Venture Brothers

I’m seeing alot of shit being thrown at adult animation since the whole Sausage Party script leak, and while I absolutely agree that much more could be done with the genre, I don’t think it’s the cultural wasteland it’s being portrayed as.

When people usually think adult animation, most seem to think of Family Guy-type shows or the stoner stuff that used to rule Adult Swim. But actually, I feel like there are lots of really damn good shows on NOW that are being ignored. 

What about shows like Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman, and The Venture Brothers. All of them are things you would never want your 4 year old nephew to watch, but I know personally know people who have had very emotional connections with each of these shows. I’ve legit teared up at Bojack Horseman for god’s sake.

I agree that, in general, adult animation has much it can improve on, but we can’t act like there’s nothing of value coming out of it. Like any genre, it has its ups and downs, and the more emphasis is placed on the good stuff, the more of a chance really creative and funny people will get a chance in that field! 


So I’ve made it a tradition to do a cheesy “Venture Bros.” Valentine’s Day card every year since 2010. Here’s mine for this year with the past cards. I’m so glad I could put in a little extra time and effort into this year’s card. They look so much nicer when I do.

Yummy! ♥