Venezuelan flag

#challenge365 #day64 an end and a new beginning. Dear Venezuela, from the land of the maple - as these past four years, I am with you. Today, the president Hugo Chavez has passed away. He fought against cancer and cancer won. For the first time in years, he couldn’t win the battle. This, although brings hope to many of us, is certainly not a reason to celebrate. We must embrace now more than ever endurance and be strong for the times to come. Venezuela now has the tough job to bring together a divided country, two different colours, different ideologies… Most importantly, we have to work for a better country, a safe one.

El tiempo de Dios es perfecto & KARMA exists!

Half-time show

Beyonce and Bruno Mars were cool, but I am really proud of Venezuelan director Gustavo Dudamel and the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, teenagers from hispanic or low income families giving all on stage, think I peek a Venezuelan flag in one of the violins.

…so, you know, cool.