Imagine opening your door to see Tom standing in the rain. You were supposed to have a date with him this afternoon, but you cancelled last minute, and he came to find out why. You invite him inside, but he refuses to come in until you tell him why you stood him up. You pause for a moment, finding your words, when lightning strikes nearby, jolting you back to reality. You tell him you were worried you’d have nothing interesting to talk about - you’re a rather shy person and going out with him made you nervous beyond belief. He steps up to the door as you step aside to let him in, and says, “I can do all the talking if you like. Or we don’t have to talk at all.” He takes your face in his hands, tilting your head up to meet his before settling his soft, wet lips on yours.

Requested by anon <3


The Ensky Tsums are a bit softer and heavier than the Jakks Pacific Tsums. Not super squishy, but Thor’s wings and Loki’s horns are very bendable.

They’re in between the size of a medium and large Jakks tsum. I took these comparison pictures to show the differences. (i don’t have a medium Venom.) 

Mostly I prefer the Jakks ones, but I really like the helmet detail and hair on Ensky Loki. Also I like that Cap’s cowl has eyeholes.


So…the whole reason why Flash and Venom are separated is because the symbiote was hurt and freaked out? Despite their close bond, despite all the character development, despite everything we’ve seen them go through the past couple of years…it gets hit with a sonic blast and decides “Fuck this, I’m done”?

I’ve been saying since this series started that Flash has felt like nothing more than an after thought. #150 confirmed it.

At least Mania’s still around.


“Don’t Burn the Witch” Venom

“Eye of lizard, wing of bat
Testicle of man
Tongue of eagle, brain of rat
Jesus Christ’s left hand

The witches make the voodoo doll
A toy taboo in heaven
They dance around the pentagram
In search of rape by Satan
Leave the hearts and blood of men
In cauldrons laced in sin
Add the arsenic hemlock pus
Triumph takes the wings“

To celebrate Eddie Brock’s return as the one true Venom in Venom #150 (out today!), starting tomorrow I will be kicking off one of my most ambitious essay series yet.

To do it justice I not only contacted Venom’s original architect, David Michelinie, but I also talked extensively to someone (who will remain nameless) with experience in the field of psychology.

The subject matter of this series?

Taking another look at Amazing Spider-Man #300 and addressing the common criticisms of Venom as he appears in that issue.

This will include his alien origins, the retcons surrounding the original Death of Jean DeWolff storyline, Eddie Brock’s motives for hating Spider-Man and much, much more.

So watch this space because tomorrow begins ‘The Vindication of Venom!’