive Actions, Immaturity, Loyalty, Intensity

What They Require: Excitement, Adventure, Wisdom, Spontaneity, Intensity, Physical Touch

What They Provide: Passion, Impulsiveness, Protection, Care, Dominance

Best Venus Signs for Aries: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Worst Venus Signs for Aries: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Venus in Taurus

How They Express Love: Cheerfulness, Companionship, Loyalty, Looking Presentable

What They Require: Peacefulness, Physical Touch, Luxury, Indulgence, Pleasure, Seriousness

What They Provide: Sensuality, Romance, Innocence, Knowledge, Comfort

Best Venus Signs for Taurus: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio

Worst Venus Signs for Taurus: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Venus in Gemini

How They Express Love: Sociable, Romantic, Connection, Charm

What They Require: Happiness, Youth, Friendship, Expression, Communication

What They Provide: Knowledge, Humor, Fun, Romance

Best Venus Signs for Gemini: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Cancer

Worst Venus Signs for Gemini: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn

Venus in Cancer

How They Express Love: Emotions, Shy, Introverted, Sensitive, Worrisome, Solace

What They Require: Material Gifts, A Listener, Humor, Tenderness, Old-Fashioned

What They Provide: Nuture, Care, Protection, Affection, Unconditional Love

Best Venus Signs for Cancer: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Gemini

Worst Venus Signs for Cancer: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Venus in Leo

How They Express Love: Loyalty, Romance, Sweetness, Companionship

What They Require: Devotion, Pampering, Compliments, Luxury, Validation

What They Provide: Attention, Generosity, Care, Affection, Courage

Best Venus Signs for Leo: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra

Worst Venus Signs for Leo: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Venus in Virgo

How They Express Love: Shyness, Anxiousness, Listerners, Privacy, Intelligence

What They Require: Peace, Organization, Class, Wit, Sophistication

What They Provide: Time, Effort, Intelligence, Purity, Healing

Best Venus Signs for Virgo: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio

Worst Venus Signs for Virgo: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius

Venus in Libra

How They Express Love: Flirtation, Romance, Protection, Praise

What They Require: Harmony, Balance, Positivity, Guidance, Sociableness

What They Provide: Kindness, Willingness, Fairness, Compromise, Gentleness

Best Venus Signs for Libra: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius

Worst Venus Signs for Libra: Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces

Venus in Scorpio

How They Express Love: Intensity, Loyalty, Honesty, Verbally

What They Require: Intimacy, Control, Maturity, Respect, Secrets, Intensity

What They Provide: Faithfulness, Intensity, Protection, Sexuality, Mystery, Depth

Best Venus Signs for Scorpio: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Worst Venus Signs for Scorpio: Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

Venus in Sagittarius

How They Express Love: Calmness, Irritation, Pessimism, Realism,

What They Require: Praise, Admiration, Stories, Opportunity, Movement

What They Provide: Exploration, Sincerity, Upfrontness, Honesty, Joy

Best Venus Signs for Sagittarius: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn

Worst Venus Signs for Sagittarius: Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer

Venus in Capricorn

How They Express Love: Shyness, Anxiousness, Seems Cold and Rude, Awkward

What They Require: Safety, Wealth, Pamper, Romance, Relaxation, Encouragement

What They Provide: Inspiration, Wisdom, Responsibility, Trustworthy, Warmth, Stability

Best Venus Signs for Capricorn: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Worst Venus Signs for Capricorn: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo, 

Venus in Aquarius

How They Express Love: Shy at First, Extroverted Later, Curiousity, Adoration, Humor

What They Require: Uniqueness, Independence, Connections, Imagination, Adventure, Intelligence

What They Provide: Spontaneity, Fun, Provocation, Friendship, Insight

Best Venus Signs for Aquarius: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Worst Venus Signs for Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo

Venus in Pisces

How They Express Love: Romance, Niceness, Complimenting, Talkative,

What They Require: Emotional Support, A Savior, To Escape, Dreams, Beauty, Tranquility

What They Provide: Sensuality, Unconditional Love, Tenderness, Protection, Empathy

Best Venus Signs for Pisces: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Worst Venus Signs for Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra

Taurus is beautiful in its strength and weaknesses.

People feel that boredom is inevitable when you strive for too much stability and comfort, which is what Taurus represents. People fear that a lack of variety means a lack of fun. However, it’s ironic that people say this, yet will strive to have the comfortable, beautiful, and stable life Taurus represents. Why else would the majority of society strive to look beautiful and have a steady income?

Taurus is beautiful because it is the sign that rules the physical senses. They are sensitive to sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Due to this sensitivity, they know exactly how to charm the senses and attract others. They are the feminine expression of Venus. Unlike Libra, who will charm people externally by socializing, Taurus will internally charm people by satisfying their inner senses. Taurus is skilled in feeling good, and they’ll make sure to make you feel good also. This is the beautiful, positive, and sensual side of Taurus everybody strives to be.

