VENEZUELA. Caracas. April 6, 2017. A demonstrator protects himself after a tear gas canister fired by police riot crashed against his skateboard during a protest. Tens of thousands of demonstrators shut down Venezuela’s capital on Thursday, blocking the city’s main artery to protest what they call an attempted coup by the socialist administration.

Photograph: Fernando Llano/AP

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I, as a venezuelan girl, born and currently living in the country, want to tell you, ignorant youth of first world countries,

Communism not work, not here, not in Cuba, not in North Korea, not in Russia, not in Cambodia, not in Vietnam, not in any place of this world, i can assure you, it is a failed ideology, i know it, i live that failure every day of my life.

You don’t have idea how sad, how miserable, how frustrating, is living under a true dictatorship goverment, stop believing in fairy tales, stop, you, first world teenager, will notice this when you grow up.

Meanwhile, no me jodas.