*Gets yelled at for not showing emotion and generally looking too neutral*
*Actually tries to show expression by joking around and being playful to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable*
*Gets yelled at bc parent had decided upon taking it the wrong way and calls me a smart ass*
*Goes back to showing no emotion*

i personally believe that Rey is probably a young adult (probably 18-21 range), and people are freaking out at Reylo shippers cause of the age gap.

Please, my parents are 11 years apart and my sister (who is an young adult) has a boyfriend who is 12 years older.

Literally I hate how people freak over the whole ‘age gap’ shipping aspect, because it is so stupid to freak out over.

My parents are married because they love each other, my sister is in a relationship with an older man because she loves him. Age has shit to do with it.

And age has shit to do with why people like Reylo.

I always feel like shit when people are trying to talk to me and console me when I feel like crap because I just don’t respond at all and I’m never in the mood to talk/keep a conversation. I’m just so sorry to all of my friends when this happens, because I want to just say thank you a million times over but I also can’t gather the motivation to do so out of the illogical fear I’ll be required to hold conversation, I’m so sorry

  • Me in grade school:school sucks.
  • (Older)Friends/family:OMG just wait till college you're gonna have so much fun don't you worry about a thing!!!!
  • Me:*now in college*
  • Me:*faced with crippling depression like I've never had before, beyond stressed and overwhelmed, thinking about debt and loans, feeling completely alone, second guessing my life choices and wanting to die everyday*
  • Me:Guess I'll go fuck myself then