Of course, life is more than just feeling good. Life is more than just being stuck in your comfort zone. Life is more than just feeling beautiful. Sure, Taurus is skilled in satisfying the five senses, since it is an Earth sign that is adept with working with the physical world and physical senses. However, there are many senses that are not physically present, and these are the senses Taurus can’t reach.

This is why people get bored of staying in the comfort zone even though they worked so hard to get there. This is why people feel empty when they can only feel beautiful and nothing else. This is why people feel that money can’t buy genuine happiness. This is the shallow, negative, and suffocating side of Taurus everybody dreads to be.

venus in the houses & photos

venus in the 1st: embodied the venus sign beautifully to put it simply (venus in scorpio in 1st - brooding expression but mysteriously enchanting; venus in libra in 1st - saccharine quality, seemingly romantic; etc) 

venus in the 2nd: facial features that are wide-set apart (wide-set eyes/wide mouths), love to show off their apparel because they are aesthetes 

venus in the 3rd: expressive, beauty in the moment, lots of hand movements and laughing

venus in the 4th: glasses are common, an evident vulnerability, part of their beauty is heavily set in their ability to showcase emotion 

venus in the 5th: almost a devious vibe, smirks are common, kind of remind me of sassy children 

venus in the 6th: almost expressionless, beauty that is offered rather than taken 

venus in the 7th: mirror pics (which makes me laugh), pictures with/interacting with others

venus in the 8th: hypnotic gaze into the lenses of the camera, photos to put a spell on you

venus in the 9th: exotic facial features/ethnically ambiguous, pictures abroad 

venus in the 10th: professional attire, professionally made photos/photos that appear professional, large faces/heads, a beauty that is hard to ignore 

venus in the 11th: genuine smiles, kind of have a quirky component to them, large eyes

venus in the 12th: looks away from the camera/towards the ground or their eyes look hollow when looking into the camera, an evident kindness 

  • Venus in the 1st seeks positive self image. (defined by physical beauty and attracting others)
  • Venus in the 2nd seeks harmony and independent personal gain. (defined by values and expensive preferences)
  • Venus in the 3rd seeks mental stimulation and facts. (defined by knowledge)
  • Venus in the 4th seeks stability in the home and family life. (defined by splendor and marriage between the parents)
  • Venus in the 5th seeks pleasure and young love. (defined by romantic expression)
  • Venus in the 6th seeks charitable opportunities and conventional relationships. (defined by purpose and predictability)
  • Venus in the 7th seeks harmonious relationships and social peace. (defined by relationships)
  • Venus in the 8th seeks intimacy and loyalty. (defined by vulnerability and devotion)
  • Venus in the 9th seeks higher knowledge and diversity. (defined by freedom and growth)
  • Venus in the 10th seeks good reputation and recognition. (defined by successes in the career)
  • Venus in the 11th seeks group activity and love in friendship. (defined by unfamiliar friendships and unorthodox relationships)
  • Venus in the 12th seeks the deepest form of love and compassion. (defined by sacrifice and empathy.

the air signs represent the closest manifestation to human, and yet this detached unfeeling resonance barely scratches the surface. the air signs are love, their survival relies on their interaction and relationship with others - through voice (gemini) interpersonal communion (libra) and becoming ingrained in the collective (aquarius). libra is ruled by venus, the frosted coating underpinning the joy of people and the pleasurable energies created in synergy, without you, there is nothing. gemini is ruled by venus in esoteric astrology, without people, gemini cannot communicate what is meaningful and develop or streamline their ideas, their existence spirals into a hollow thought tunnel, gemini emanates the love of venus through language and the information they share; to gemini it is an act of love to inform rather than provide a few vacuous moments of sexual pleasure. the venus in libra expresses through their very being. the strawberry nectar infused with the fresh breath of air is naturally delightful and disarming for their company. libra is fragmented in the sense they feel open and leaky without the components of others to stitch the whole, not to romanticize you or please you or they as if they are a passive mirror; more to model their own being, replenish in shared pleasure. they are like the cell in the mitosis first stage of cell division. love is not in what libras say, do, or offer, its the way they are; an intrinsic, enduring solicitous concern and awareness of other people, the warm venus love milk. aquarius is on the axis of divine love (the heart).. this emanates from the sun leo and is scattered, circulated through the collective by aquarius. aquarius is the mother of humanity, born with the innate overview of the shared collective consciousness and infinite oneness, the aquarian empathy is less personal, but their sign represents all that is creativity, boundless imagination, service and healing, purity, intuition and a brilliant sixth sense, there is an electric intermixture created when air and water bearer water annex transmitting a free flowing, light, illuminating energy that replenishes and cleanses collective humanity in divine love. the air of gemini, libra and aquarius is exhaled in adoration, an inborn, tender awareness of others and inhaled in a nourishing, intellectual way. there is a sweet creamy venus, heart, and air loving fusion with the air signs, blown from the edge of a  cloud, the air signs are made of heart, and yet encased in a free floating rebounding sheet of airy bubblewrap


[art: Ina puede Enakei]

Adriana Ocampo (b. 1955) is a planetary geologist from Colombia, working as a Science Program Manager for NASA. Her research led to the discovery of the Chicxulub impact crater in Mexico, and she has led six expeditions to study it.

