The Official Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie (Just watch it)

The least most serious Cops and Robbers players ever
  • Jordan:Alright, question me!
  • Bethany:What's your favorite color?!
  • Jordan:Blue!!
  • Bethany:What's your name?
  • Jordan:Blue!
  • Bethany:What's your age?!
  • Jordan:Blue!!
  • Bethany:Where do you work?!!
  • Jordan:Blue!!!
  • Bethany:Crud, he's good!

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Venturian and Homeless Goomba Conversation
  • HomelessGoomba:Woah, woah, look at this right over here! Looks like someone went like this over and over (scrapes shelf back and forth across the ground)- ER-er, ER-er, ER-er, ER-er
  • Venturian:Haha. Maybe that's what they did do. Only there was like, someone under it.
  • Homeless:Hahaha!
  • Venturian:Lemme put the milk on it. (tries to put milk on shelf) This is the legendary (Homeless knocks cabinet over)-what, you ruined it! Put it back up!
  • Homeless:ER-ER ER-ER Er-
  • Venturian:Sit it up, sit it up, I need to put the milk on it!
  • Homeless:Okay.
  • Venturian:That is the legendary cabinet. And I can put the legendary milk on the legendary shelf.
  • Homeless:'kay I'll try to just *indistinct*(moves cabinet around) woah...! One second.
  • Venturian:Alright. Don't move it, don't move it. You've got this, you've got this! Here we go. (Cabinet falls over) NO!
  • Homeless:*More indistinct* ER-ER ER-(moves it around more)
  • Venturian:I have to put the milk-
  • Homeless:It won't sit up!
  • Venturian:Alright there you go-
  • Homeless:(cabinet falls again) NOO! Sit. Up. Carefully. (places cabinet)
  • Venturian:You had it...There, now the milk has to-(almost places milk)
  • Homeless:(shakes cabinet again) ERR-ERR ERR-ER- hahaha!
  • Venturian:Isaac! You're going to cause the milk to spill! And the milk is all we have left. (puts milk on shelf) There, now leave it. Slender man can't hurt us as long as we have milk...(Homeless blasts milk off shelf)...You jerk! How dare you?! That dairy product was there to make your bones strong!