Venture Compound


When you enter the Venture Industries building, you come to the huge lobby/reception area. From there, you may take a conveyor pathway (pics 3 & 4) down the right or left side of the reception desk (in pic 2) that will take you to the Command center (pics 5 & 6), to Doctor Venture’s lab (pics 7, 8, 9), to the living quarters (see next post) and the secondary hangar below the command center. Along the way is the lavish Venture executive conference room (pic 10).

The Venture Compound in St. Petersburg is clearly awesome. Check out this amazing preview they did for our show (via their FB event)

But in case you didn’t notice starting with the 14th movie adaptation (or something like that), Harry Potter has its darkness, too. At bottom it’s about class conflict (yay!) and self-creation and more generally how existence can be pretty tortuous. Yes. And we know about pretty much all of those things.

Harry and the Potters, we can approvingly declare, understand that the world’s favorite books of all time were written on welfare as everything that seemed to make sense was crumbling to dust. With their wheezeboxes and shambling pop jokes and heavy-metal pastiche, there’s a silliness – indeed! But this is punk rock! They’re loose and shambolic and free, and we like that. Hell, they’ve been around a decade and they don’t even have a dedicated URL for their website. Even WE have that.

More to the point, Harry and the Potters have spent the last ten years promoting reading, which is one of the most powerful forms of what Michel Foucault called the “care of the self” – the process of becoming what we want to be, freeing ourselves from the structures that we were born into, and in turn achieving real freedom.
See, we read stuff. AND LOOK AT US NOW, MA.

So there it is. Harry and the Potters at The Venture Compound. They might not be real wizards, but nobody’s perfect.


Doors 8pm
Music by
Mountain Holler
Kersey Williams
More TBA

Artist’s Statement

V.I.T.R.I.O.L, or Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, is a Latin alchemical maxim, which translates to “visit the interior of the Earth, rectify, and there you will find the hidden stone”. Alternately, Oil of Vitriol, or Sulphuric Acid, is a substance used in the process of the alchemical Great Work, and it has the ability to dissolve all base metals with the exception of Gold.

Thusly, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is an exploration into the transformative powers of art, when combined with emotion and spirit. It is the transmutation of the artist as seeker, reflected through the work, and back again. The gradual melting away of the dross, leaving behind only refined and cultivated Beauty. I relate my artwork to the Caput Mortuum, while simultaneously acknowledging its value, as proof of the success of the operation. So too, can our lives and experiences, be viewed as the residual pieces of a performance of a grander scale.

As above, so below.

As a lifelong artist and student of the occult, my works incorporate themes from alchemy, mythology, and comparative religion, among other sources. They attempt to explore and define aspects of an Ouroboric, self-analytic process, but filtered through my own spiritual-emotional lens. Most people refer to this process as “Magick”. After moving to St. Petersburg in 2009, I began to explore the potential of conjoining my spiritual and creative paths. The show represents a milestone in that journey, in creative terms, but also in terms of personal growth. As such, my artwork, along with my connection to it, are proof of the continued successes of that journey.


The Venture Compound living quarters are to the left of the Venture Industries building as you face the main entrance.The main entry to the living quarters is on the right side of pic 1 (exterior main entry not shown). It opens into a foyer (pic 3) with one main hallway extending straight ahead to the living room (pics 5 & 6). As you enter the living quarters, there is a staircase on the right (pic 4) that leads to the 2nd floor bedrooms and attic (see next post). To the left of the entrance way is a narrow hallway which has not been used in any of the episodes, so that part of the living quarters is still unknown. There is a closet for coats and such right there.

The conveyor pathway from the main Venture Industries building can take you from the main lobby/reception area all the way to the living room through the door in the far left corner (pic 5, door is outlined in blue) at the end of the hallway (black marble floors). In pic 6, Dr. Venture is looking over his shoulder to the door to the kitchen (pics 7 & 8). The view in pic 7 is from the doorway that you can see to the left in pic 8. Also, in that same pic, the window looks out over the pool. The kitchen windows are all the way to the left in pic 1.

The living room also opens out on to the poolside patio through sliding glass doors (pic 9).  The deep end of the pool has windows looking into rooms in the basement (next post).