After completing her studies in the United States and The Netherlands, she began work as a volunteer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Some of the NASA projects to which she contributed include the Juno mission to Jupiter and the New Horizons mission to Pluto. She is also an important collaborator with the Venus Express mission undertaken by the European Space Agency.

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant

7th cups sign represents what you need in a relationship not what partner you want. 7th house cups represents how you behave when you are in a relationship, 7th house represents the part of you that you reject because you just don’t Iike or don’t want to admit that you have it in you.

Both 2nd and 7th house cups showes what you need in a relationship and how you behave in a relationship due to being ruled by Venus. Venus expresses it’s need through you, not through others.


Takayama Shinobu Artbook for Venus Express (Kinsei Tokkyuu) a light novel series by Ureshino Kimi

Okay, so I couldn’t resist buying this artbook book because Takayama Shinobu!!!!!!!! Who cares if I’ve never read the series the art is from.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve read the series, this thing is a goldmine. It’s already awesome as a standalone.

The first section has color illustrations, the second has black and white illustrations, the third has comics, and the fourth has rough sketches and a short story.

I took some pictures to give you an idea of what’s inside it. The color illustrations are especially beautiful. \o/

I feel loved when...
  • Venus in the 1st house: I am expressing myself.
  • Venus in the 2nd house: I feel secure.
  • Venus in the 3rd house: I am able to talk freely.
  • Venus in the 4th house: I feel at home.
  • Venus in the 5th house: My heart opens up.
  • Venus in the 6th house: I am helping others.
  • Venus in the 7th house: Others love me.
  • Venus in the 8th house: I have transformed.
  • Venus in the 9th house: I am free of restraint.
  • Venus in the 10th house: My hard work gains recognition.
  • Venus in the 11th house: My friends are around me.
  • Venus in the 12th house: I am left to my own thoughts.
Venus and your personal style

   Venus is an important part of finding where your interests and passions lie. Some things to know about Venus:

  • Your Moon sign expresses your Venus sign emotionally.
  • Your Mars sign expresses your Venus sign physically.
  • The House your Venus is in describes what part of life is seen as glamorous, beautiful, or enjoyable.

  Depending on the sign, house, or aspects to Venus, you may have different tastes or ideas of what is enjoyable.

  • Venus in the Fire Signs love new, bright, exciting relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when every time they look at their lover, they fall in love all over again. Colors: Rich, bright warm colors (Yellow, red, orange).
  • Venus in the Earth Signs love familiar, secure, sensual relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when things are peaceful and routine. Colors: Deep, earthly tones (green, brown, dark blues).
  • Venus in the Air Signs love intellectual, open, and light relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when they can act as friends or lovers. Colors: Airy pastels (white, light blue, yellow).
  • Venus in the Water Signs love deep, passionate, trusting relationships. They know they’ve found the one when they can trust their partner completely and be in harmony. Colors: Soft dark colors (blue, purple, red-pinks).
❀ the flower analogy ❀

Think of the Sun sign as a flower vase. This flower vase represents your core personality and interests. The first thing people notice though, are the flowers in the vase, so your Rising sign represents the flowers. The smell of the flowers, the feel of the petals, represents how your Mercury sign communicates your thoughts. The shape of the vase, the color, reminds us of how Venus expresses their style. What’s in the vase, pebbles, water, or maybe glass beads? What’s on the inside represents our Moon sign - our emotions and thoughts which we keep hidden.

Taurus and Libra

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Astrologically, we have Libra ruling the day and sunshine expression of Venus, while Taurus emanates the nocturnal, evening and moonlit expression. Taurus exalts in the Moon symbolized by the half crescent Moon in the Bull’s horns and the double lines in the Libran symbol annotate his connection with other people. Libra plays the melody of daytime - their changing face and multiple perspectives shines through the colour changes of dawn, midday and twilight like an adapting light lamp of sound and shade. Taurus values the stars in the sky, while Libra sees stars in the eyes of others. Libra is the masculine, people oriented lust inhalant Love Goddess, while Taurus is the feminine, rose petal soaked Nature Goddess.