the actual government won, they won with 8 millions of votes. but don’t be fooled. Today the polling places were empty, and at 3pm only 1 million of people voted (less than the 2%) My cousin told me that they use information of DEATH PEOPLE to gain votes.Ten countries don’t recognize this election. Was a fraud election. And the only thing that need matter is the fact that 15 PEOPLE WERE KILLED TODAY, and two of them were just TEENAGERS (13 and 17 years old)

my country (Venezuela) is going to be communist (plus its an illegal election) the current president, a drug trafficking, a killer and dictator, would rule as he wants and that means:

  • there will be no means of communication
  • no internet
  • no more democratic elections
  • no more banks or credit/debit cards
  • if i want to travel to another country i’ll not be able to
  • i’ll not be able to decide my religion cause the president decides for me

not to mention the economic and social crisis we already have. In the last months they have killed almost 100 (or more) people for thinking differently, have been tortured and put in jail without reason! And everything would get worse!

Perdí mi país?

Me siento mal, incompleta, me siento dolida; por culpa de este asqueroso gobierno de mierda que lo único que hace es destruir, dañar, matar y expropiar. Un país hermoso lleno de vida, sueños, arte, profesiones, paisajes, ríos, desiertos, montañas, uno de los países mas ricos del mundo, un país que con el pasar del tiempo se ha convertido en guerra, asesinatos, muerte, violencia y violación de los derechos. Venezuela está llena de vida y de sueños que no deben ser desperdiciados, millones de personas emigran cada día en busca de sus metas, en busca de una calidad de vida. ¿Vale la pena luchar?, ¿Debemos rendirnos?, ¿Me quedo o me voy?, esas son las preguntas que nos hacemos día a día los venezolanos que hemos luchado por la libertad de nuestro país y lo cierto es que seguiré luchando por mi país, hasta que mi herido corazón me lo permita.

-MD una Venezolana